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Here the Escapsim Numb Official Trailer! This follows in depth version and a sequeal to my first Escapsim film. The Short Film should be ready for release by the Fall or Autumn of this year! This film is about emotions, and how we escape our good normal, healthy emotions with many different ways.

I've used music from SLNTWLF called Waiting. You can check it And I used some music from the movie Interstellar.

Quotes from ShariSchreiber and Leo from So without further aduo here it is! Tell me what you think in the comments.

All of our emotions should be honored, anger, happieness, depression, anxiety, guilt, bliss, and peace. It might be difficult to feel it but with our emotions life is full of color. And this is what I explore further with this film.

I'm excited to finish the whole film and can't wait for you to see it! It definitely will be interesting nonetheless. Please upvote and resteem!

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