Road trip to Fikardou village. Part I.

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Many beautiful villages are hidden in the shade of green, century-old mountains. One of the oldest and most picturesque is the Fikardou village. 35 km to the west from Nicosia, 900 m above the sea.

The first thing you notice here - only sounds of nature are heard. All kinds of birds and beetles, cats and lambs, the rustle of grass in a gentle wind... The first glance at the village also captures the spirit and soul starts to sing-there are hundreds of shades of all the colors of the world, which are scattered here and there on lush flowers. When you enter the village turn your car right - it's the parking with an amazing view. Parking is free, the view is precious.

The entire village can be walked around an hour.But you will need a minimum of a day to enjoy it! Something unique and beautiful is absolutely on every corner! It's good I charged my camera - now I can share this beauty! To be continued..


woww beautiful mountain area village.

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