Finances of The House

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Villa De Karkaldwin, The Farmlands, Pryldahn, 1438 ATC

The next several days were relatively uneventful. Buried in paperwork, attempting to study of tiny little numbers that moved about on their own when insufficient coffee was applied to the reader.

At his blackwood desk, Venser sucked down yet another cup of milk and coffee as he read through his ledger and mumbling to himself, occasionally glancing over at the safe he had tucked into the corner of his study. Only one of many he had hidden around his house.

"Farming and business. Talk about a full time headache..."

Of course he didn't hide all his money on his property, and had scraped together so much coin from his mercenary jobs and bartending, it all added up to enough to make even a Silver Banker sit up. But the problem was simply keeping all the money for longer than a week, and worst of all managing it.

"Maybe I should just really retire from mercenary work and simply spend all my time writing about my many adventures." Venser said to the leggy succubus that sat across from him at his expensive blackwood desk. "With the family and all I have the good life."

After years of adventuring and narrow escapes, he appreciated the quiet time spent at home. Though, that got boring at times too and would cause him to go out again and would lead to an endless cycle. The fun of the adventure was being under pressure. And here he sat, working out renovation plans and a budget.

Talk about pressure.

"You could. But it's one thing to practice a skill or hobby when you feel like it, but whether its writing, playing the guitar, art, even sex. When you've got to do something whether you're up to it or not, its work. Even royalty and gods have to work." She answered, her face in a ledger, causing Venser to nod and sigh.

"I'm aware of that... And we're not exactly at rock bottom here. But of course, staff, slaves... Family. All the coin is mostly going towards food and clothing. Toys..." The man sat back and picked up a cup of water taking a sip. "We could always have more coin and wouldn't have to worry so much. I mean, while we have plenty it's not unlimited."

"No. Since you've got my help. And in truth, I've been enjoying the amount of power you've given me over your property and your business, Ven." Cierra said with a smile.

"We are partners, yeah." Venser looked into her bright orange eyes and let out his signature low, seductive growl, biting the air in front of him. She giggled, standing up and picking up her chair. Seeing this, the man scooted his chair to the side and allowed Cierra to sit directly beside him while they worked.

"Personal finance and... Well, I don't have to do any contract negotiations right now... Uh, I leave that to Gloria. Maybe expand on the barn more room in the back for livestock... Uh." He shrugged. "Now I know how Y'vonne feels being cooped up inside the castle having to do this shit for the entire country and beyond."

"Indeed. It's like we have to manage our own little country. But just because we're working on the finances it doesn't mean theres anything wrong with the money we already have." Cierra said resting her head on Venser's. "I pitch in when I can."

"And I appreciate it, Cierra." He nuzzled her head and smiled softly, turning a page. "Cierra, Legs, my sexy succubus my... Uh... Administrative assistant!"

She laughed and replied, "Let's just stick with assistant. Not a lot of people know the definition of administrative. Or even just admin."

A few more pages ruffled as time went on, and Cierra used an abacus on the desk.


Venser sighed and watched as the leggy succubus did the math. "Oh well, who cares? I know it's the duty of every citizen to pay taxes. I mean, we wouldn't have good roads, infrastructure, free bread and corn for the poor without taxes. If only you got to choose specifically where it went though." That only got a 'yeah' from Cierra.

"The ruling houses will take their taxes either way."

While they continued through the administrative hassle of trying to sort through the family finance, Venser proposed the idea of being self sufficient, reaching for the slave ledger and opening it, turning to the latest date. The males were on separate pages so he just skipped to the female and simply skimmed the page.

Anaisha, Female, 25, Islandic Elf,

Bhagawhati, Female, 32, Half Islandic Elf,

Carys, Female, Wild Elf, Age Unknown, owner, Venser Karkaldwin, (VK)

Ghariba, Female, 40, Dark Elf, owner, Venser Karkaldwin (VK)

Nandini, Female, Age Unknown, Islandic Elf, owner Venser Karkaldwin (VK)

Henode, Female, Age Unknown, Dark Elf

Likaa, Female, Age Unknown, Dark Elf, owner VenserKarkaldwin

Mellie, Female, Age 26, Female, Half Islandic Elf, owner, Venser Karkaldwin (VK)

Mamta, Female, Age 56, Female, Islandic Elf, owner, Venser Karkaldwin, (VK)

Priyanka, Female, age 38, Female, Islandic Elf, owner, Venser Karkaldwin, (VK)

Shireen, Female, age 23, Female, Islandic Elf, owner, Venser Karkaldwin, (VK)

Sabrae, Female, Age Unknown, Dark Elf, owner, Venser Karkaldwin, (VK)

Sian, Female, Age Unknown, Wild Elf, owner, Venser Karkaldwin, (VK)

Vyan, Female, 25, Dark Elf, owner Venser Karkaldwin, (VK)

"Vyan. That is a lovely lovely name..." He commented, licking his lips a bit. Cierra only cuddled up closer to Ven and bit her lip, reaching into his pants and grabbing his throbbing cock, pulling it out to her eager orange eyes. Venser let out a slight sigh of satisfaction as his penis was allowed to breathe. Having it be confined in baggy red pants, especially with the sexiest succubus in the land stroking it, tended to put one a little on-edge.

"I will arrange for you to breed her, Master of The House..."

"Ah yup... My own personal stud farm..." The handsome bearded man muttered relaxing in his seat, all his concerns fading away for now.

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