"When Rhyme Is A Crime" an original fictional story in #fiftywords

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This is an entry in the #fiftywords story challenge by @miniature-tiger. The current theme is "crime".

Check out @miniature-tiger's post: https://steemit.com/fiftywords/@miniature-tiger/fiftywords-stories-round-up-and-genre-for-weekend-3-crime and please check out all the other 50 word stories in #fiftywords

The story is exactly 50 words long.


He stole her heart: it wasn’t a crime

He took her cash, every last dime

She discovered his deception, on a world cruise

He pushed her overboard, said she “slipped, full of booze.”

Before the ship docked he had a new wife

It wasn’t long before she lost her life.


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Really like the rhyme of crime and dime here :). Crazy that you crafted a story like that with just fifty words!

Thank you! I am not a poet, as you can see! But it just came to me! Thank you for reading and commenting! :)

I think you have more talent than you give yourself credit for. Good fifty-word poem. Remind me to never go on a cruise with you!

Thank you! It was good fun to do, but I am not a poet (don't tell anyone, but I don't understand the rules of poetry!). ;)

Poirot eat your heart out on this conman! (Brannagh sink your teeth into this scenario).

LOL! Thank you for reading and commenting! :)

Nice. A entire crime novel condensed into six lines of poetry, complete with epilogue!

loved it and got a laugh

Thank you! :)