Ultimate Online Wrestling Season 2 Ch-5 - Part 2: Friday Night Clash 12!

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Attention please read PT. 1 first!

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Welcome to part two of Ultimate Wrestling Friday Night Clash 12. Your regular schedule programing now continues…





The feed returned live to ringside. Once again Rose Johnson stood in the ring ready to announce the next match. A match she had a vested interest in as her good friend Jeremiah was taking on a man who had caused them much public grief in the last few weeks… LuLu Biggs. “Down Low” by R. Kelly began to play on the speaker system in the arena as Jeremiah Vastrix and his girlfriend Olivia Cooke walked out onto the main stage.

Rose Johnston: Making his way to the ring hailing from Hong Kong, weighing in at two hundred and forty five pounds, and standing at a height of six feet, four inches! He is “God’s Gift to Women around the World!” The cyborg wrestler Jeremiah Vastrix!!!

The fans let out an epic roar for cyborg as his female counterpart struck a pose in her beautiful and expensive designer dress. The couple then made their way down the steel ramp and through the aisle way all the while slapping high fives with the fans. Once they reached the ringside, Jeremiah slid into the ring, and quickly got to his feet before giving the ladies in attendance a little H.B.K like sexy dance.

Scott Slade: Well over the past few weeks Jeremiah’s personal life had been invaded by the tabloids and paparazzi thanks to LuLu Biggs. Surprisingly though, even after last week’s shenanigans, Jeremiah seems to have the full support of both Rose and Olivia.

Chris Rodgers: He may have the support of both lovely ladies, but this is the first time Olivia has ever felt the need to accompany Jeremiah to the ring. Typically she stays away from the wrestling world. Maybe she feels threatened by Ms. Johnston?

Scott Slade: Stop reading into all those printed rumors Chris. Honestly you’re worse than my mother… I’ve been assured by Jeremiah that his relationship with the actress is as strong as ever.

Chris Rodgers: Yeah! Right!!! Hahahaha!

Vatrix’s music was then cut by the sound team and “Big Poppa” by Notorious B.I.G began to play. LuLu and his manager Slick Mick walked out surrounded by five sexily dressed women with tight revealing tube tops and daisy dukes on. The fans gave the pimp and his manager a mixed reaction, but when the women began to dance and jiggle their curvy parts, the men began to whistle and cheer uncontrollably. Jeremiah, Rose, and Olivia stared at the fat man dancing down the aisle way with daggers in their eyes furious with this fat buffoons antics.

Rose Johnston: His opponent! Being accompanied by some slutty hookers and his life partner Slick Mick! Quite possibly the fattest most disgusting human being on the planet! Weighing in at an incredible 600 pounds and standing tall at six feet, six inches! Lu! Lu! Biggs!

Scott Slade: Oh boy…

Chris Rodgers: That’s not going to go over well with these guys…

Scott Slade: These aren’t the kind of guy’s you steal on and make look bad in public. It’s just a bad idea...

The ladies along with Biggs and Slick stopped dancing immediately unamused by Rose Johnston’s uncouth changes to their scripted entrance announcement. The women especially looked angry at Rose for her catty insults about their choice of profession. The massive Biggs made his way to the steel steps and marched up them with uncanny determination. He quickly got into the ring and began pounding his chest aggressively egging Jeremiah to come at him and pumping up the crowd of Ultimate Wrestling fans eager to watch the two men battle it out. Referee Bob Sigro had a quick word with both fighters and then signaled to the bell man who instantly sounded the bell starting the match.

Chris Rodgers: Alright! We’re ready to rock and both of these fighters look ready to tear each other apart!

The two wrestlers went straight at it, meeting in the center of the ring. Biggs attempted a big haymaker punch, but Jeremiah saw it coming a mile away by reading LuLu’s movements and blocked it. The cyborg then returned salvo with some short quick punches to LuLu’s face and the back of the head as the big man instinctively turned around and covered up to and avoid any more shots to his face. With Biggs on the run, Jeremiah continued his attack by pushing the six hundred pounder into the ropes and attempting to send him toward the other side of the ring. Biggs however put a stop to it with his strong heavy right foot and pivot pitched Jeremiah into the ropes instead with a sweet reversal. Jeremiah bounced off the ropes and absorbed a massive clothesline punch straight to his face that knocked him to the mat hard.

Scott Slade: Oooh! Nice move by Biggs to turn the momentum.

Chris Rodgers: Look at LuLu favoring the right hand after that punch! He must gotten some of Jeremiah’s metallic skull.

Scott Slade: I’ve heard from many of the wrestlers on the roster that they’ve sustained broken or dislocated fingers from offensive attacks while fighting Jeremiah. As more time goes by with Jeremiah in this sport, the more and more complaints were hearing from fellow wrestlers not happy about his presence on the roster.

Chris Rodgers: They feel like he has an advantage due his cybernetic procedures and those cybernetic glowing eyes in that metallic skull of his that houses a hard drive. We’ve seen in the past how it’s helped win matches. The way he can read and predict opponent’s movements and copy fighting styles make him one of the most difficult men in this sport to beat.

Jeremiah kicked up onto his feet only to receive a massive knife edge chop from LuLu that knocked him back down onto the wrestling mat with a solid thud. Both Rose and Olivia looked on concerned and cheering on Jeremiah near the edge of the ring. Biggs lifted Jeremiah up and pitched him aggressively into the corner turnbuckle with impressive force. The cyborg crashed into the turnbuckles hard and slumped into the corner with his arms barely holding onto the top ring ropes for support in order to stay upright. Biggs then bolted into the corner and crushed Jeremiah with all of his massive weight, pancaking him into the corner of the ring. The fans let out an “Ooohh” as Jeremiah collapsed onto the mat flat on his face completely deleted of oxygen.

Chris Rodgers: Sweet Jesus! I wouldn’t want to be Jeremiah right now. That looked horrific and probably felt a million times worse than it looked!

Scott Slade: That was 600 pounds slamming into him. Damn!

Biggs jogged toward Jeremiah and attempted to belly flop on him, but Vastrix rolled out of the way just in time. Both wrestler laid on the mat breathing heavily as the fans began to stomp and clap to try and get them going again. Jeremiah was the first to struggle back up onto his feet and LuLu was shortly to follow. The two met in the center of the ring and locked up. Vastrix was quick to maneuver Biggs into a headlock and then twisted him around before hitting his “Cyborg Death Drop” reverse DDT maneuver. The fans roared as Jeremiah covered the big man for a pin hooking his leg in the process.

Scott Slade: The cyborg death drop! This could be over already!

Chris Rodgers: ONE! TWO! NO! Kick out by Biggs at the last second!

Jeremiah got to his feet looking a bit frustrated with the fact that Biggs had managed to kick out. Once back on his feet, Vastrix ran to the ropes, and jumped onto the middle rope spring boarding off of it in an attempt to crush LuLu with a moonsault. Biggs however rolled out of the way at the last possible nano-second and escaped unscathed. Jeremiah landed on his ribcage hard which knocked the wind clear out of his lungs as a result.

Scott Slade: Jeremiah reaching into the database and pulling out that move from Valora’s arsenal, but it backfires big time Chris.

Chris Rodgers: He came up empty and now Biggs has a chance to get back in the fight!

LuLu back on his feet, grabbed Jeremiah, and pulled him up onto his feet before locking his head underneath his sweaty armpit. He then hooked Jeremiahs leg with his free arm before lifting him high into the air and fisherman suplexing him into the ring mat. The fans let out a roar as the big six hundred pounder slowly got back onto this feet after maneuver. LuLu then walked over and performed a Rick Rude like stripper dance in the direction of Olivia and Rose Johnston instantly firing them up into a rage.

Scott Slade: A fair bit of showboating here from Biggs here ladies and gentlemen…

Chris Rodgers: What? He’s just giving the ladies what they want to see Scott.

Scott Slade: I wasn’t aware that Rose and Olivia were chubby chasers…

Chris Rodgers: Oh yeah man. It’s a huge fetish. B.B.M… big beautiful men. Come on man, don’t tell me you’ve never heard of it?

Scott Slade: Ahhh…. That’s a hard no Chris.

Biggs then ran toward the ropes and bounced off of them, but Olivia Cook grabbed LuLu’s ankle tripping the man to the wrestling mat. The fans erupted in a chorus of boos as Jeremiah took the opportunity to get back on his feet. The cyborg moved in on Biggs as he was trying to get on his feet and took hold of him, whipping the big man toward the turnbuckle in the process accidently crushing referee Bob Sigro in the process. Sigro collapsed to the mat unconscious as Biggs stumbled out of the corner backwards into a picture perfect running drop kick from Jeremiah that took the big man off of his feet face first flat on the ring mat.

Chris Rodgers: Oh no! Sigro is down! We need another referee here stat!

Scott Slade: I wouldn’t be surprised if his ribs are broken after that… poor Bob…

LuLu’s ho’s upset at Olivia for tripping LuLu, rushed her and Rose Johnston and immediately attacked them. The intense cat fight on the outside sent the entire arena into an uproar as Slick Mick stood back smoking a smoldering blunt while the women tore into each other. Meanwhile inside the ring Jeremiah had gotten into a weird like stance and was waiting for LuLu to get up onto his feet. Once LuLu was upright, he rushed into him, and used his right hand to lock in his patented cyborg brain claw submission hold. Biggs swirled his arms all around trying to fight out of it, but Jeremiah took him to the mat as he increased the pressure.

Scott Slade: Vastrix applying that painful hold on LuLu’s ugly mug!

Chris Rodgers: Yeah, but even if he taps out theirs no referee to see it!

LuLu squirmed and screamed on the canvas until he reached into his tights and pulled out the strange looking EMP device Allen Anderson had given him last week. With no options left, Biggs flipped open the top of the cylindrical device and pressed the button. As soon as Biggs pressed the shiny red knob the live ringside footage went dark instantly. Every individual’s cell phone in the first five rows died instantaneously much to their dismay. Jeremiah’s cyborg eyes and the CPU portion of his brain were instantly fried and a burst of electrical smoke poured out of both of his eye sockets much to the horror of everyone in attendance.

Chris Rodgers: What the --{Bleeeeep}-- just happened?

Scotts Slade: Chris I’m being told our fans watching at home don’t have a signal right now. Their television screens are dark and all they can hear is our voices.

Chris Rodgers: I saw Biggs pull something out of his tights just before we lost the cameras…. I think that might have been some sort of electromagnetic device that he used. I think Jeremiah is completely blind! Look at the smoke coming from his cybernetic eyes!

Scott Slade: I think LuLu just evened the playing field on his own terms! Even if Sigro was still conscious I’m not sure if he could even disqualify Biggs for what he just did…

The live feed switched to the cameras up high in the rafters for a top down view of the ring as LuLu Biggs pushed the shell shocked Jeremiah off of him and got back onto his feet. Both fighters got to their feet at the same time, but it was clear that Jeremiah was completely blind and unable to realistically continue to fight as he swung aimlessly hoping to get lucky. LuLu laughed at Jeremiah before kicking him in the gut and dropping him to the mat with a vicious DDT. The crowd was split as LuLu’s hookers tossed Olivia into the ring.

Chris Rodgers: Wait it minute! Olivia has nothing to do with this! Leave that poor girl out of this!

LuLu grabbed the scratched up and disheveled Olivia and bent her over his knee and began to spank her like a disobedient child on the rear end. Olivia screamed and squirmed as the fans in the arena looked on stunned and began to boo as LuLu thoroughly embarrassed Jeremiahs girlfriend in front of the world.

Scott Slade: This is uncalled for! This is unacceptable behavior! Olivia should file for sexual harassment!

Sigro finally began to stir as Biggs tossed Cooke out of the ring and into the hands of his female entourage. LuLu helped Sigro up off of the ring mat and then turned his attention to Jeremiah struggling to get up onto his hands and knees. Biggs walked over and picked up the blind and beaten cyborg before lifting him up over his head into massive gorilla press and then launching him high into the air with all of his strength. Jeremiah crashed into the mat violently and then curled up into a ball holding his ribs as Biggs bounced off of the ropes and landed a frightening pancake flop onto Jeremiah covering him for the pin.

Chris Rodgers: OOOOOoooohhh! The up and smoke slam followed by a colossal six hundred pound pancake flop!

Scott Slade: One! Two! THREE! It’s over! LuLu Biggs is victorious!

Biggs jumped up ecstatic about his win as Slick Mick slid into the ring to celebrate with his best friend. “Victory” by Puff Daddy began to play over the sound system as the hookers down on the floor finally relented on Rose and Olivia and joined Slick and Biggs in the ring to celebrate. The fans unhappy with LuLu’s methods booed him heavily as Bob Sigro raised his hand in the air and declared him the winner of the match.

Chris Rodgers: What a crazy match!

Scott Slade: I have a feeling this isn’t over with Chris. If anything, the bad blood between these two just got a whole lot worse.

Chris Rodgers: Here come the EMT workers. I think Jeremiah may suffered broken ribs and maybe even a collapsed lung after that vile pancake flop.

Scott Slade: Fans once again we need to cut for commercial break one more time, but when we come back the main event everyone has been waiting for! SATO VS SALINAS!!!





The feed returned live to ringside for the final time as Rose Johnson stood in the ring ready to announce the main event match of the evening despite her earlier trauma with LuLu’s entourage. The buzz in the air was electric after the fantastic support matches that had taken place prior in the evening. The hardcore Ultimate Wrestling followers though had been looking forward to this match since the day it was announced. An Ultra Slam rematch between Takuma Sato and Valora Salinas for the Submission Specialist division championship title belt. “Bring It” by Trapt hit the sound system and the fans erupted into a chorus of boos, slurs, and insults as the Latina submission champion walked out onto the main stage.

Rose Johnston: Making her way to the ring right now! Hailing from the fallen city of Los Angeles! Weighing in at a hundred and fifty five pounds and standing at a height of five feet, nine inches tall! She is the current Submission Specialist Champion! VALORA SALINAS!!!

Valora gave the hostile conservative Kentucky fans the one fingered salute in response to their reaction to her. She then ran down the ramp, through the aisle way, and slid into the ring before getting quickly up onto her feet. Referee Bob Sigro walked up to her and exchanged a few words with Valora as she waited for Sato make his way out from behind the curtain.

Scott Slade: Well Valora, according to our records, just celebrated her 40th birthday last week, but the superstar Latina is still at the top her game making a big title defense against one the strongest members of the Ultimate Wrestling roster.

Chris Rodgers: She looked pretty poor last week against the Russians. If you ask me she’s slowing down and she’s ripe for the picking tonight! This is Sato’s best chance to finally take a victory against Valora! I think this could be a moment we look back on as a “changing of the guard” sort of moment Scott.

Scott Slade: Well it looks like were about to find out!

Suddenly Valora’s music came to a stop and “Something to Believe In” by Offspring began to play on the sound system. Sato walked out to a mixed reaction that sounded more hostile than positive, however the martial artist didn’t react much to the Kentucky fans and instead stayed focused on his rival. It was clear to everyone watching at home that the crowd didn’t like ether fighter, but there was a sense of respect for their fighting ability and what they meant to the sport.

Scott Slade: Sato has really been working on his wrestling craft the past few months with his tag team partner Abbigail Dresden. He’s been able to incorporate his martial arts and almost create a hybrid style that’s proven very effective as of late.

Chris Rodgrs: You’re right Scott. He scored a big win a few weeks ago in a one on one match with against our Franchise champion Huckleberry and really looks to be at the top of his game right now. The future is bright for this young twenty year old, and I doubt he’s even peaked as a professional fighter.

Sigro exchanged a few words with Sato as well, raised the submission title belt high into the air, and then signaled quickly to the bell man outside of the ring who instantly sounded the bell to officially start the main event. Sato looked a little battered and bruised from the protest clash he’d taken part in against the white nationalist at the confederate monument rally just 36 hours ago. However he wasn’t going to allow some bumps and bruises to keep him from fighting his biggest sporting rival.

Scott Slade: Here we go! Two of the biggest names in wrestling today! Sato versus Salinas with the gold on the line!

Chris Rodgers: This has the atmosphere of an instant classic!

The two fighters circled each other before meeting in the center of the ring where they briefly shook hands. The circling recommenced until the two fighters locked up in the center of the ring in a test of strength. Valora out powered Sato with her sheer relentlessness and quickly locked him into a headlock much to the displeasure of the crowd who booed her promising start. Sato pushed Valora off of him and sent her into the ring ropes. The Latina bounced off the ropes and Sato attempted a spinning wheel kick, but the experienced Valora baseball style slid under his kick and then popped back up in order to wrap her arms around Sato’s waist. Sato stopped Valora from being able to German suplexe him with some sharp powerful back elbows to her head. The shots forced her to break her grasp on him and Sato spun around and locked his arms around her waist with a masterful reverse.

Valora gave Sato a taste of his own medicine with a few stinging Elbows of her own and then locked her arms around Takuma’s head, locking him into a strong headlock. Sato face turned beat red as he grabbed Valora and lifted her into the air for suplexe in order to break the hold, but Salinas slipped out of it and landed on her feet. Sato was quick to go on the attack and attempted a powerful martial arts style side kick, but Valora dodged it and then took Sato down to the mat with a leg sweep. Sato kipped up almost as fast as he hit the mat and then returned salvo with a spinning heel kick that caught Valora hard on the side of her right temple and dropped her to the ring mat.

Scott Slade: Fantastic stuff from both fighters!

Chris Rodgers: These two are so lightning quick, I can barely follow the action. Half the time I’m not even sure who has control of the match!

Scott Slade: Valora slow getting up after that nasty kick to the head… Sato though giving her a chance to get up onto her feet. He may end up regretting that decision after this match. Valora is not someone you give a breather to.

Chris Rodgers: We’ve seen this before from Sato. It’s as if he’d rather be on the defensive with his opponent coming after him then him himself dictating the match the way he wants.

Scott Slade: It’s a strange style, but it seems to work for him.

The two began to circle each other again both weary of the others ability to inflict an incredible amount of damage in a short span of time. They locked up again in the center of the ring and this time it was Sato use his superior upper body strength to push the stubborn Valora all the way up against the corner turnbuckle of the ring. Sato then kicked Valora hard in the ribs with snap side kick and then kicked her two additional times in her left knee. Valora limped out the corner as Sato grabbed her by the back of her hair and then slung her face first into the top turnbuckle pad. The martial artist moved in to continue his attack, but Valora popped out of the corner and hit Sato with a discus elbow before leaping up onto the middle ropes in order to springboard off of them. Valora was able to grab Sato’s neck with her legs and then took Takuma down to the mat with a beautiful head scissors take down. The move had such momentum that the martial arts expert slide into the opposite corner of the ring before coming to a painful halt.

Chris Rodgers: What a move from Valora Salinas after Sato looked like he had her in a bad spot!

Scott Slade: Incredible stuff from both wrestlers. The fans relatively neutral tonight between the fighters however…

Chris Rodgers: Yeah! They hate these two lib-tards equally! Hah!

Scott Slade: Be that as it may, I think they know their witnessing two of the best go at it right now.

Valora bolted into the corner where Sato was still getting up onto his feet and attempted to go for a big move, but Sato was ready for it, and back body dropped her over the top rope in order to defend against it. The agile Latina however landed incredibly on her feet on the outside of the ropes. Sato turned around and swung at Valora attempting to knock her off the ring mat and onto the floor, but Valora ducked the punch, and then hit Sato with a shoulder block to his mid-section in order to knock the wind out of him. She then leapt up onto the top rope and attempted to spring board off of it, but Sato nailed Valora with another spectacular kick to the head which caused the Latina to fall onto the ring mat and onto the outside just barely hanging on from falling to the floor with her hand on the middle rope the only thing keeping her on the canvas.

Chris Rodgers: Wow! Looks like Sato was expecting her to try to go for a big aerial move their and he cut her down to size!

Scott Slade: That’s the second powerful kick Valora has taken to the head tonight… You have to start worrying about a concussions at some point…

Valora was flat on her back trying to reach up and grab one of the ring ropes when Sato came over the top rope and gripped her right forearm and pulled her up onto her feet. Valora however stopped whatever Sato had planned with a couple of wild rapid punches straight to his nose. Sato stumbled back bloodied from the attack as Valora launched herself over the top rope and grabbed hold of Sato’s head again for another leg scissors take down that sent Sato into the middle rope. Valora didn’t hesitate for a second, now that she was had Sato daze and clinging to the ropes, she sprinted into the ropes and back toward Sato and devastated him with an epic 619 swinging kick to the face. The move knocked Sato back into the middle of the ring flat on his back and ignited the crowd who let out an “Oooh” right after the impact.

Scott Slade: Woah! What a move by Valora!

Chris Rodgers: I don’t think we’ve seen that one from her before! It was kind of a weird spot for Sato to get stuck in and she took advantage of it big time!

Valora moved in ready to lock in her Aztec Clutch finishing maneuver on Sato, but the martial artist kipped up onto his feet much to her surprise and went into a defensive marital arts pose. Valora abandoned her plan and went into a similar martial arts like pose as well as the two danced gingerly around each other like two UFC fighters. A roar came over the crowd as the two fighters began exchanging violent closed fisted punches to each other’s faces that echoed throughout the arena. Sato connected with a hard right pinpointed straight at Valora’s nose breaking it instantly as he returned the favor from earlier. The blow backed Valora into the ropes and Sato took hold of her and hit a fantastic Ipponseoi Slam rocking Salinas to the mat. He then quickly locked her into an arm triangle choke hold and began applying immense pressure.

Scott Slade: Oh no! This could be all she wrote! Sato cutting off the airway with that suffocating triangle choke hold!

Chris Rodgers: That was some crazy brawling right before he took her down. Valora is wounded and bleeding from both nostrils! I think Takuma may have broken her nose with that powerful straight arm punch!

Scott Slade: All of that blood draining down the back of her throat can’t be making it any easier for her to breathe Chris! Valora has to get out of this hold or she’s doomed!

Valora gushed blood from her nostrils and her teeth were stained red as she tried desperately to get out of Sato’s choke hold. The arena was in a buzz with the potential for a huge upset take place right in front their eyes. Referee Bob Sigro move in close and asked Valora if she wanted to quit, but the Latina shook her head furiously before biting down on Sato’s arm like a vicious animal. The bite forced Takuma to break the hold and at the same time drew the fury of the referee. Sato got up holding his arm clearly in a great deal of pain as Sigro pulled Valora up off of the wrestling mat and forced her over to the corner of the ring and began screaming at her for what she’d done. The fans were livid and began to curse and boo Valora heavily.

Chris Rodgers: She freaking bit him! She bit him Scott! What the hell was that?

Scott Slade: I think her animal instincts took over as she was starting to lose consciousness. Chris I think she might get disqualified for this…

Chris Rodgers: I think she deserves it, but it looks like Sigro going to let the match continue and let the Latina off with just warning Scott.

Scott Slade: Valora is very fortunate to not have forfeited the title just now.

Valora’s face was a swollen mess as was Sato’s. The two fighters once again locked up in the middle of the ring. Valora took control of the match by maneuvering Sato into a head lock and then drove his face hard into the mat with a bulldog slam. She then locked Sato into an arm bar submission hold and began to apply pressure intensely. Sato screamed in pain as he struggled to reach for the ropes in order force the Referee to break the hold. After a good twenty seconds of struggling, Sato reached out with his free left arm extended, and grabbed hold of the bottom ring rope. Sigro instantly got in and forcefully forced Valora to break the hold much to her anger.

Scott Slade: Woah! Valora clearly angry right now. I don’t think I’ve seen her lose her cool like this before. She looks incredibly frustrated with Referee Bob Sigro!

Chris Rodgers: Well someone has to try to reign this crazy bitch in! I give props that Sigro’s willing to risk bodily harm to do it!

Scott Slade: One has to wonder if more isn’t going on in the superstar’s personal life Chris…

Sato rushed in and hit Valora with a Wushu Butterfly kick straight to her face that knocked back into the ropes. The Latina looked incredibly dazed as she came off the ropes which allowed Sato to maneuver in behind her as she stumbled toward the center of the ring giving him the chance to lock in a Dragon Sleeper submission hold. The fans roared recognizing the iconic Japanese hold as Sato wrenched back on Valora’s head and neck.

Scott Slade: My God! It’s a Dragon Sleeper! One of the most painful submission holds ever conceived!

Chris Rodgers: This has to be a new move Sato’s learned! We’ve never seen this from him! Look at Valora struggle! She’s in a world of pain!

Valora refused to give up and after a good full minute of struggle her body went limp and Referee Bob Sigro called for the bell immediately. The fans in attendance erupted in celebration ecstatic to witness Valora Salinas defeat in person. The bell keeper sounded the bell and Sato released Valora and she instantly collapsed to the ring mat unconscious.

Scott Slade: He’s done it! He’s done it! TAKUMA SATO HAS DEFEATED VALORA SALINAS!!!

Chris Rodgers: INCREDIBLE! What a match!

“Something to Believe In” by Off-Spring began to play on the sound system and Sato dropped to his knees tearing up from emotion after having finally defeated the one opponent that had always stood in his way from climbing the mountain to the top. Referee Bob Sigro handed Sato the Submission Championship title belt which he held in his hands looking down at it before lift up in the air above his head in victory.

Scott Slade: Ladies and gentlemen we’re out of time! Tune in next week for Brawl at the Wall 2!


Ashland Nebraska

24 Hours after FNC 12

A Hidden Underground Military Complex

The New Atalar Robotics Factory

President Ronald McStrump, his top advisor Steve Shannon, and his lead General James Brattis stepped out of a still running helicopter that had just landed on the helipad of a gigantic military complex. They swiftly made their way inside of the complex and after passing through security made their way to a large industrial elevator. McStrump had a serious look on his face and was clearly still angry with what had transpired during his exorcism the previous week. As the elevator made is way down deep to the bottom basement floor, it was Shannon who broke the awkward silence. Shannon was a fat sloppy looking man with distinguished grey hair and droopy face. He’d helped the President get elected by running a faux populist movement campaign aimed at the poor and working class of America.

Shannon: I’m glad to hear that they were able to remove the hideous parasite from you sir. Who would have thought that such a creature would actually exist?

Brattis: It won’t exist for long. That’s fore damn sure. It’s a threat to the American people! It tried to control the leader of the FREE WORLD! That abomination must be destroyed! The Blob simply cannot be allowed to exist in the realm of man!

McStrump nodded uneasily clearly still reliving the nightmare that was his life the recent past months since the Cult of the Blob had infected him. If it wasn’t for Jeremiah Vastrix and more importantly the Catholic Churches agent Father Nathan, he’d still be under the Blob’s control willingly doing his bidding. The elevator reached the final floor and the double doors opened revealing a massive underground operation. Edward Harrington the lead of the special top secret program approached the trio to welcome them. Harrington was an older man with a dark five o’clock shadow and beady looking eyes that were enlarged by his prescription spectacles. He had on a white a scientist lab coat and looked as if he hadn’t slept for days.

Harrington: President McSturmp it is an honor to have you here in my factory! Come! Come! I have much to show you sir! I think you’re really going to like what we’ve been doing!

McStrump: Thank you. Yes… we’re excited to see how the Centurion and the Eagle Eye programs are coming along. I believe we may have use for them much sooner than we anticipated.

Harrington stopped dead in his tracks and then turned around with a psychotically ecstatic look on his face. It was clear that he ate, slept, and shat the new direction and program Atalar Robotics had been assigned since their acquisition by the U.S. Federal Government.

Harrington: Fantastic! We are ahead of schedule thanks to all the free migrant prisoners you’ve brought us to work in the factory! Nothing like good old fashioned slave labor to really get the wheels of production moving! We’ve been waiting for the right test to come along so that we could fully assess the capabilities of the robots we’ve built. I hope whatever you have planned will be a real challenge for my creations!

Harrington waved the three men over to a steel staircase that lead up to a bridge above two massive assembly lines with Latin prisoners and robots both working on assembling newly molded robotic parts. On their left were large robots resembling the human form labelled Centurion 001 that were being worked on frantically. On the right workers were assembling drones with exotic state of the art weaponry.

Harrington: On your right gentlemen we have the smartest and most sophisticated riot control drones ever created. They can be controlled by us here at the complex or set to an auto pilot mode where the CPU takes over and allows the drone to survey a city on its own neutralizing any civil unrest it can find! I call it the Eagle Eye as you’re well aware!

McStrump: Terrific. What else can it do?

Harrington: What can’t it do Ronny! It’s got infrared, sonic pulse, 360 degree sensors, and it can fitted with all types of Lethal and Non-Lethal goodies {cough} …on your discretion of course Mr. President. We think that these things can really be a great deterrent to those pesky Red Vest protestors who seem to be hell bent on turning this great nation into some sort of socialist welfare state!

Brattis: Fantastic Harrington. Civilian police drones… but will the senate and congress vote for it? That’s the real question I’m afraid.

McStrump: I’ve been assured by Fitch McCuckle the Senate majority leader that we have the votes. The right pockets have been lined if you catch my drift Brattis. What about the Centurions? How are they coming along?

Harrington: Oooh they are my pride and joy Mr. President! They will strike fear into the populous! No one will dare question the legitimacy of your Presidency or your leadership again sir! The need for human police officers is a thing of the past! The Centurions will be your troops on the ground enforcing your laws and keeping the peace and civility of this great country.

Brattis: That sounds all well and good but what are their capabilities?

Harrington: Oh thank you for asking! Their casing is made from Graphene, the strongest and lightest material known to man currently. They run on the Hammer Z9 processor chip and are fully autonomous. They have the ability to fly short distances and are powered by our new micro arc reactors that Atlar Robotics patented a few years ago.

McStrump: How many do you have built?

Harrington: Currently? Only about thirty sir. Their quite expensive as you can imagine and we’ve working with a limited budget. I should at least hundred ready for you by the end of the year with our current budget.

McStrump: Cock and load them Harrington. We’re sending them to Washington State… Mt. Vernon to be exact…

Harrington: Washington State Mr. President? I thought it was a wasteland? Why on earth would we send my beautiful robots there?

McStrump: Because we a God to teach a lesson too…

Harrington: What?

McStrump: Brattis will fill you in on the details…

To Be Continued at Brawl at the Wall 2

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Hello! A pleasure ♡

It's quite long but very entertaining, I think one of the best stories I've read!