"Games Birds Play" an original work of rhyming fiction for #365daysofwriting challenge, told in precisely #fiftywords

in fiftywords •  3 months ago

This is day 68 of @mydivathings' #365daysofwriting. Every day @mydivathings invites you to write a short story based on the image she chooses. Today's image (below) is a Photo by Richard Nolan on Unsplash

Find out more about the challenge (you can join anytime!) here https://steemit.com/365daysofwriting/@mydivathings/day-68-365-days-of-writing-challenge

Today, I thought I would write another short story in exactly #fiftywords.

Dave the bird, in the sky, high up, very far,
Down below, on a bridge, Dave can see a car
“It looks so clean. Oh what fun!”
He pushes a turd out of his bum
It falls away from his feathered arse
And with a spat! hits the windshield glass


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It's all a bit of a lark* . But there is a serious side to bird shit. Read my "Shit!" #zappl-fiction follow up story to find out the terrible consequences of the Games Birds Play:

*(bad bird pun)