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The Creation of the Sacred Trio

(A Velantian Legend)

There were eight gods in the beginning. Four gods and four goddesses.

The four goddesses were: Murana, the keeper of the Wood, Rinda, the keeper of the Soil, Fenja, the keeper of the Water and Vasana, the keeper of the Ether.

The four gods were: Majan, the guardian of Air, Tharn, the guardian of Fire, Wirn, the guardian of Metal, and Horch, the guardian of Space.

Murana, Rinda and Majan lived in relative harmony. But Wirn, Tharn and Fenja would often argue their petty disagreements forcing Vasana and Horch to play peacemakers far more often than they would like. Although Vasana resigned herself to helping the others get along, Horch, riding his dragon, Terra, preferred to have a bit more spare time. Often times, he could not be found at all, disappearing into the leya between the worlds and spending time with Brighid from the Other World.

One time, Wirn, Tharn and Fenja got into an argument about who had the most loyal followers. Although Vasana tried to make peace between them again, they wouldn’t listen to her. Before long, their argument became an outright brawl. As they fought, Fenja’s rain poured down, Tharn’s fires burned in the swamps. Wirn threw stones at the both of them, which fell on helpless civilians below.

Horch interfered, hoping to make some peace so that he could go and attend Brighid who was preparing to give birth. “Why don’t you ask your followers to show who are the most loyal?” Horch suggested, hoping that, in the end, it would be agreed that everyone had loyal followers. Unfortunately, Horch turned out to be dreadfully wrong.

Wirn, Tharn and Fenja continued to fight, but now they had minions to battle for them. The battle grew fierce as the lines of the three gods fought valiantly, but ruthlessly, laying waste to the lands of their enemies and doing their best to destroy the lines of each other.

As tends to happen in war, it was the young and the brave who suffered the most. The finest young men of two generations were slaughtered; the fine young women had no one to marry and carry on the lines.

Murana, Majan and Rinda finally got involved in order to try to put an end to the bloodshed.

“Your lines are all but extinct now!” Murana pointed out.

“And for what?” Rinda asked.

“Vanity?” Majan ridiculed.

“He’s a liar and a cheat!” Wirn accused of Tharn.

“He ridiculed my line!” Fenja complained about Wirn.

“They both deserve what they got!” Tharn justified.

Thankfully, Horch and Vasana flew in on the dragon, Terra, at that moment. Terra landed in the middle of the dispute. “Stop!” Horch demanded. “Explain the bodies that litter the land!”

Wirn, Tharn and Fenja each tried to defend their case.

“I demand an immediate end to the fighting. No one wins when all die!” Horch shouted like terrible thunder.

“You ought to be ashamed of your behavior!” Vasana agreed. “Your people, your lines – they looked up to you. They looked to you to know how to live, how to survive – and all you have shown them is how to DIE!”

“Look around you!” Horch ordered.

Wirn, Tharn and Fenja looked around them; all over Terrenden, their followers lay dead in their thousands. Tharn and Wirn were filled with remorse. Fenja’s tears caused the oceans to rise a meter around the world.

Murana, Mujan and Rinda went to the place where the carnage had been the worst – Velantia – and discussed with Horch and Vasana what could be done – both to fix what had been done and to ensure it could never happen again.

“Wirn, Tharn, Fenja,” Horch began. “You have behaved despicably – taken advantage of your lineage, your people, their loyalty. You must each fashion an offering – endowed with a portion of your power – as a blood offering to your people… a token to prove that you will not harm Terrenden again due to your stupidity.”

Vasana nodded in agreement. “It must be something of significant value. Something enduring.”

The three gods went off in their separate ways. Meanwhile, Murana, Majan and Rinda kept counsel with Vasana and Horch.

“We could let people from the Other World in from time to time,” Horch suggested. “They are just like our people here.”

“They must be the right sort of people,” Vasana said. “Ones who will benefit Terrenden, but will not be so missed on the Other World. I have seen what happens when people are left behind.”

“There must be rules,” Horch agreed. “And our most noble children can become the Guardians of these portals – to guard, guide and protect forever.”

They discussed their rules at great length as the other three gods worked on their offerings.

At last, Fenja came back with her elaborate hairnet. “This is Karsha – my personal head covering. It represents my cauldron – from where all life springs forth – where all nutrient is brewed and all healing is concocted. I give the wearer of Karsha and all her descendants access to my personal healing power. May Karsha help weave hearts together in health, strength and love.”

“This is a beautiful offering,” Vasana acknowledged. “It is magnificently woven, of the finest firefly silk. But it is missing something.” Vasana pulled out a piece of purple material and with a wave of her hand fused it to the crown of the hairnet as if the rise of a tiara.

“I also add to it,” Horch said taking something from the dragon. He placed a small, but perfect dragonstone in the middle of the purple material. At this, he placed the hairnet on the throne of Velantia.

“I can hear what you are thinking and feeling,” Fenja said. “I can heal the people who have survived.”

She waved her hand, and all who were injured (yet lived) were miraculously healed.

Wirn appeared with an ornate sceptre. It was short, fit perfectly in the hand, but had a beautiful golden orb on the top. He drew it to demonstrate how it grew to its full length. “This is Usha – my personal sword, but hidden in order to be used only in dire need. The Orb represents Terrenden. I give the wielder of Usha and all his descendants access to my fighting ability, my agility and my strength so that the King of Velantia may always keep his family safe. May Usha bring union through love and protection.”

“Stunning workmanship. We accept your offering, but there is something missing,” Vasana said producing a piece of purple material with which she lined the interior of the scabbard.

“I too, have something to add,” Horch said taking a stone from Terra, the dragon. He affixed it on the orb precisely where Velantia lay. He then drew the sword from the scabbard. To everyone’s surprise, it blazed brighter than fire. “Usha’s blaze,” Horch said as he sheathed the weapon once more. He placed the scepter on the throne of Velantia next to Karsha.

Finally, Tharn appeared with his offering, a metal brooch, forged in the shape of flames. “This is Viesha my personal badge of honor. It represents the flames of passion, but tempered to perfection. I bestow upon Viesha’s wearer and all her descendants great desire and compassion, yet wisdom and fortitude to ensure that the Queen of Velantia is always seen as a symbol of greatness!”

“This, too, is very good,” Vasana said. “But, it too, is missing something.” She pulled out another piece of purple material and affixed it beautifully on the brooch – to encourage the flames, but to keep them under control at the same time.

“I, also, have something to add,” Horch said, taking another stone from the dragon. It was the largest of the stones, and fit perfectly in the middle of the brooch. Then, he lay that on the throne of Velantia next to the other objects.

He was just about to invite the King and Queen of Velantia into the throne room, to bless their reign when someone else stood with them.

“Brighid!” Horch exclaimed. “What are you doing here?”

“I was trying to work out why you were giving these mortals such huge powers!” she said. “It seems unwise, considering what they are capable of! I do not believe they are ready for such powers.” The red-haired goddess waved her hand.

“What have you done?!” Vasana demanded.

“I have taken the powers,” Brighid said simply.

“They are not yours to possess!” Horch told her.

“Oh, I will give them back… in time… when they are ready.”

“When will that be?” Vasana asked.

“When my line joins the three of theirs,” Brighid said pointing to the three shamed gods before vanishing.

“You and your girlfriends!” Vasana said to Horch, who just smiled sheepishly. He drew the sword, but it was only metal now.

“I guess that answers the question about portals,” Murana said, resting comforting hands on Vasana and Horch’s shoulders.

“When the God lines merge, something new will emerge,” Vasana prophesied.

“Specifically, when the lines of Wirn, Tharn, and Fenja meet the line of Brighid, something new will emerge,” Horch added.


Supplemental Materials

Prologue, map, character list

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Birth of the Neví – 829 T.C.E. It is a tumultuous period of Terrenden history. As is all too common, there are those who wish to profit from the misfortune of others. Some of these come together in a new "charitable organization" and step on the toes of the notorious Uugli. Combine this with draconian new measures to combat pollution and Terrenden has a situation ripe for a power struggle.

Rebound of Power
Meet Iyva, a homeless teenager in Irola with a strong connection with the leya. Totally untrained, her power rebounds catastrophically, leaving her close to death. A Nameless hero saves her life, but hides. Anyone would be proud to teach her, but will she choose the safe, trustworthy A’mara or the shady ones who teach her what she wants to learn? Can she trust her hero… the Nameless One?
This story actually wraps around four other stories: Friendship on Fire,Courage to Trust, Elect to Change and Ocean of Empathy. Currently, they're only available separately, but I do plan to republish the collection as a whole - I just haven't got there yet.


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All maps/editing by myself on GIMP and Photoscape, both free programs.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any names or characters, businesses or places, events or incidents, are fictitious. Although the penalty of knowing me in real life is that you will influence the creation of my characters; any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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Now, you see where the days of the week in Terrenden came from... (As well as the name of Terrenden itself - though that legend has yet to be written.)