The little mouse (a fifty-word story)

in fiftywords •  last year 


I held you in my arms. You were so tiny back then. Your first steps, that smile on your face. The first day of school with tears streaming down. Now you graduate high school, a strong beautiful woman you’re turning out to be. But you’ll always be my little mouse.

This is a fifty-word fictional story. It was written as part of this fifty-word short story challenge with the prompt word "mouse". Please feel free to check out the other #fiftywords stories and join the challenge.

The photo above is of my daughter taken on her third birthday.

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This is so sweet and beautiful, @adigitalife. My kiddos are growing up too (one in college, two in high school), and this piece really resonated with me. We can’t contain them; the very nature of parenting is about helping to push them forward toward maturity and self-reliance. So why is it so bittersweet, all along the way?


My daughter's actually in middle school. Outside of writing this story, I try not to think too much of her actually graduating high school. Time flies too quickly and they grow up so fast. It really is bittersweet!

Nice story
Beautiful Daughter


Thanks! Even though the story is fictional, it's a bit special to me because I had my daughter in mind while writing it.

Your daughter is so cute and adorable! And I like this 50-word story. It's easy to read and there's so much love in it. :)


Thank you! I enjoyed writing it.

Oh wow, so sweet, @adigitalife! My daughter is still a little mouse, so I understand this fully! I'm both looking forward to and dreading watching her grow. Well done!


Thank you! And yeah, it's a strange but beautiful feeling watching them grow.

That was very sweet @adigitalife A lovely use of 50 words 💗


Thank you! I'm really enjoying the 50-word format. It's fun but can also be a bit challenging.


Definitely, it's a great idea

A nice and heartwarming story :)


Thank you!


This is beautiful

Just saw that you won the #fiftywords contest and I came to check your piece out.

It's worth the win

Keep writing



Thank you!

Great writeup,


Cheers, mate!

The Innocent and curious mind

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