For Summerland's Sake

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Capital De Seraphim, Pryldahn, 1436 ATC

The sounds of two pairs of tiny feet echoed against the stone walls of the castle, transversing the red carpet they stepped on. ''Boy this place is bigggggg!'' Exclaimed a little boy with messy hair that was so blonde it was white, he also had grass green eyes and wore a red sweater and black pants with boots. ''Daddy!'' A little girl with raven black hair and the same grass green eyes wearing a white sweater and blue pants called out down the hall.

You could find Y'vonnne, second child to the great dragon king, asleep in her bed. The fireplace had died, a small trail of smoke rising from the still warm firewood. Her obnoxiously tall and thin body was still. Unnaturally still, except for the small rising of her chest, indicating that it wasn't a statue that laid in the bed, but a being. She made no noise, but the same could not be said to the creature that laid curled on the floor beside her bed shirt. It's breathing was like the sound of something crackling and raging, but ruffling snores belonged to Gummy, the woman's pet miniature wyvern, and companion for life. Von did not seem to be bothered by his snores. She was use to them, growing up with the boney reptilian since a very young age. However, a sound she was not acquainted with found its way to her sensitive ears and pulled her from her slumber with a grumble. The soft padding of feet made the woman toss over to her opposite side of the bed, a grumble a sleepiness and annoyance bellowing out from her throat. Then she heard an excited voice. It sounded young. Young? A child? For Summerland's sake why now? She buried herself into her pillow, pulling the overs over her head in hopes she would fall back asleep again. But, she knew it was pointless. Once something woke her, it was almost impossible for her to fall back asleep again. She threw the covers off of her in a huff of annoyance and tumbled out of her bed. She wore a long gown, her hair complete down and messy. She walked over to her door, swung it opened walked into the hallway, her back hunched in all of her grumpy glory. She yawned and silently cursed all the people who would want to get up this early. Especially people who would WAKE someone up this early. Curse them. Curse the sun. Curse this wall. Curse everything.

''Lady have you seen daddy?'' The little girl asked running up to Von, giggling at the sight of her hair. ''Poofy!'' The little boy, both of them were twins ran up beside his sister. ''He's biggggg and he's red!'' His sister pitched in, ''And he's wearing a silly green hat!''

Von stopped in her tracks as two child came up to her. Figures. Of course it was children. Von sighed and tucked her hair behind her ear. "Your father?" Big and red? Hmm, that sounds awfully similar to her own father. Von chuckled to herself and shook that image to herself. The only person that came to her mind was... "Venser?" She said to the child that spoke to her, her hands trying to calm the 'poofy-ness' that was her hair. The comment from the child was not appreciated. "I have not, but I am sure he will stand out based on the description you just gave me." Her tone was passive and unemotional, like she was talking to another adult. It was apparent that Von was not good with children.

The children still smiled up at Von without a care in the world, listening attentively. 'Will you help us find daddy? We're playing a game!" Exclaimed the boy. ''Can I braid yo pretty hair later lady?'' The girl asked before she loudly gasped. ''Awe you a real live queen?''

"Define "live", child." So, these were Venser's children. How quaint. She was still tired and waved off the girl with a small gesture of her hand. "Perhaps later you can play with my hair little one." Trinity, it was too early for this. "Sure, I will help." Why not? The God Queen was already dead inside.

''Are you a qwueen?'' The little girl repeated again. The boy smiled reaching up to take Von's hand. ''C'mon lady!'' As the twins pulled the princess down the hall, a loud scream came from one of the broom closets far away from them. ''Ah! Someone help me!''

"I-I am child. Why are you two traveling alone-" Once the boy took hold of her hand she stopped mid sentence and allowed herself to be dragged down the hall. His hand was small, and soft. And oddly cold. Von's eyes shot up immediately as the sound of a scream erupted from a broom closet and she halted, pulling the boy that held her hand behind her. She stopped the girl, placing a hand on her small shoulder and guided the girl to stand next to her brother. Why, WHY, in the morning? The world just hated her, that's what it was. "Stay behind me children." The woman said without looking back at the children. This could either go two ways. A terrible accident or one of Venser's tricks. Either way, she wasn't sure the children should witness either option.

When Von would open the door, she would find Venser sitting up against the wall wearing some sort of weird device over his eyes with a slot where one would slide pictures or pieces of paper down into it. There was also a fake ass made of the same material as his strange suit, only more realistic. ''Ah! Someone help me I'm trapped inside a sex dungeon! I'm trapped inside a prison of my own design! My own, dirty kinky sexual design!'' He then began to cry inside of the thing that covered his eyes while squeezing the fake ass. The twins stared at their father wide eyed and confused. ''Qwueen what's daddy crying about?'' The little boy asked looking up to her, then to the device covering Venser's eyes. ''What are thoseeeeeeee?''

You know what? She wasn't even surprised any more. She just stood in the doorway, her eyes heavy lidded and her face wiped clean of any emotion. "Being a jester." She replied in a stoic tone. And, once she spoke those words, she reached her hand over, grabbed the door knob, and slowly closed it until the door clicked. "Perhaps it is better to leave your father to his work, agreed children?" Y'vonne wanted to pretend like she didn't see anything, and so that's what she did. She casted her electric blue eyes down to the two little ones and offered and simple smile. The best one she could offer while not being fully awake.

The twins smiled back sweetly and their father appeared out of a puff of thick red smoke right behind Von, facing completely away from her. ''Hey sorry you had to see that just got so bored in there!'' He was still wearing the giant goggle like device that blocked his vision. ''Ya found me kids!'' He exclaimed getting on his knees to hug his children, the kids cheered and ran around into Venser's arms. He wrapped his arms around the two lovingly and protectively in his embrace. ''Couldn't hide foever daddy!''

"Indeed..." She responded and stepped aside. He was a good father, or at least he tried, no one could deny that. The woman yawned again. "What you do in her personal time is none of my concern." She said inbetween her yawn. "Though, do keep an eye on your children. They could disturb some of the inhabitants while they sleep." Like me. They disturbed me, she finished in her head.

''What time is it?'' Venser asked removing the headpiece, turning back to look at Von. ''Me and the kids only got here twenty minutes ago before they suggested a game of hide and seek.''

"The sun has barely risen." Too early, she said in her after thoughts. "So... I honestly do not know." Von leaned her weight onto another foot, pulling her wavy hair off one tanned shoulder onto another. This would honestly be the first time Venser has seen her in pretty much her underwear, for she always made sure to dress properly during other affairs. "Twenty minutes? I assume you came from your tavern, yes?" She eyed the odd green hat he wore and blinked slowly.

''What?'' Venser didn't have much reaction to the sight of Von wearing nothing but a gown. He had seen countless women wear less before. Void, he even saw her naked once. He stood up and nodded his head. ''Actually we came from their mother's place. I have them for a few days.'' The little girl hopped up and down with her arms extended up. ''Up daddy! Up!'' Venser chuckled and picked up his daughter, who rested up against his chest and batted at the bells at the end of the tendrils of his jester hat, giggling as she played with them. The boy just ran down the halls giggling wildly. ''Look pwincess!'' He ran a few feet towards her and attempted a sommersault, he fell forward and landed on his back. ''Ta da!'' Venser chuckled again and said, ''Good job Soarin!'' He looked down to his daughter and said, ''Lucinda, you're getting too big for daddy to carry.'' He poked her nose playfully and said, ''But one day you'll be able to carry me!''

Von sure felt the difference or rather, lack of clothing. She shivered, her bare arms suddenly erecting a wave of goosebumps. She rubbed her arms wth her hands to generate heat. She wasn't use to standing anywhere outside of her room with her night gown on. Nope, this sure was a first. "Lovely." The woman said in a scratchy voice. "Do they need a nanny? I could perhaps have a servant watch them for you while they are here." Von watched as the boy performed what could only be described as a clusy tumble. As he landed on his back, she arched an eyebrow. What should she do now? Should she praise him? But he accomplished nothing. "Uh...mhm." Yeah, that was safe. Von was more than out of her element here.

''No, they already have a nanny. Though Valerie isn't... She hasn't been to well lately.'' Venser said patting Lucinda's back as she wrapped her arms around her father's neck. ''I miss nommy...'' She said sadly. ''Nommy will manage to stay awake longer than a minute eventually, princess.'' Venser said kissing Lucinda on the forehead. ''You sure daddy?'' Soarin asked looking up to him. ''I'm certain, son. You, your sister and nommy will be able to play and run all you like!'' Soarin began to jump up and down in front of Von. ''I like running!'' He chirped. ''Do you qwueen? Do you like fried chicken too??''

The God Queen's brows furrowed as she listened to their banter. She hoped things were well with them. From what she could tell this 'nommy' was their mother, or at least a mother figure to these children. Von found herself starring at the little girl that sat so comfortable in her father's arms and smiled. There was nothing like a father's embrace that made you feel safe home. But, her eyes soon fell on the boy as he jumped infront of her, stealing her attention. "Running? I'm afraid I'm not very athletic. Ask my sister, she was the physical one." Fried chicken? "Fried? What is...fried?"

''It's like, really cwispy chicken! And tasty too!'' Soarin chirped again before taking off running down the hall as fast as his little legs could carry him. Venser moved close to Von and said quietly with a sigh, ''Nommy. Nanny plus mommy. And she... She's just been passing in and out of a terrible sickness.''

"Heavens, has she seen a physician?" Von watched as the boy took off again down the talk and gasped as he almost collided with a servant carry a tray of cups. But, the servant barely missed him and Von heaved a sigh a relief. The servant wasn't relieved but confused, starring at the boy as he ran boy without stopping and then turn their gaze to the princess who merely shrugged at them. The servant shook his head and continued his way.

''She is. She's getting better.'' Venser set Lucinda down and said, ''Go play with your brother.'' ''But daddy...'' She whined. ''Go, go. Your brother is probably running around outside without clothes and you need to watch him. Do it and there'll be candy...'' At the mere mention of candy, Lucinda squeeled and ran off to catch her quick brother. '

Sanna stood beside a tree to allow Venser and his dear friend to speak alone of things she needed not to be informed of, smiling a bit as she looked upon the falling leaves with a hand to her rounding belly. The baby kicked every now and then lightly as if to greet his mother and she'd chuckle a bit, rubbing her thumb over the spot where she was kicked before beginning to hum a soft tune from her homeland. She already missed the tavern a little, but this area was absolutely beautiful. Mountains and green as far as she could see, and the castle itself was grandiose. Well decorated within, she'd only seen a little bit as she'd closely followed Ven on their way past the doors before deciding to step outside for conversation's sake, but by now she figured that they would be alright with her ear around. "Come little love, let's go see what your father's up to," she cooed to her kicking unborn as she turned from the tree to venture the steps toward the door.

The doors open, and a semi-golden skined beauty walked in. ''Well hello beautiful...'' Venser said with a seductive growl, brushing back the tendrils on his bright green jester cap. ''Y'vonne De Seraphim, that is my lover, Sanna.''

"Give my regards to the children's nanny." Von replied and watched as her friend strode over to a woman with a welled belly that came into view. Oh... Dear. A new guest and she was hardly dressed. Von combed though her hair a bit, flattening it down as much as she could and patted down her night gown. One guest or a hundred, she must be presentable. "Greetings, miss Sanna. And, welcome." Von did a curtsey in one graceful movement, her voice was formal and practiced, very well pronounced. "It's always wonderful to meet Venser's companions. Do forgive my attire my dear, an early rise was not something I anticipated." She gave a small laugh, though it held no true warmth.

Upon the growl she heard from him she blushed a little, offering a small smile as she once again took her place at his side. She herself was only garbed in a green mother's dress and her hair had been brushed back behind her shoulders, matching her bright and intense green eyes and accenting the tanned skin Venser loved so much. She gave as decent of a bow as she could with her condition and her smile was heartfelt, a genuine greeting passing from her lips. "Greetings to you, m'lady. It is a pleasure to meet you as well, and don't worry. I normally am not so casual myself." She chuckled a little. "I fear I will have to forgo formality for comfort soon enough."

Venser wrapped an arm around Sanna and kissed her on the cheek, trailing one hand down her stomach to feel her bump. ''Sanna wants to work here as well. Why don't we discuss it over breakfast? We can give you time to get changed and for the servants to whip something up.''

The God Queen smiled and tilted her head at Sonna, her eyes squinting in amusement. "I do not blame you, my dear. I'm surprised you have not fallen to the whims of comforts, you hold yourself quite well." Von began to absentmindedly rub her bare arms as her tanned skin began to give rise to goosebumps. "That sounds lovely. I would like to change." Looks like this will be an early start. "Please, excuse me." Von bowed her head and made her way off down the hall to her room to slip into something worthy of a princess. She sighed to herself as she walked, her arms held around herself as the weight of the early morning started to crash down on her like a wave. Like it's been mentioned, she was not a morning person.

Sanna had nodded with a bit of gratitude to Von's statement that she held herself well, bowing her head in respect. Weaving her fingers in Ven's she waited for his lead as they'd mentioned the preparation of breakfast; she didn't realize how early it was and indeed was quite awake despite this, a little used to the whims of early risers. This was an oddity given how prone to fatigue a mother-to-be usually was, but she didn't mind. She watched as Y'vonne walked to her room and smiled to Ven. "Everything alright?"

Venser nodded his head in affirmation, the bells of his bright green jester hat jingling as he did. He took her hand in his and said, ''Everything is good, my love.'' A small voice was heard from behind the two. ''Hi Sanna!'' Lucinda stood there with her brother, who promptly moved to Sanna's side to take her hand, while his sister moved to Venser's side and took his hand. ''Eat?'' He nodded and led his family into the giant dining room. ''Yes, eat.'' He said with a chuckle after ordering some servants to prepare breakfast. The kids scrambled into their seats as Venser pulled out a chair for his lover. ''You look so wonderful in that dress Sanna... I mean, I think green is really your color!''

Von gave a nervous laugh and cleared her through as she hugged herself tightly, painfully aware of her attire. From a stand point, her gown wasn't revealing at all, but Von herself just felt uncomfortable wearing it around guests. ''It... Was not proper.''

Sanna nuzzled against Ven's cheek as he assured her all was well though turned to the sound of the little voice, smiling brightly to see the two little ones standing as her lover's son moved to take her hand. She took it and squeezed gently with loving eyes, following as Venser led them all to the dining room and taking a seat when he pulled out a chair for her. "Thank you, my love. I'm quite fond of the color and always have been... Such a healthy, natural one. Aye? Reminds me of forests."

The servants brought plates of cheese, bread, smoked salmon, and salted fish with some fruit to the table. A few more began to set it. ''I agree completely, Sanna.'' Venser said taking a seat right beside her. ''How are you? And the baby?'' He held off from eating for now, slightly concerned where Von was and f they should eat without her or not.

I've been doing really well, especially with your help, and the baby is nice and active. Seems we're going to have a healthy son." She smiled softly as her hand once again began absently rubbing up and down her bump. "I wonder if the other is alright. God Queen Y'vonne.''

Venser stared at Sanna for a few seconds, blinking as the children began to serve ourselves. ''I recall the wise talking squirrel saying we were going to have a daughter.''

''AH HA HA!'' Y'vonne cackled, getting a good laugh out of that surpsiingly. ''Ohhh... That was out loud. I apologize.'' She swayed a bit, try to blink away the urge to fall asleep but she soon yawned. "Ah... Oh goodness, pardon me I..." She yawned again and sighed and began to stumble. She fell forward a bit. "Must, get dressed and attend... To the... Guests..." Y'vonne sat beside Ven and slumped over onto him. The crimson haired woman had fallen into the man, asleep. Asleep now. Completely gone. My, that was quick. But it was so, her breathing even slowed down to a steady rhythm and her face was relaxed now. The woman was obviously more tired than she had lead on.

''Talking squirrel?'' Lucinda said popping a piece of fish into her mouth before spitting it out. ''Yucky. Too salty!'' Venser patted her head and Soarin eyed Sanna's stomach suspicously. ''Yeah, right. A daughter. Glad you remember that now. Yeah... We will have a healthy, perfect daughter...'' When the conversation ended they all looked to the sleeping queen beside him.

Sanna blushed at forgetting their child's gender, lowering her head in a little embarrassment. "My memory has been terrible, love, forgive the mistake." She squeezed his hand a bit and smiled apologetically, nodding as she listened to him and rose to greet Y'vonne again, before she sat down and passed out. "She seems very kind. Do you think she will like me working here?"

''Oh of course. The people at the tavern love you, and she and all the other people here will love you two.'' Venser said placing a hand on her cheek, rubbing it with her thumb before leaning in to kiss her gently on the lips. ''Is he your husband?'' Soarin asked in his tiny voice looking to the two while they kissed.

Sanna returned his kiss and leaned her cheek against his rubbing thumb, smiling tenderly to him for a moment as she nodded. He always found a way to ease the nervousness she felt around new people, even if it went unspoken by her own mouth. When Soarin asked if they were married she turned a dark shade of red and looked to Venser for a moment, trying to hide a smile as she answered. "No, dear, but I... Well... It's something we haven't talked about yet. I love him very much."

''Hold on. Be right back love.'' Venser said pulling out The God Queen's chair and picking her up. Her head was pressed against Venser's shoulder as he kept her close to him. Moving the door open more with his foot and walked to the large bed that laid up against the wall, he was quiet, not making a sound and was careful with the woman. Not knowing if she was fragile or not, either way he was going to do this. As he put her down on the bed he wrapped the covers around the obnoxiously thin woman. He stared at her for a moment to make sure she was okay, he hesitated and moved his hand to her cheek to brush the hair behind her hair as she laid resting. Venser nodded and took a step back away from the bed, turned around and whispered "Good night. Er, I mean morning Y'vonne." He walked out of the room and silently closed the door behind him.

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One of the best stories, plots and form of writing. I congratulate you very much

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Excellent story. Something long for me because of the small screen I have to read but unquestionably an enveloping plot. You have a great descriptive ability and that makes the narration very interesting. One can understand the actions and reactions of the characters in a natural way. It has been a great pleasure to have read. A cordial greeting @vmmouchas