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Here is all the extra information you need to know to follow Brighid's Blood.


Before the Terrenden Common Era (B.T.C.E.)

Kingdom of Velantia

Velantia is an ancient island country on the world of Terrenden. Long before aliens came and renamed it Vendaria and forced the A’mara off the island (before they were even called A’mara!) Long before the volcanic catastrophes that destroyed 2/3 of the island.

The island nation is surrounded by so much water that it is a wonder that anyone ever found it in the first place – except that the Guardians are wise and sometimes place portals in parts of Terrenden – connecting it to the Other World – the one we call Earth.

In the generations before this story, Velantia saw its youth decimated by a great and terrible war – fought by the gods themselves. Thankfully there were enough survivors to keep things going, but with a smaller gene pool, it was only a matter of time before inbreeding became a serious issue. And with the portals sometimes losing youth to the Other World and less frequently gaining some, the Guardians sometimes have to made difficult decisions.

Yet, the Guardians remain fickle and the rules remain.

  • No one may travel through the portals with a malicious intent.
  • No one may be taken through by force or unwillingly.
  • And no one may fool the Guardians – they will examine your heart and often know you better than you know yourself…
  • Lastly, the Guardians are not above making decisions for your own best interest – even if you do not understand it at the time. They are, after all… Guardians.

As such, the boundary between worlds is sometimes very thin – sometimes even non-existent. Occasionally, people accidentally find their way across into a world unknown to them. Sometimes, they even manage to return, but sometimes, the lure of the other world is too much and they choose to remain – or have the choice made for them...

Map of Velantia


Notable places in Velantia:

  • Averel – (AV-uh-rell)
  • Castel Velantia – (veh-LAN-tee-uh) – location of castle and village
  • Thulia – (THOO-lee-uh)

This story primarily takes place in Castel Velantia (obvious Spanish influence there - the reason for which has not yet been written...) I did not create a separate map of the village as I felt it would not contribute significantly more than the cover image does more beautifully.

Trivia notes:

  • Velantia is based on Valentia Road where I lived for a time in Reading, England (upon which the town in England in this story is loosely based.)
  • Thulia is a nod to my Uncle who produced the Raveled animated series. The Thulians were the flamingo-like race - which have been known to occasionally invade his lawn... (But we won't talk about that...)

Character and Pronunciation Guide

  • Adrick - local, uh, hunter (to listen to Breyind.)
  • Astra Galway - homeless girl in California
  • Aurelia - (oh-RELL-ee-uh) - sister of Adrick
  • Breyind Inari – (BRAY-ind in-ARE-ee) - cousin of Adrick
  • Donella Creggan - florist
  • Ewan Holworth - son of Marie
  • Gemina Inari - (jeh-MEE-nuh) - sister of Breyind
  • Katja McIntire - (KAT-ya) - child care provider from England and California
  • Marie Holworth - homeless woman in England
  • Rachel Upton - child care provider from England
  • Stella Tyrone - ancient healer and herbalist from Ireland
  • Queen Ellan of Velantia
  • King Liam of Velantia
  • Princess Royal Ardith - sister of Ellan
  • unnamed stallholders, stablehands, servants...

Author’s note: Terrenden operates on a 9-day week and a 45-day month.


Supplemental Materials

Please catch up!

Birth of the Neví – 829 T.C.E. It is a tumultuous period of Terrenden history. As is all too common, there are those who wish to profit from the misfortune of others. Some of these come together in a new "charitable organization" and step on the toes of the notorious Uugli. Combine this with draconian new measures to combat pollution and Terrenden has a situation ripe for a power struggle.

Rebound of Power
Meet Iyva, a homeless teenager in Irola with a strong connection with the leya. Totally untrained, her power rebounds catastrophically, leaving her close to death. A Nameless hero saves her life, but hides. Anyone would be proud to teach her, but will she choose the safe, trustworthy A’mara or the shady ones who teach her what she wants to learn? Can she trust her hero… the Nameless One?
This story actually wraps around four other stories: Friendship on Fire,Courage to Trust, Elect to Change and Ocean of Empathy. Currently, they're only available separately, but I do plan to republish the collection as a whole - I just haven't got there yet.


Don’t forget!

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Image Credits:
Brighid's Blood cover art based on:

  • Village shot from Hanover, Germany – Flickr

  • Cave and river shot - Pixabay

All three images were under the creative commons licensing, (no attribution required.)

  • Shaze picture developed from PXhere

Shaze divider based on:

All maps/editing by myself on GIMP and Photoscape, both free programs.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any names or characters, businesses or places, events or incidents, are fictitious. Although the penalty of knowing me in real life is that you will influence the creation of my characters; any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Writing and artwork copyright myself 2005-2018 – all rights reserved.
If you are interested in helping me publish these works, please contact me on Facebook or Discord, viking-ventures#2883.

Lori Svensen – A'mara Books & Viking Visual

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