The final negotiation - Episode 27 - The secret

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Rajeev will be on his way to the office with Guru and he will be on a call. Suddenly, he sees Devika's car turned upside down on the corner of the road. He sees the truck driver running towards the car. He recognizes that the car was in fact Devika's. Rajeev will tell Guru to stop the car. Guru stops, Rajeev gets down and Guru follows Rajeev. He goes near the car he sees Devika bleeding and unconscious. With the help of Guru and the truck driver they pull Devika out. Rajeev will carry Devika in to his car. 

Truck Driver: The signal was red, but still she crossed. There wasn't enough time.

Rajeev: We need to go to the hospital. Guru fast!

Guru drives his car into the hospital. Rajeev carries Devika inside, she will be taken away. Rajeev calls his friend Dr.Prakash.

Rajeev: Prakash, I am at your hospital. Its an emergency come fast.

Rajeev will explain everything to Dr.Prakash. Devika will be getting her wounds cleaned by the doctors. One of the nurse will come out of the theater where Devika will be getting treated. She will show a wallet which will be having Devika's fathers phone number. Rajeev after taking a deep breath, calls Sanjay. Dr.Praksh wil get inside the theater. 

Rajeev: Hello, Mr. Sanjay?

Sanjay: Yes..

Rajeev: Please, come to the trinity hospital. Your daughter.. she..  She had an accident

After half an hour Sanjay will come to the hospital with Swati. Sanjay will see Rajeev and they will shake hands. Swati, will be worried.

Swati: Shit! What was the necessity to react so badly?

Sanjay: I've been telling you. Please, it was a mistake.

Rajeev: No, need to worry.. She will be completely alright.

Swati: Sanjay, I am really feeling guilty for this.

Rajeev will be looking at both of them puzzled.

Sanjay: Now, why are you telling all these things. I thought she did something to you.

Swati: Poor girl

Sanjay: Sir, I am so sorry. I must thank you a lot. May I know your name

Swati will be angered at Sanjay.

Rajeev: I know your daughter. We both had a meeting a few days ago.

Sanjay: Wait... Rajeev Bawal? 

Rajeev nods..

Sanjay: World is a small place indeed. Did you talk with the doctor?

Rajeev: Yes, he told she will be alright.. Here he comes.

Dr.Prakash gets out of the operation theater. Praksh will take the three of them to his cabin. 

Dr.Prakash: Well the good news is Devika will be alright. But, I when we took an MRI we saw there was an increasing amount of stress right before the incident took place. Was she alright?

Swati starts to cry in front of the doctor. Dr.Prakash will look at Swati, Sanjay will try to console Swati, but she moves away. 

Dr.Prakash: Well Mr.Sanjay.. Can I talk to you in private? If you don't mind. Can you both excuse us for a while?

Rajeev and Swati gets out of the cabin.

Dr.Prakash: You please keep the children away from her. You know.. this may trigger some unwanted reactions in her.

Sanjay: Did you say children?

Dr.Prakash: Yes, just keep them away. And make sure you don't bring them here. 

Sanjay: Who's children?

Dr.Prakash: Your daughters..

Prakash will be having an uncomfortable feeling looking at Sanjay's puzzled face.

Sanjay: Sir, there must've been some mistake. My daughter Devika doesn't have any children. In fact she is not even married.

Prakash will very nervous and he wipes his sweat off his forehead.

Dr.Prakash: Mr. Sanjay.. I don't know how to go about it..

Sanjay: About what?

Dr.Prakash: Sir, we always keep the records of all our patients in our data base. Your daughter was also a patient here about 6 years ago. She used to visit us with her baby, during her postnatal period. I am really confused right now..

Sanjay will be confused and he will be worried.

Dr.Prakash: I was just following my protocol. I had to inform all the measures that should be taken to keep the patients safe. And while we were cleaning her, she was murmuring about wanting to see her son.

Sanjay will listen to it and he will be looking at the doctor, tears roll off from his eyes. 

Sanjay: Excuse me doctor. I need some fresh air.

Sanjay rushes out of the cabin in tears and he goes out of the hospital. Swati will see Sanjay going out and she will follow him. Sanjay will stop at the entrance. Rajeev will still be waiting inside.

Swati: What happened? 

Sanjay couldn't talk. It feel like his throat has become silent.

Swati: Sanjay, is something wrong? 

Sanjay will hug Swati and cries. 


Sanjay and Swati will be sitting out side the hospital. 

Swati: Where was she 6 years ago?

Sanjay: She was in USA, I sent her there to study. I think all this happened there.

Swati: Didn't you visit her?

Sanjay: Well, she forbid me to visit her. She used to tell she wanted to grow up. For 2 years I hadn't seen her. We only used to call each other. 

Swati: What will you do now?

Sanjay: I am completely lost.. She is angry at me for talking such things to her. I can't ask her this.


Rajeev will come out of the hospital and he walks towards Sanjay and Swati. Rajeev sees the tear-dried face of Sanjay.

Rajeev: I know its hard for you, but you need to be strong..

Sanjay: I don't know how to thank you, you really saved her life.

Rajeev: Its nothing, she is really someone to look up to. Very strong girl. I must say.

Sanjay: Yes... very..

Sanjay bends his head, thinking about Devika's son.

Rajeev: Mr. Sanjay, we are supposed to be enemies. 

Rajeev smiles while telling it.

Sanjay: What do you mean?

Rajeev: She wanted to acquire my company. I don't know if you know this..

Sanjay: Oh yeah.. How can we be enemies after this? I'll talk to her, no need to worry.

Rajeev: No! I didn't mean it that way. I want her to remain like that.

Sanjay: I don't understand.

Rajeev: She will wake up in a few hours. I just want you to not mention my name, when she asks who bought her to the hospital.

Sanjay: But, that is just... How can I?

Rajeev: Just say, it was you who saved her. I know you both fought. This may patch you both up. But, most importantly it will save her competitive spirit.

Sanjay: Mr.Rajeev... please.. this is too much..

Rajeev: I saved your daughter, so you owe me one..Mr. Sanjay, I hope you understand. I have to leave now.

Sanjay and Rajeev shake their hand. Rajeev leaves. 

                                                                                to be continued...

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