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The Ultimate Sin


Knowing of her physical & mental state, her helplessness to express herself was rather evident in her eyes and, the horrendous episodes she had to go through in her past, didn’t help her cause either.
She was terrified from within and, understandably so her conscious mind was not responding to her commands, rather the subconscious part had taken it over her body. Although she was there with me—in the house she had been held captive—but in reality her conscious mind still hadn’t come out of those terrible moment she had, in the past.

“It has been good half an hour and those men must have gone away, by now.” I said to the girl.

“I will leave from here.”

“But you worry no more, as for I shall return here soon, with the Police this time!” I said to her while trying to lift the foot prints from the floor.

It looked as if she had submitted to her situation—the fear had penetrated into her soul—and so, she asked me not to come back; in the sign language. If I understood her gestures correctly, she also didn’t want to get rescued from her miserable situation and didn’t want me to go to the police too.

She pointed her hand towards the window and then brought her hands together to make a cradle and swung it sideways.

“Baby?” I asked and she nodded her head in agreement.

“Those people you pointed to, towards the window, do they have you baby?” I asked her in infuriated way. And yet again she nodded her head—her heart could not withhold her internal storm anymore—the dam of her sorrows had breached and the volcano of her emotions had erupted; as her tears started trickling down from her eyes onto her cheeks.

I had remained a peace loving—gandhian—nonviolent person since my childhood, but after learning about what those monster had done to her and, and to her child; a profound urge to kill those devils, ignited in me.

“Those callous cowards will burn in hell’s fire.”

“They are worse than animals. Parting a mother from her child is debauchery personified.” I incensed while saying.

She was already in too much agony, and my single wrong move could have been catastrophic to her baby. Although I wanted to help her, but not at the cost of her child’s safety and hence I assured her that I will not go to the police and cautiously sneaked my way out of the house.

Once out of the house, I spent a few minutes trying to get a grip on my own self, after the emotional roller coaster I had been on. It was time to go back to the original plan—of meeting the “person” I originally intended to, before taking a detour—and so, I started my crusade towards his location of existence.

It would have hardly taken me ten minutes’, by walk , and I was there where I was trying to reach.

End of Chapter- 10

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I am just gripped by your thriller tracks. Awesome and curious, rather more curious. Keep up the good job @vinyprop.


Thank you @vidyabanjan ☺️

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