Champions League and Europa League Will Be Playable In FIFA 19

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It’s no secret that FIFA 19 is happening. Not only because of the obvious reason which is that the FIFA franchise releases a title annually but also because of a recent leak from Walmart Canada. What we didn’t know though is that Champions League and Europa League will be playable in the upcoming title.

Football commentator Evert Ten Napel “spilled out the beans” last Friday, during the eTribune live program on Fox Sports. Ten Napel has in fact made known that “in FIFA 2019 the matches will be even better because the Champions League and the Europa League will join the other existing licenses”. Ten Napel has been commenting on FIFA games for years meaning that his statement is probably legit.

Source: SegmentNext

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wow, thats great....... is it going to be awesome?

It better be, but most of the fun will be in the current Gen console.