The final negotiation - Episode 21 - Kill the baby

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Devika will be in her office. Sheryl will get inside the cabin. 

Sheryl: He is here.

Devika: Good, send him in.

Derren enters the room.

Devika: Hello Mr.Darren, please have a seat.

Darren sits down and quickly glances at the surrounding.

Devika: You prefer anything to drink?

Darren: Water please..

As soon as Sheryl hears this she will get out of the office to get water. Darren sees this and he will be curious.

Darren: So, I still have no idea why I am here...

Devika: I don't know if you know this, but our companies business model is gonna undergo a make over. And you might be of some help for us.

Darren: What type of make over are we talking about?

Devika: You know things are changing at a high speed. And because of new technologies that are coming up, I am a little bit scared about the future of the company. I think the industry we are in right now is slowly dissolving.

Darren: So, you want to get into tech. What type of tech?

Devika: I am afraid companies like Alphatech and The Kharatias are selling products that will definitely disrupt the industry that my company is in. So, before they kill my baby, I will kill it myself.

Sheryl comes in and places the cup of water in front of Darren. Darren will take a sip of water.

Darren: Oh.. I understand.. You want me to design a better product that theirs.

Devika: Can you? Darren, I know your story. "Alphatech", the company you started is now with someone else.

Darren: Before you go there. What's in it for me?

Devika: If you are able to produce the product in a given time. I am ready to give you the piece of the pie.

Darren: How big is this piece?

Devika: 5 percent.

Darren: 5? you must be kidding me. You know how much Alphatech is worth right? 

Devika: Give me a number.

Darren: 30

Devika: 10

Darren: 30

Devika: 15

Darren: 30

Devika: Get out of my office

Darren: 15

Devika: Good.

Devika smiles with the corner of her lips. Darren will look at Devika in a defeated way.

Devika: So, Rajeev betrayed you big time, is it? I know the story.

Darren: How?

Devika: I keep my enemies closer.

Darren: Yeah.. He took everything.

Devika: So, now you have nothing.

Darren looks down. Devika gets up and starts walking around Darren

Devika: The company that you started after pouring all your sweat and blood is now in the hands of a betrayer. Darren, you can get it back if we both join our hands.

Devika will stick her right hand out, to shake hands. Darren will look at this. He will hesitant in the beginning. But, after a few seconds he also realizes he has nothing to lose from this deal. They both shake their hands.


Rajeev, Sonam and Sanketh will be on their way back to the office in his car with Guru driving.

Rajeev: I must go back within a week and tell her everything. This is the only way I can ever have a feeling of a family. But, even before I go I need to somehow inform her about me. She can say if it is alright to meet or not.

Sonam: It will be awkward if she didn't want to meet you.

Rajeev: Even I am scared of that. 

Sonam: May be you can somehow ask her this question through Lekha. Anyways she is already doing so much.

Rajeev: Yes, that will be a good idea. I will talk to her.

All of them will reach the office.

Rajeev: You both can actually go back home if you like. 

Sonam: Yeah, I was about to ask that. 

Rajeev: But, Sanketh come inside. I have something to talk to you.

Sonam: Bye guys..

Sonam leaves.

Rajeev and Sanketh will be in the corner office.

Rajeev: While I was in the flight I got a great idea to deal with your uncle. But, its a bit difficult.

Sanketh: What is it Sir?

Rajeev: In simple words, instead of selling the house to him sell it to me.

Sanketh will hear this and he will be confused.

Sanketh: You want to buy our house.

Rajeev: No you have to sell your house.. before he does it.

Sanketh: What is the plan?

Rajeev: Sell the house to me. If you do so, you can live in it without worries.

Sanketh: But, the house will be in your name..

Rajeev: Yes, but that will just be in papers. You can live in there.

Sanketh: How much will you buy it for?

Rajeev: 5 lakhs..

Sanketh: 5 lakhs? the house is easily cost 20 lakhs. Why so less?

Rajeev: Am I not giving you the advantage? 5 lakhs, but you will be staying there. Think about it.

Sanketh: His loan is 10 lakhs, with 5 lakhs its only half of what I owe.

Rajeev: Its better than nothing.

Sanketh: Buy it for 20 lakhs itself. I can pay you slowly.

Rajeev: You don't have the capabilities to make that kind of money yet, you will soon get it but I will again be betting on the future, which I don't really like.

Sanketh: I will put my heart to learn it, you know I will.

Rajeev: Its a risky bet. What if you don't? No one can predict the future. I don't mind taking risks, but I only take risks where the win or lose is only because of me. Here its depends a lot on you.

Sanketh: Its a small amount of money to you. 

Rajeev: Just because I have money doesn't mean I can spend it where ever. There needs to be a control. The more money you have the more chances will be there of losing it.

Sanketh: So, after that I want to buy the house back. Will you sell it for the same price?

Rajeev: Hmm.. Sure. I will sell it back to you for 5 lakhs.

Sanketh: hmm..

Sanketh will be thinking.

Rajeev: You are worried.. What if I don't keep my words? Isn't that what you are thinking?

Sanketh: Ye..Yes..

Rajeev: I will keep my words. You just have to believe in me. Lets do one thing. I have done enough tinking to come to this conclusion. You take your time. Maybe you will see my point of view.

                                                                      to be continued..

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