"Another Crime Involving Rhyme" an original work of fiction in exactly #fiftywords

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This is another entry in the #fiftywords story challenge by @miniature-tiger. The current theme is "crime". You can read my previous entry for this theme When Rhyme Is A Crime here: https://steemit.com/fiftywords/@felt.buzz/when-rhyme-is-a-crime-an-original-fictional-story-in-fiftywords

Check out @miniature-tiger's post: https://steemit.com/fiftywords/@miniature-tiger/fiftywords-stories-round-up-and-genre-for-weekend-3-crime and please check out all the other 50 word stories in #fiftywords

The story is exactly 50 words long.


The Poetry Police were the first on the scene
It wasn't pretty: all bloody and mean

Words lay all over, tattered and torn
Inspector Poem was sad and forlorn

Studying the clues
He began to muse

@Feltbuzz is guilty of this terrible crime
And the last line doesn't even... work.”


Photo is of me wielding a knife in my very own kitchen, taken an hour ago. I promise I'll stop the rhyme now! ;)

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Thank you! :)

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@Feltbuzz is guilty of this terrible crime
And the last line doesn't even... work.”

You're poking again!

LOL! Couldn't resist it! :)