King Rian's Court

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The castle of Plainsreach, Rustonia, Vorland, 1439 ATC

The sun blazed in the clear blue sky, and a cold wind ruffled the orange and green banners that streamed from the tops of the buildings of the ringed in city. The leaves of the trees had turned from green, to yellow, and now scarlet and began to fall.

"Think it's my first time at the keep..." He mumbled, cape waving in the breeze as the massive doors opened for him. Wearing a pair of gloves as well to hide his new prosthetic that would have him being branded as, "Touched by the Luektorem."

Venser marched down through the large wooden doors into the Castle Plainsreach, and down the long dark orange carpet, and felt dozens of eyes upon him, judging him. Guards, scholars and a few prominent citizens had gathered to watch the man answer for The Shattering. While many thought it was a gigantic earthquake, it was the awakening of something that should have been left buried. And the man didn't care much for politics, but this was a necessity and he knew it well.

A simple mahogany throne stood atop a dais as did a few tables beside the throne.

King Rian himself had the jaded and shaggy look of a veteran soldier, not one who was for just sitting around. A tall, powerful middle aged man with rough skin, grey eyes, a neatly trimmed beard and a fine haircut. A prominent scar crossed his forehead and down to his left eye. He was dressed in light furs and rich clothes, and a slender golden crown bespeckled with emeralds sat atop his head as Venser stood on a spot designated for him and performed a courtesy knowing he had to.

A bow. One hand on his chest, the other extended out.

And there he was. Just ahead, slumped nonchalantly in his throne, his heavy head resting in his hand, bored. The King watched him intently as he drew closer, his features dark, curious, and searching.

Still as a stone and strong before him, he relaxed himself and looked him in the face with a steely glare as a crier began to introduce the man via a note that Venser had handed him without even looking to the side.

"Presenting to the Royal Court of Vorland! Venser Tybalt Karkaldwin, Merchant of Pryldahn! Had Bartender of the Dragon's Head, Mack Daddy of No Name Port, Master of The Melon-"

He was cut off by King Rian who waved his ringed hand.

"Queen Y'vonne's Fool... And the Lord of Many Deluded Titles it seems..."

The mighty king leaned forward as he continued to speak.

"I know you. You killed the renegade Rik Bonneville in a duel and helped defuse the situation at Muldoon like a common mercenary. I've seen your advertisements for your cigars, and heard so many interesting tales... The story of you having sex with an entire nunnery and being run out of Crown City and across the Slender Sea is one of my favorites." His words rich as a warrior and a small bemused smirk that cut like a knife.

A light chuckle came from his court, except for the brute of a man who stood beside King Rian, the bodyguard Everard of Vorland. Covered almost entirely in scale armor, a green and orange cloak around his neck and a facs concealing helmet with an orange plume that stuck out of the top. A rather large sword at his side as he stared down at Venser from the dais, very unimpressed at the sight of him. To the right was the Court Mage's workshop, a hooded Phryldahn Court Mage named Cal'dera who simply watched from the side. Not as interested in Venser rather all the artifacts brought to him from the crash site Venser created.

And now you and these mercenaries awaken a great evil from beneath the ground... Awaken a flying temple and drop it on the land and get many Vorland soldiers killed in the chaos. One hundred and four to be exact. Ahem. Along with one of my finest mages, Marvella Fullbuster. What do you have to say about all this?"

The handsome bearded man sucked in his breath, cleared his throat, and thought for a moment.

So many sordid incidents and he often did go around singing his tales and putting his face everywhere.

"Ahem. Your Grace, my friend Nadine was obsessed with a race of magical porcelain monsters that slumbered in an ancient advanced temple beneath the ground. They destroyed her home, and she had tracked them, and created a spellbomb big enough to destroy the temple. But, we did not know they would all wake up once we figured out how to get in there. And we certainly didn't know the temple could defy gravity and could float. I detonated the bomb, and brought down this temple, and got a lot of soldiers killed when the Luektorem were unleashed upon the world... Ahem." Venser scratched the back of his head and paused for a few moments as he tried his best to explain.

"I believe, these porcelain monsters, the Luektorem would have inevitably awoken one day, but what we did caused it to happen much sooner than it would've had this not happened and we tried to destroy them. I let Nadine talk me into going with her on this mission and... I did what I had to." Venser said with a shrug, adjusting the black cloak with blue lining in the inside that was placed over his shoulders. He let out a sigh as he did that, as the cloak once belonged to Alex.

A reminder she had died when in the battle once all the Luektorem broke free of that crashed cube shaped temple.

There was a brief pause to make sure Venser had finished talking as King Rian relaxed back in his seat again, leaning to the side and picking up a sword that was kept in a beautiful gold and polished blackwood sheath.

"Saving countless lives by stopping these porcelain monsters you and your friends woke up. And Nadine, this mastermind behind this entire operation. What happened to her?"

"Dead. I assume. I haven't been to the crash site yet but..." He tapped the blue gem on the bracelet he wore.

"When Scout found me I was clutching this. So. Maybe she got spirited away somewhere or..." His voice trailed off.

"What happened there?"

"After the battle I had my men secure the area cart off the wounded and the dead, and then we built fortifications and dug trenches." King Rian sat up and removed his sword from its sheath. Revealing that a handsome, single edged slender and curved sword with a shining silver blade with glowing lilac lines running up and down the blade that resembled circuitry. Sharpened to a monomolecular level, enabling it to cut through almost anything it touched.

He cut the air with the very rare Kundalandian Masterwork that left blowing lilac contrails in the air that quickly evaporated.

A prized treasure and surely a family heirloom.

"When you brought down that flying temple you littered potential treasures such as this... Strange and yet powerful relics by those who came before. This is Tenacious, and this sword has been in my family for centuries. And now, we have access to more."

And Venser winced and thought negatively of the influence of such advanced technology would have on Laguna and wish it had remained buried. But since there was no more Kundaland, and apparently every member of the race was gone from the planet, it was sooner or later more of their lost civilization and technology would be uncovered.

"Science that only looks like magic..." Ven muttered quietly. Caught up now in one of those tragic situations where debt and love happened to get him into trouble.

"And now," King Rian continued, grey eyes narrowing, "I'm aware that treasure seekers and other opportunists ste going to come looking for strange fortunes and power among these precursor ruins. Especially now that such a large site as been dug up, thanks to you. Which is why I asked The God Queen for several legions to help protect The Crash Site and she has given. If we can have more of these, and the other artifacts in that cube. Then that is gift enough." He said sheathing his glowing sword.

"And now, I ask, Venser of Many Titles, what can you gift me, and the people of Vorland for the many soldiers that died pushing back the Luektorem that poured out of the Crash Site?"

The man blinked his inhuman, serpent like eyes a few times and many found them intriguing. Indicating he was not a normal human. He was, and yet wasn't, and everyone in the court had a strange feeling about Venser as he pondered The King's question for a few moments before clearing his throat.

"Many of your soldiers died and you said that God Queen Y'vonne already sent you some of her legions to make up for their loss and yours so Vorland is not vulnerable in the meantime. Ahem." The question posed to Venser was so opened ended he was not sure what he could actually give beside coin, cannabis, and his service. But he figured free cigars would not cut it for what happened. Coin he had no problem with.

But of course he had to give something even though the God Queen already provided things that would actually appeal to House Rust and the rest of Vorland.

"I shall use a lot of my coin to fund orphanages and other public works. And I will be in your service, whenever, and wherever you need it, Your Grace." Venser finally responded doing another, unnecessary courtsey.

"A noble use of your personal funding... Ahem. Whenever House Rust calls upon you, yes." King Rian and sheathing his sword and holding it in one hand.

"You will be in my country's service. It will be no different than the life you are used to, Venser. The mercenary life. Hmmm... We always need help expanding into the Lost Lands to the east the orcs and Panther Peoppe are getting bolder by the day... Hm. I know we'll be able to put your... Special talents to use."

The middle aged warrior king chuckled and leaned back in his throne as the court murmed amongst itself.

What a strange turn of events. Basically turning into an extension of the arm of not just Y'vonne's expansionism but King Rian's. He was pretty much his now. A debt to be paid off.

From this day on, Venser was an Agent of Vorland. When in truth, he wanted nothing to do with this. But, being a mercenary and killing people and creatures for coin and favors had become all too used to him.

No matter how hard he tried to convince himself otherwise.

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