"The Lion's Share" an original work of fiction told in just #fiftywords

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This is an entry in the #fiftywords story challenge by @miniature-tiger. The current theme is "zoo".

Check out @miniature-tiger's post: https://steemit.com/fiftywords/@miniature-tiger/fiftywords-stories-round-up-and-theme-for-weekdays-4-zoo and please check out all the other 50 word stories in #fiftywords

The story is exactly 50 words long.


Mellisa found Leo crying, by the pool.
“What’s the matter?” she asked, stroking his long mane.
“It’s the gazelles,” he said, tears rolling down his face. “They are having a party, and they haven’t invited me.”
“To be fair, my dear, the last time you did eat half the guests.”


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Lol. Funny story, really cute. Poor Leo. The feelings are complex...

You know how it is. You go to a party. You make one tiny faux pas, and no one let's you forget about it...

That was a really cute story.

Thank you for sharing.

I’m surprised it wasn’t the lambs having parties. I saw that little felted lamb you made and have it in the back of my head when I read your work.

Is Mellisa a bee?

Mellisa can be whatever you want her to be(e)!
In my head she was a lioness, but she could be any species, I guess. I like the idea of a wise bee travelling from cage to cage, dispensing comfort and advice to all the animals!

I didn't even think about doing a story using my felted characters! That would have been a good idea!

Maybe your lion can meet up with Chozzy. That'll take care of that smirk on his face. :-)

good idea! :)

But how would we do that, lol.
Oh, I got it. I can do my part what he does, and you do the side of the lion. :-) Bam! A new story.

Meaning how they meet up, and the results.

I'm up for it, if you are! :)

Will get my end done when I wake in the morning. Fifty word limit. :-)

Shall I wait, and 'reply' with a fiftyword story to yours? :)

After having a bit of a thought, to make it more interesting, we should wait for the next prompt. Forgot I did the weekend one already, lol. Posting after mine would be perfect. :-)

I haven't checked out the next prompt yet.. :)

Cool, I think it would be fun and interesting lol.

I mean he has already been near the lion pen, to feed them the birds, lol.

yeah, I guess that's true..

Lol, that was an epic response.

:D Thank you ah I have so many laughs deep inside of me they just look forward to bursting out

That is a good thing, lol. Unless it bursts from the other end.


LOLOL we gotta keep up the jokes - the world needs more funny. IF it bursts from the other end all the gazelles would certainly not let me come play :\

I can't blame them, lol. But I bet the elephants would. They can just blow the fumes away. :-)

lolol I just watched that pink elephants clip from dumbo on YT accidentally and I couldn't help but think of this..

Lol, you're welcome. :-) Guess you best hang low like the elephants trunk. And watch which way the wind blows.

Poor Leo. He thought they were the hors d’oeuvres..

hahaha you can't blame a lion...

Snacks on legs. Yum.

Well, I'm not really missing out I guess... lol

Haha. Poor Leo.

Poor Leo, indeed! :)