Are Screenwriters Banging their Heads Against a Brick Wall?

in film •  6 months ago

The odds of a screenwriter's script being produced are massively long! So, why do so many of us want to be screenwriters?

My Biography - I’m at best a journeyman character-actor who’s had the good fortune to work in film, television and on stage with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, people the likes of Colin Farrell, Regina King, Judd Hirsch, Al Pacino, Vivica A. Fox, Harvey Keitel, Jackie Chan and Chris Rock to name a few. To see more simply google me.

P.S. Sorry for the over exposure near the end of the video. The damn sun wouldn't stay put! Arrgh!

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Wow! Sir @brian-rhodes you what a wonderful profile you have hear. I know those big names and i have watched some of their movies.

And for role of screenwriting script i love this statement and the question that follows;

The odds of a screenwriter's script being produced are massively long! So, why do so many of us want to be screenwriters?

From my perspective and understanding i think it all goes down to self discovery and what one can do best. Carving out niche.. That i believe has set you aside in what you do..

So it is all about purpose and mastery.

Thank you for sharing..

I am me @brightfame

Because it's one of the greatest, most interesting art forms :-) in of itself technically a part art form even, still great, as a blueprint is only part of architecture.
Simply: writing for just sound, image, and time, it's exciting.
It has been interesting to see somewhat of a split grow in screenwriting the last decade, though, as budgets go either big or small and less in the middle.
Good power and energy to you.


If you want to get a real handle on screenwriting structure, read 'Save the Cat' by Blake Snyder. Structure is important not in of itself but structure helps the writing bring out the best in the script and in the end is what the audience expects.


Cheers to solid structure.
I love the Coen Brothers' wink or nod (or something perhaps) to that book with their lead character in Inside Llewyn Davis literally trying to save the cat throughout the film.


Ha! Ha! Love the Coen Brothers. Not a big fan of Inside Llewyn Davis though but I hear you.

Many wish to become a screenwriter's script may be the idea of becoming one are born out of passion for it.....
When one is engaged in a work that is born out of passion.....the word..."tedious" is nothing to them because they are happy with what they are doing.
Thanks @brian-rhodes for sharing

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True or not! Make the film!


it's a challenge for me, but this challenge I will do when I am faced with the participants, I will try it and hope that I can do it with a modest capability, thanks sir @brian-rhodes, this will be my promise to do soon. Thank you also for the spirit

it's a bit funny with your title. might be they do it sometime LOL. i don't know much about screenwriter, but i think it's a complicate job may be.


It hurts throughout, but when you finish, it feels good! Ha!


yeah @brian-rhodes something hard in doing it will bring big satisfaction in result.
keep it up.

Well, I can say through hard work and correct targeting you can sell your work. I feel that it is easier to produce it yourself if you understand how a director thinks. Great Post Brian.

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