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We have a great news for Steven King's fans - the sequel of cult horror movie Shining is coming into theaters in November this year.

"Doctor Sleep" is the name of a second sequel of Shining, which story starts with an adult Dan Torrence (Ewan McGregor) who is struggling with alcoholism and his demons from the past. He works in the hospital, where he mysteriously "taking to sleep" his patients whose lives have come to an end, with the help of his power that he has since birth.

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In the meantime, he realizes that the group of immortal evil beings "The True Knots" pray on children with powers. Torrence will have to get to the deepest and darkest parts of himself, to win battle against the cult, with the help of a girl with whom he is telepathically tied.

Magazine "Variety" says that we will watch this movie earlier than it was anticipated. Although the premiere was scheduled for the next year, the movie will arrive in November 2019.

As it is always the case, the fans are divided in critics for the newest movie. While ones are delighted with the new Stephen King’s book, others says that the new movie is not worthy to be a continuing of the cult novel and movie.


The director of the movie is Mike Flanagan, who has previously directed the movie Gerald's Game, in Netflix production. After great critics on that movie, he is very enthusiastic about the new challenge with Doctor Sleep.

Fans are eagerly awaiting for this movie, and Stephen King himself also. Once, he said that he was "disgusted" by the Kubrick version of Shining. Maybe he will be more satisfied with Doctor Sleep.

Let’s remind ourselves at this legacy of cinematography.

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