Club Six (A short Film)

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Hey Steemy pals,

It's so fun to share process on Steem BUT it's also so exciting to share when a piece or project is done and gets to be shared with the WORLD!!! The short film I acted in Club Six by Scott Farley will be playing in Toronto at the Reelworld Film Festival!!

Club 6 Purple.jpg

Reelworld Film Festival Screening

Sunday Oct. 14th as part of that YEAA Shorts program at 3pm-4:30pm at the Famous Players Canada Square Cinema.

Buy Tickets online:!
Tickets are $12.60

IMG_5941 2.jpg

I had such a blast working on this quirky short playing Cassie (who we refer to as Sassie Cassie...and she refers to herself ha!). I was cast in this film because I worked with the writer and lead of the film last year in Edmonton on a play. You really never know how each project and person you meet can lead to something new!

Get a ticket and come eat popcorn with me- it'll be my first time seeing it too, so I'LL BE NERVOUS!!!


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I'm down...remind me closer to the date so I dont forget

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Ooohhh wish I could be there to eat popcorn and watch it with you!! ♥️

I’m sure Sassie Cassie killed it! 😉

So wish we could! I hope it all goes amazing!

I Wish I could be there @lifesacircus ! but im all the way over in British Columbia ! I bet its really awesome , love that name Sassy Cassie , haha! upped resteemed and following now!💕✌👍💕

Did somebody say !popcorn ?

Amusing movie poster, btw.