"Sick" revisited. A Felt.Buzz #fiftywords tale made into a gif with a special illustration by a guest artist

in fiftywords •  last year


The above image is a gif I made of my story "Sick" which was an entry for a previous #fiftywords challenge run by @miniature-tiger.

I was discussing my fifty word stories with one of my friends (some of you old Tsu people will know her as MadCroScientist) and I said that I might get some of the stories illustrated, and she thought I wouldn't choose her. I said, in fact there were two stories I thought she would be able to do great work on. So included in this gif is an illustration by Tina Le Page (aka MadCroScientist). She doesn't have a page here but you can find her in her new disguise Hilary S Homemaker, on the dreaded FB Pay her a visit and see if you can persuade her to join Steemit. The image is used with her full permission, of course.

I will post the gif from the second story in the next couple of days

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Haha ! disgusting ! LoLminuscule.png

Salut Bruce,
Très créatif, c'est une très bonne idée cette collaboration. J'espère que tu convaincras Hilary à venir sur Steemit !


Salut! Oui, moi aussi! :)

I sent her a FB message of encouragement! It would be great to see her here! I miss Maddy.