Where are the fans of Mummy movies? this is my review of the last movie

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hi steemian, have you seen the latest Mummy movie? I'm a fan of Mummy movies, however the story. Like this last Mummy movie, many of the comments I read on the IMDB review, deplored the movie Mummy starring by Tom Cruise . There may be a point, this movie does not look like the previous Mummy movies, which are typical of ancient Egypt, or ancient China (one starring by Jet Li).

The reason I like the movie Mummy, because I obsessed with ancient Egypt. I love history lessons from elementary school. Watching Mummy movies can give stimulants to read hard, especially history books. Because of the past that we read, sometimes just form the reality in our own head, in our way. FIlm as a audio visual medium can help us compare two realities, the reality that the director has created, and the reality that lives in our own head. That's why one of the film genres I like is a history / colossal movie. Either made based on a concrete history, whether added by the spice by the director. Clear history also open the concrete and final.


My interest in ancient Egypt, led me to buy the magazine National Geographic Indonesia edition in July 2011. That was the first time I subscribe to Nat Geo magazine. In this edition there is an article about Cleopatra, the very famous Egyptian Pharaoh. Watching the Mummy movie telling about Pharaoh's daughter, Ahmanet, made me look for Cleopatra's Nat Geo magazine again. I had never heard of Ahmanet, Pharaoh's crazy daughter of power, until allied with the god Seth (God of Ancient Egyptian Death) to become Pharaoh. Besides Cleopatra, there is actually an Egyptian Queen who once ruled as king, she is Hatshepsut. There is also Nefertiti. They are influential Egyptian women. Apart from the poor Ahmanet story, embalmed alive, then exiled away from Egypt (brought to Mesopotamia), then resurrected by Nick (Tom Cruise) carelessness, Cleopatra is actually more interesting for "Mummy". Cleopatra is the world's first celebrity. Speak of Cleopatra, just like Pharaoh. He is not one person. The famous Cleopatra is the Cleopatra VII born around 69 BC. He is a descendant of Ptolemy of Macedon who succeeded in defeating the Persian invaders to be considered heroes by the Egyptians. He is the general of Alexander the Great. Ptolemy rose to the throne as the Egyptian Pharaoh in 304 BC, after Alexander conquered Egypt in 332 BC and died in 323 BC. It was Cleopatra who graciously subjugated the two great Roman men, Julius Caesar and Marcus Antonious. Together with Julius Caesar, the famous Roman emperor, Cleopatra was blessed with an eternal son with him on the wall of the Dendera temple, one of the images that casts his name. The image of the temple shows that he is performing the role of Pharaoh by presenting offerings to the gods. The presence of his son from Julius Caesar in this picture is propaganda to strengthen the position of the son as his heir. Cleopatra's second husband was Marcus Antonious, a Roman loser who successfully persuaded Cleopatra to seize the throne of Julius Caesar. After Julius Caesar was killed, his heirs Octavian fought against Antonius to seize control of the Roman Empire for more than a decade. Pasuka Octavian entered Alexandria in the summer of 30 BC. Cleopatra fortified herself behind the huge doors of her mausoleum, among the piles of gold, silver, pearls, art objects, and other treasures. He vowed to burn it all so as not to fall into the hands of the Romans.

Like watching the movie Queen of the Dessert, can re-energize me to read Philiph K Hitti's six-hundred-page History of the Arabs book. I can not judge which movie is good, or not. Just like food, I'm not very good at predicating which foods are good, and which are not. For me, movies can stimulate me to seek new knowledge, through books and the like.


What has Cleopatra left so well known today? the answer is Alexandria. The city of Alexandria is the greatest legacy of the Ptolemaic dynasty of Macedonia. Alexandria has 32-meter-wide road bodies, glittering limestone pillars, palaces and shrines on the shore guarded by towering lighthouses, said to be one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, on Pharoah Island. In this city, 18 centuries before the Copernican revolution, Aristrachus proposed the theory of the heliocentric solar system and Eratosthenes calculated the circumference of the earth. Here, the first Hebrew Gospel was translated into Greek, in Alexandria.

Cleopatra has an obsession to equate herself with Dewi Isis. He attributes himself to the great Goddess Isis, and Marcus Antonius with the god Osiris. Cleopatra bargained with Octavianus to allow Marcus Antonius to be buried with him in Egypt. Cleopatra intends to bury her lover with him, for wanting to realize the true meaning of worship of Osiris and his wife as well as his sister, Isis.

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Where is Cleopatra's tomb? It's still a mystery. The last theory mentions that he was buried with Marcus at the Taposiris Magna Temple, Alexandria. But if the tomb of Cleopatra is finally found, the excitement in the field of archeology can only be matched by the discovery of the tomb of King Tut (Tutankhamun) by Howard Carter in 1922.

"Where are you, Cleopatra? Sure, he can be found everywhere. his name is listed on gambling machines, game boards, exotic dancers, even environmental monitoring projects of Mediterranean Sea pollution. He also circled the sun as a Kleopatra asteroid. The "sacred ritual bath and lifestyle" typical of Cleopatra is celebrated by inspiring the birth of a perfume. The woman who once served as the ultimate Egyptian Pharaoh, now poison her victims as the most popular cigarette brand in the Middle East. From 1540 to 1905, five ballet shows, 45 operas, 77 plays have been starred. Seven films, the upcoming versions will feature Angelina Jolie." Chip Brown, a Mummy researcher, whom he believes to be Hatshepsut, the queen of ancient Egypt., a Mummy researcher, whom he believes to be Hatshepsut, the queen of ancient Egypt.


The original Mummy movies with Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz were true classics, you can't say that about the latest one and I'm saying that as a huge fan of Tom Cruise.

Okay bro.. but I don't think so