Short Film Report - Week 1

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Hey there fellow Steemians!

Recently, I've been watching a lot of great short films in my free time. The reason I love short films is that they can have all the artistic merit of a regular film; including, but not limited to, story structure, cinematography, and writing, but in a short form where you can sit and watch multiple films at one time. What makes short films so special is that (most of the time) they have much lower budgets than Hollywood films forcing them to be much more character and story driven, making them more accessible to amateur filmmakers. This is turn gives an artistic voice to individuals who may not have the resources to make a feature film. I believe that the short film genre is underrated in general, so from now on every week, I will be sharing with you all the 5 best and most interesting short films I'd seen that week.

So without further ado, here's my very first Weekly Short Film Report:

1. Blinky

"Blinky" is a film written and directed by Ruairi Robinson. It is a very interesting piece as it depicts the affects of dysfunctional families on children, as well as the controversial and quite dark topic of Artificial Intelligence.

2. The Black Hole

"The Black Hole" is a simple short film with a very strong message: greed is your enemy. 

3. Elefante

"Elefante" is definitely one of my favorites. It is a film about a man with a mundane life who one day becomes an elephant. While this may sound strange, it is actually a beautifully made film that shows us that the love of your family truly is the most important thing!

4. Stutterer

This one will always have a soft spot in my heart. As the title indicates, "Stutterer" is a short film about the life of a young man with a severe stutter, the way it impacts his life, and what he does to cope with it. Having a stutter myself, I absolutely love this movie because of how honest it is. Anyone who has a stutter has been through a lot of if not all the things that the main character copes with in the film. I will probably be writing a full post just analyzing this film, so stay tuned for that!

5. The Desk

Although there is no crucially deep message in this film, I still find it to be one of my favorites. "The Desk" is a short film with an interesting concept about love and loneliness, two things that almost everyone can relate to.

That's my my first week's list! If you enjoyed this list please share it with others and follow me for weekly updates as well as other great stuff related to film and art.

Steem on my friends!


Interesting, Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for reading! I love your blog:)

You're welcome, thank you so much!

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