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”Chris please stayyyyy!!!”

I screamed like it was going to change his mind but all I heard was the harshness of the slammed door. He left with her…..
I am Mina, I am 35 and a part of my life just went out that door, I chased him away to be precise.

Fifteen years ago.

I was in my final year in school, we had a conference and I was invited to make a presentation, a few hours into the event, I started feeling uneasy, my period was a week late and I already booked an appointment with one of the doctors at the school clinic to find out what went wrong. The uneasiness felt like my flow and started, I knew my body so well but I hoped it wasn’t the flow.

“No, not now” I said to myself as I thought about how I was going to walk down a hall filled with people. Every friend I tried to reach out to wasn’t available to help. I felt a tap on my shoulder from behind “are you okay”? My eyes met one of the cutest being I had ever seen, in reality he isn’t all that handsome, I just have an awkward way of defining cuteness.
I was too embarrassed to answer so I passed him a note reading “I’m stained”
He begged the guy sitting beside me to swap seating positions with him, a few moments later he was seated beside me and the fragrance he wore blew me away.
“Take my suit, wrap it round your waist, the moment you stand, I’ll take care of the mess, wait for me outside”
I walked out of the hall embarrassed, I knew the number of eye balls following me out but I didn’t care.
“Do you stay in the hostel or off campus?”
“Does it hurt?”
“Would you like to take something?”
“I will be fine, just give me your number so I can call you to return the suit” I replied
He offered to drive me back to my house, I gave him the directions and then got into his car. On our way to my house, I started writhing in pain, he drove to a pharmacy, took me to home where I freshened up, ate, took medication that made the pain slowly go away then I slept off.
That was how I met Chris, the perfect gentleman.

Five Years later.

It was like a dream come true, I felt like the most blessed human breathing as I walked down the aisle to the Journey of forever with Chris. I couldn’t have been happier as I listened to his vows and watch the tears interrupt him occasionally.
Chris was the total package, he taught me how to love and showed me that true love existed. There were times I was fed up and wanted to leave but he wouldn’t let me, there were quarrels, misunderstandings, anger but chris would rather fight for the survival of our relationship.

Five years later

I had 5 miscarriages during the first 4 years of our marriage, after the first 3 miscarriages the doctor advised that we put a hold on trying to have children but I wouldn’t listen, I wanted to have a child so bad, even if it was just 1, I felt incomplete as a woman and age wasn’t on my side.
Chris stood by me and told me he didn’t mind not being a father, that he loved me too much and couldn’t bear to see me in such pain.
He loved me more each passing day and showed it every chance he had, I pressured him to get me pregnant again and it failed again.
This time around he was mad and furious and accused me of being wicked cruel and insensitive. I didn’t care about how he felt or the pain he went through watching me go through those painful episodes.
My need for a child grew more and nothing else mattered.

In another 5 years

On our 7th anniversary, Chris asked me to mention what I would love to have as a present as he made it a tradition and I told him I was giving him the permission to impregnate someone who will bear him a child.

He walked out on me without saying a word, he didn’t sleep home that night for the first time in 7 years. I was worried sick and I reached out to everyone I thought he would be with but no positive.

He came back home the following morning and said “I won’t do it and we are not talking about this”
Those were the only words he said to me, and then he freshened up and made his way out for work.

I made life unbearable for him, I wouldn’t let him touch me, I was hostile to him, I pushed him away till he finally agreed to do it. All he wanted was peace of mind and his happy home back.

Soon after, Tamara, the lady who agreed to get pregnant for my husband and hand over the baby to me after 6 months became pregnant and moved in with us.
I made sure she was well fed and had everything she craved for, I spent most of my time with her, rubbing her belly, I couldn’t wait for the child to be born.

I was happy the child was coming but I was losing chris in the process, he spent most of the night at Tamara’s room, he had to be there for her and I understood, it was painful but I could take it.

The child was born, he looked exactly like his father, I named him Priceless, he brought back my joy and I loved him with everything I had.

Chris spent more time with Tamara, I watched them smile at each other, play with priceless, I saw a bond that wasn’t part of the agreement, Tamara was supposed to stay for 6months but if I let her, she might take over my home.
I told chris that I wanted Tamara to leave, he did all he could to dissuade me but I told him that his little game with Tamara was over. I gave Tamara three days to leave and I paid her 50% extra to go far far away from my family.
The third day came and she handed priceless over to me then packed her bags to leave, just then I saw Chris with his bags too.
“where are you going?” I asked calmly with fear
“ I gave you true love, I taught you how to love, I fought for us, I stood my you, I gave you all of me but I need in return was you to be happy and contended but you showed selfishness, you chased me out of your life, you threw away my love all for that child lying over there. You have him now, your joy must be full now. I don’t want to go through the pain of watching you love him, I found peace once again with Tamara and I’m going for it”.
“ No chris
No don’t leave us
Chris please stay
Please Chris Stayyyyyyy!”


This is soo good...@Vheobong, i love it.

Thanks dearest

Part 2 no dey???

I didn't want this to end.. What was Tamara's reaction to Chris' decision? Would Chris leave his child cause of Mina's selfishness?

Thumbs up Vhe. I like the suspense, i like that i still have unanswered questions at the end of this.


Well, that was selfish of her. A man like Chris should be cherished with "all thy heart"... I haven't had a miscarriage before, but being unable to carry her on child feels like the most humiliating thing ever.

Trust, if they are Nigerians, which doesn't seem so, Mama Chris would have been on standby waiting for the "cry of her grandchild", or else get ready for WAR!!

Either way, she messed up 😡😡😡.

Secondly, please i want Chris in my life😁😁

Awwwwwwn thanks for your thoughts...
Well as for your questions, i dont have all the answers,
I guess Mina's obsession for a child gave Chris the feeling of there being another man, and again there might be a mother inlaw factor.

What an amazing story that ends with tears....what she sacrificed in making the marriage work...the last time i checked...Chris was the only one making all the sacrifice ...Love ought not to be selfish....
Thanks @vheobony for sharing.

Thanks for thoughts dear, i guess Chris didn't see it that way....

My dear @vheobong am @joagawu i no longer has access to my former account am now using this account @izurich20... Please i deeply need your support to grow.

My dear @vheobong am @joagawu i no longer has access to my former account am now using this account @izurich20... Please i deeply need your support to grow.

What happened to the other one?

I misplace the password

chris pls dont go
I love it! Nice story

This story eh....

I love this. Keep it up dear

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