Togetherness {18+ NSFW Story}

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The Master Bedroom, Villa De Karkaldwin, The Farmlands, Pryldahn, 1439 ATC

After putting the children to sleep and going to the kitchen to snack on some pistachios, Venser made his way to the master bedroom where his lovers were already waiting for him there. Thankfully, his headache was light today. It was now constant, always seeming to be there. And Ven tried his best to deal with it.

Perhaps he just needed to drink more water. At least every five minutes at best.

“Sanna? Want to help me get him in the mood?” Asked the pale cryomancer.

“I thought you’d never ask.” Of course, Sanna knew Kari was going to ask that. All of this had been planned in advance. It had been all but scripted ahead of time. That didn’t mean it wouldn’t be effective, though. Kari knew what her husband liked, and he was definitely going to like what they’d planned for him. She sauntered over to Kari.



Even though the golden gypsy wasn’t facing the right direction to see it, she knew her husband was getting hard when her lips met the pale cryomancer's. Kari's lips were soft and delicate, and the little moaning hum she made was delicious.

And they hadn’t positioned themselves almost side-by-side by accident. No, this was still according to plan. They would give their man and the other women watching on the side of the bed a good show, showing off their wet, dripping cunnies. The way they’d placed themselves, Venser would be getting a perfect view of his wife Sanna kissing his other wife Kari... Framed by both girls assets on either side.

When she separated from the surprisingly intimate little kiss with her blonde wife, she found her husband right there behind both of them, his eyes wide and his cock already stifdeninv, visibly panting. But like a good husband, the best he was waiting for them.

"Come here Ven... We're all yours."

Sanna, Kari, Madalina, Pollina, Cierra, Sedna, and Scout were all there, naked and ready for him as their man approached and laid down in the center of the bed.

"All about the togetherness..." He muttered.

All of them needed relief. The kind of relief their handsome and nicely endowed husband could provide.

Behind her, Sanna squeaked in pleasure, accompanied by a slight grunt from Venser. That would be her enjoying that cock already, and she didn’t even have to look. The little sounds coming from the two of them made it perfectly clear.

Finally, the other six girls clustered around Venser. Soon, he was buried in a pile of curvaceous flesh with women all over every bit of him. Sedna the Exiled Princess was hesitant since she never liked to share him, but did so anyways if it made him happy after his near death experience. The void black haired woman was the last to join the writhing pile and spent more time watching than anything else.

Obviously, even a man as studly as Venser Karkaldwin would be overwhelmed trying to deal with seven girls wanting to pleasure him all at the same time. Helping him out a little bit would only be the right thing to do!

The muscular warrior woman Madalina was pacing back and forth somewhere just past where Shining’s head would be. Pollina and Scout were already both sharing Shining’s tongue between the two of them as they embraced each other, with the other three mares monopolizing the rest of his appendages with Kari monopolizing the most important one. Poor Madalina just couldn’t get an opening, at least not at the moment.

As the red eyed demoness fidgeted around, trying to find an opening to get to Venser, and if Madalina wanted to she could easily pick up any one of these girls with an easy of strength. Even the harpy woman. Sanna came up to her and laid what she hoped would be a calming, but also arousing hand over Madalina's back.

"Let me help you..."

Madalina looked over at her with a sly grin, moving a little closer so that their bodies rubbed together at the side. That almost put Sanna's bug butt on top of her, still felt quite nice.

"Yes, help me..."

"Just stay right there.” Slowly, sensually, Sanna began sliding her way down Madalina’s broad, firm back. Even though the demon warrior woman was quite muscular, her sumptuous curves more than made up for it. Ever since the golden gypsy first caught Venser in bed with Madalina back in his room at the Dragon's Head Tavern and Inn she knee she was incredible and loved her. Especially as Sanna began to run out of back muscle to caress, moving on to the swell of her round rump.

Up and over and around... So much around.

Sanna bit her lip a little as she surveyed the bountiful rear under her hand, especially as she came fully behind her. The love-cries of the other girls enjoying her husband all but faded away. Madalina's plump and tight ass cheeks were just so wide and perfectly shaped. Sanna felt like she could just hug that beautiful backside against her all day. Her pussy when it was nestled between Madalina’s thick cheeks, it looked so petite and dainty, winking so needfully. The perfect little glistening pink gem in a broad expanse of white roundnesses. Sanna licked her lips and started with a little tease, giving her clit a little lick before delving and and letting Madalina cry in in pleasure as she was eaten out before they got a turn with Venser.

For now, Venser seemed to be quite pleasantly occupied. Kari was on his face now. Pollina, her own pussy dripping and still slightly gaped from being so recently filled was now helping ease Scout onto his cock. And Ceirra had her face next to Venser's testicles, sucking and licking them.

Sedna was idly rubbing herself on Venser’s flesh and blood hand. And Venser as studly as he was had been so overwhelmed by everything the others were doing that he tried his best to please them all at once.

Oh now he had missed this.

Meanwhile, Pollina was working her way up Scout's neck, nuzzling and kissing the whole way. When the brunette painter kissed her, the harpy could feel the passion flowing as clearly as if it was a magical field.

Sanna glanced over at her husband, who was now standing beside the bed, hands on his hips while Pollina kissed him and the six other girls all joined in licking his cock. Venser was one busy stud at the moment... At this point, he was just getting ready to mount Pollina, who was standing in front of him and wiggling her jiggly rump enticingly, before kneeling down and placing her arms over the bed.

"Oooh! Ahhh... Boss!” Her dark brown eyes went just a little wider and her smile a little broader as Venser mounted her, quickly plunging his very slickened cock into yet another pussy.

Cierra the Leggy Succubus while she watched deftly laid herself down onto the comfortable floor right next to the young painter who was the latest of Venser's lovers, then scooched herself belly-up between the girl's outspread legs.

That gave her a lovely view just above. Her lover's nice big cock pounding in and out of that clean shaven pussy, his balls swinging to and fro as he moved, and Pollina's thighs jiggling every time he pushed fully inside her. But she hadn’t gotten herself into such an undignified position just to watch, though. Oh no. She had plans.

The orange eyed succubus was able to kiss and lick right where her husband’s cock entered the other mare, along with Pollina's crazily winking clit. And she took full advantage of it, slathering her tongue over as much of both of them as she could manage, even as Venser’s heavy testicles repeatedly bumped against the side of her head.

The young painter girl did not last long under that kind of treatment. It seemed like only a few seconds before she was boisterously crying out in orgasm, dripping her sweet cream down into Cadance’s mouth and onto her face.

That was hardly the end of things, though. It didn’t slow Venser down, and Cierra Dusk kept licking... And Pollina kept cumming. She’d barely calm down from one orgasm before getting hit with another, as if they were all piling up on one another in a big long chain.

Was Venser was about to cum? About to fill Pollina with what must be a pretty pent-up load by now. The excess of it... And there was sure to be so much excess. Would come dripping right down onto her face, mixed with the painter girl's orgasmic juices to slather her in the very evidence of him taking another woman.

"Venser has to be an incubus... He has the skills." Cierra thought.

Ah, but she knew him better than that. She knew he’d hold himself back, waiting until the very end. He wouldn’t waste this opportunity with seven girls by cumming before he was good and ready, satisfied that he’d had a taste of each and every one of them.

After Pollina came one more time and shuddered, Venser finally pulled out of her. For the briefest of moments, he stayed mounted on her as his cock angled a bit downward. The leggy succubus took full advantage of the opportunity to lick Pollina’s innermost flavor off of her lover’s cock. It was only for a moment, though. After that, the handsome bearded man side-stepped to the right, and came down on Sedna who had been watching the entire time instead, quickly taking advantage of her now.

As the cobalt eyed raven haired woman put on a brave face and tried not to squeal as her lover's hefty cock squeezed into Sedna, anf Ceirra picked herself off the floor and to the other girls.

Pollina slid onto the bed and splayed out, looking too tuckered out to have any fun with at the moment, playing with herself whole watching everyone. Kari, Scout, and Cierra were putting on a lovely show by kissing each other right in front of Venser and Sedna. Sanna and Madalina were beginning to interlock their hind legs, rubbing their pussies together.

The man’s head was swimming with desire, grasping Sedna's juicy hips with both hands, which made her squeal in deligh as immediately began pounding into her as hard and as fast as he could, building up a sweat as his muscles began to burn in the best way possible.

"Oh mhmmh!" Sedna tried not to be too loud to wake her daughter and her half siblings down the hall, her void black hair being pull back as Venser took her from behind for what seemed like forever. The handsome bearded stud ignored the complaints from his tiring limbs and shoved himself into her over and over, squeezing his hands into her hips to drive himself in even further.

Soonafter, Venser was sitting on the edge if his bed while Sedna and Pollina devoted themselves quite readily to sucking his cock. Sedna was taking the bulk of his shaft in her throat while Pollina tended to his balls. Then the Exiled Princess pulled off his cock and climbed up onto the side of the throne with him, kissing him deeply and lovingly which left the dark eyed painter girl to try and pleasure his cock all on her own.

The golden gypsy left the pale cryomancer with the leggy succubus, and joined Pollina by her side. Coming in close, Sanna kissed Pollinas’s cheek right where it was puffed out a bit from Venser’s cock inside.

“Here." She said, “Let me help with that.”

With a half grateful, half envious glance, Pollina pulled her lips off of Venser’s cock with an audible plop. But she seemed perfectly happy to lean in closer and start passionately making out with his balls as if they were long-lost lovers of hers, and then she still had the full efforts Scout and Kari back between her hind legs, so there was plenty for the young budding paintet to be contented with.

Her husband's thick hot warmth filled her throat in a way no other cock ever quite could. She let her eyes roll upward in her head a little as she tasted the tangy mix of girl juices coating its surface on the way down... all the way down. Venser’s shaft fit Sanna's throat perfectly, as if they were made for each other.

No, they were made for each other. And they both knew that.

It brought her very close again to Pollina and this time the girl was less shy about things. As she was the newest member of Venser's Harem and still getting to know everyone. Pollina didn’t seem to have any problem licking her way up from Venser’s balls to the tip, where her mouth met Sanna’s in the very lewdest sort of kiss. The sort of kiss where their lips met only partially because both of them had their mouths stretched open wide to accommodate their man's thick member.

And just as Sanna started to develop a rhythm, bobbing her head and snatching another little kiss from Polina every time she bottomed out, and then Scout finally stopped playing up the suspense and went for it.

For a brief moment, the golden gypsy’s moan of passion met and surpassed Pollina’s. And then suddenly, the harpy girl had her mouth pressed tightly up against Sanna’s vulva in a different sort of lewd kiss, but what truly blew Sanna’s mind was how deep that tongue of hers was reaching.

Shuddering a little, Sanna gave herself over to the sensation. This was something to be savored.

Everyone was in paradise.

And time slipped away.

"Ahhh... Ohhh. Ah!" Venser moaned out and shuddered.

Of course, things were beginning to come to a head. Specifically the head of Venser’s cock expanding inside her throat. He was about to cum!

In all fairness to him, though, Ceirra was immensely proud of him for holding out this long as the leggy succubus watched. Most men would have spilled their seed long before now, but he was saving it.

And it was going to be a massive load.

Pollina diverted her attention from his balls and the base of his shaft to instead plant her lips right down low on Sanna’s neck. She could feel the painter girl moaning deeply against her neck as the harpy behind her drove the golden gypsy to orgasm... And yet Pollina kept her mouth planted against Sanna’s neck, working to pleasure Venser even through the intervening barrier. Truly this new girl was wonderful.

Not to mention Scout. Sanna was being pushed closer and closer to a second orgasm herself by the wild movements of Scout’s tongue. If Scout had been subtler about things, maybe teasing at first and then mercilessly attacking just the right spot, there would have been no way Sanna could have held out against her. Maybe she’d have to try and train that harpy how to use that amazing tongue of hers to the very best of advantages... For now, though, she had much more urgent concerns as Venser muttered.

"Hold on stop. Let me stand up fuck I cant hold on any longer..."

The seven girls gathering around to watch in lip-biting anticipation. Their lovers’s magnificent cock finally releasing his tasty seed to them. The warm, thick, hard pleasures of Venser's cock had a way of bringing out different sides in women and giving them what they needed.

Oh, what he had to give...

It finally exploded in a splash of satisfyingly warm gooiness all over them.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh....! Ooh ha ha..." Yhe fireworks burst inside Venser's head, sizzling around in dizzying spirals of carnal bliss.

Shooting thick ropes of seed out between the seven coating their chests and faces of the girls with spurt after spurt of sticky white cream. They all huddled together in front of the handsome bearded man and heat radiating from the seven was amazing, and their soft skin pressed against him in ways he loved. After finally draining every drop, Venser began to go flaccid, leaving a long trail of his semen dripping down each of their bellies, across their chests, all the way down to their still-soaked vaginas.

His emerald slotted eyes looked down to his girls with their tongues all over one another, licking his load off of themselves and each other, rushing to savor every drop. Madalina dipped low to suckle a few precious dribbles from Sanna's tits but the demon woman stopped her on her way back up and made the golden gypsy shudder in delight as she licked off a thick strand that had gotten all the way up to her cheek. He could have watched it for hours, but even with the impressive load he had delivered, they eventually managed to find and clean up every drop as Venser let them all enjoy each other as he settled into bed.

As soon as they did, all of them fell to the bed beside him, one on either side, using their shoulders for pillows. Venser's expensive, and expensive bed easily could have fit two more people, but now it was still perfect for eight occupants to fall asleep.

He sighed as they all relaxed and cooled down, catching their breath and letting their sweat cool them down. This had been an utterly perfect day.

“Phew... Perfect way to end the day..." Venser commented, still panting a little.

Pollina leaned up and kissed him, the taste of him still on her lips as a hand ran down her smooth belly.

Ceirra was a mess. Cum and other things coating her between her long legs, her facd starting to get sticky with drying love juices, and a disturbingly large portion of her long black hair still matted down and damp from the sweat of the long night of sex.

“I really do need a bath before I go to bed. Anyone else?”

“Not now... Gonna try my best to wake up as early as I can." Venser said. “Got an early morning tomorrow ya know. Need my sleep... And my cuddles." Sedna was the cleanest of the seven and nestled silently and closely go Ven, with Scout on the other side with her giant brown wings draped over them.

“Seriously, you won’t be satisfied until you’ve fucked all the girls on the, will you? Does your lust know no bounds?” Ceirra the Succubus asked.

“Does yours, Legs?” He glanced over at her wryly, stroking his beard with his porcelain hand in a joking manner.


Venser and a few of them laughed as the handsome bearded man closed his eyes and let out a slow, relaxed sigh.

"Gonna have to wake up as early as I can... Or, try... Rustonia awaits."

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