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Hey guys I made a funny short about me finding a hand gun, messing around shooting different things. Being hilarious, having fun >vlog style!
But..I uh..then accidently get a bit too crazy with it... lol You'll just have to find out what happens in my video haha! Cheers!
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Oh my... that's hilarious! 😂

It is so amazing how creative minds are able to come up with such very good ideas and forms of art! You killed it! And your brother is cool, huh! He rode on with your play. How is he? I hope he's revived from your shooting. 😂

And the younger kid yelling "Mom!" Good thing you did not chase and shoot him too! The KJ brat, no?

So how do you think your hand had become a gun?

lol yes I "killed it" Nice one. XD ah, just like normal things in life one day you wake up with a long day of school the next day you wake up with a HandGun.

Ahh, yes! Just that unexplainable event of "I woke up like this." I wish that one day I'll also wake up with Wonder Woman's bracelet. 😂

Hahaha :D Have you killed your brother?! Your mom won't be very happy about it :D and do I see that the gun was broken at the end? :D Good for you! At least everyone around you will be safe now :D

I had a good laugh. Great idea but I must say that your gun was not always pointing exactly at the object but somehow always hit it :D Miracle!

Thank you for sharing. It was a lot of fun to watch :)

Thank you! Haha yes, I know right it's such an amazing miracle!

haha! Howdy ethanthefighter! That is too cool... you're great with special effects. Very creative and funny and your brother did a great acting job too, at least I hope he was acting. lol. great job.

Aw, thank you! Yea he did an awesome job too!

I'm reminded of myself when when I saw this video. Back when I would be enthusiastic enough to come up with these ideas. Hope you still get that creativity going once you start adulting. You're going to miss these videos and laugh at yourself from the throwbacks in the future. I guarantee it.

Thank you man. Yeah I'm just trying to work on making my videos better and better! And yeah I used to make videos when I was 11 and 12 looking back on them totaly laughed at myself XD

hahaha @ethanthefighter, you have a very powerful hand. Are you plan to fight with iron man? Hand with fire. I cannot stop smiling when I watched your video. I hope youngster nowadays could be as creative and fun as you. You must enjoy it very much. Nice one. Hope you wont fire steemit, until we all have blackout for a day. :P

lol Haha thanks! couldn't stop smiling? dang you must be a very happy person :D

Hahaha, we need to happy everyday. You must be a happy one also. With all these creative thinking. Beside power hand gun. Do you have other fun creative thing to make me laugh?

No you don't have to be happy everyday, it's only human feel all our emotions. Haha yea working on them right now, you can just check out my youtube channel if you want. Cheers

This is hilarious dude. I love the ending. "Mom!" ah that brings back bad memories of my little brother rushing off to tell my mom about whatever bloodbath I had just caused LOL

Hahaha Thanks so much! I know right and whenever they would yell "Mom!" it had the anoying kinda of tone and ahh! XD

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