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You acting too....LOL
Great job


Hahaha, yeah. Thanks!


Very nice video. Thank you very much for posting such a video.

:o I knew you had an artistic side playing the piano but I didn't know that you also act, great job btw :D

I don't remember the scenes completely but I think you guys nailed it!


I don't remember
The scenes completely but I
Think you guys nailed it!

                 - hashcash

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I would hire you guys as a producer. Good job. The gentleman was off to a slow emotional start, but improved over time of the clip. She sold it... Both are fantastsic...

It's so weird not hearing you say any crypto terms. I was waiting for you to offer to pay for the check in Bitcoin.

Don't do it! (I actually know how this ends.)
Seriously, though, keep keeping the channel fresh with the content.

I remembered you said you study theater! This is the first scene I see from you Omar. I liked it ! Trust me, I am not an artist BUT I am a cinephile and if you want to hear a constructive critique, my opinion, if I compare the scene with hollywood scenes, is that it was a bit overacted. But I am being harsh for your improvement! (I don´t know how to act).

That was great acting Omar, almost seemed genuine. The body language and eye contact is fantastic, hopefully we will see you on the big screen soon :)

she's good

OMG this is fantastic!! XD I love the delivery, the emotional, the facial expressions and the tension. Haven't seen the series but you two were amazing @crypt0 you two will go very far. Best of luck! Can't wait to see more!

Highly rEsteemed!

She wants to bang you dude!... I think you both act great... setting and lighting need some work. editing does its best to cover that, but becomes obvious. we need some soundtrack, something...

Omar, we need to write some esoteric in-depth futurism.. with this babe too! she's hot!.... private keys - scandalousness - youth - false wisdom - triumph of the human spirt