Ultimate Online Wrestling Season 2 Ch-5 - Part 1: Friday Night Clash 12!

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The Old Patriot Bar & Grill

8 Hours before Friday Night Clash 12

Located: A dirt road near Louisville, Kentucky

It wasn’t uncommon to find Valora Salinas at a bar before a big match with a bottle of Tequila. Typically she had a fierce scowl on her face that would make even the bravest of souls turn tail and run on first glance. This afternoon was no different other than the fact that she was waiting for Ares Metaxas the leader of the leftist extremist group known as the Rebels of Society to show up with something “extremely important” to show her. Valora had found the darkest corner in the bar and had made a sizeable dent in the bottle of Patron that was in her right hand. She took a swig of it as she watched the M.O.X breaking news “alert” that had been flashing on the channel since she’d sat down. Over the years Valora had grown desensitized to the sensationalist breaking news at M.O.X. Everything from Kim Kardashians paid surrogated delivering her fourth child, to the First Ladies daily diet plan had made the M.O.X breaking news alert.

It been a rough morning for Valora who’d been up late the night before traveling back on her private jet from the creator that was Los Angeles now. She wanted to see the destruction first hand, despite the objections from Abbigail and Samantha, who had grown more concerned lately about the Latinas mental health and for good reason. Valora had been drinking a lot, as in a lot even for Valora Salinas since the North Korea crisis unfolded. Valora finally looked up at the television screen with some actual thought and concentration for the first time since she’d sat down and was shocked.

From what she could tell in her drunken state of mind was that the whole country was a mess once again. Whatever solidarity and togetherness had come out of the tragedy that had befell the west coast was now long gone. Valora knew it wouldn’t last forever, but she had hoped things would stay copasetic for a little while longer while the country got itself back on its feet. The bartender turned up the volume on the television wanting to hear what the latest updates were, so Valora perked up in her seat to listen in. The usual blonde fem-bot type that Rupert enjoyed to employ was of course front and center to deliver the usual incredibly toxic brainwashed viewpoints that the old man wanted fed to the American public.

LaQueef: Hello America, I’m Gretchen LaQueef and these are the top news stories today. Tragedy strikes Brandenburg, Kentucky as Red Vest protestors and Antifa clash with Alt-Right Americans who were refusing to allow the removal of a Confederate monument. Police stated that they were rushed by hundreds of liberal protestors with clubs, bats, and crowbars. The violent extremist groups then swarmed the Alt-Right protestors attacking them with extreme prejudice and violence.

Valora rubbed her eye sockets furiously removing the crust from her inner eyes and then stared at the screen shocked by the footage on the television. She then took another swig of her Tequila as she watched the violent skirmish from the night before unfold. Valora was now convinced that Ares had to have been involved in the conflict and that the meeting he’d requested probably had something to do with the chaos she was now watching.

LaQueef: Eventually someone in the conflict opened fire killing multiple protestors in the process. The tragedy left over sixty individual’s dead and over three hundred injured, including over a half dozen police officers before the situation could be neutralized. President McStrump was quick to address the nation this morning after being briefed on the matter late last night.

The feed cut to a prerecorded Presidential address from this morning in front of the Whitehouse lawn with Ronald McStrump at the podium. The President seemed healthier than in the past months and his skin glowed an even more vibrant orange than usual as he spoke to the American people about the tragedy. Gretchen stopped speaking as the Audio from the address piped into the video feed just at the appropriate moment for a perfect sound bite.

President McStrump: You had group on one side and a group on the other and they came at each other with clubs and it was vicious! It was a horrible! Horrible! But we had two groups, on the left, known as the “R.O.S” and “Antifa” who came in violently attacking good people who felt strongly about a monuments removal. Now you had bad people on both sides that were there, but there were people, good people there, on both sides of the issue as well, and no one is talking about that!

Valora stuck both her fingers in her ears and began rubbing them aggressively to clear all the wax that might have caused her to miss heard the Presidents words. Valora new that he was more than likely a racist, but to put the R.O.S & Antifa on the same moral plane as the White Nationalist seemed absolutely absurd to her. The audacity that this man had to abuse his position power even now after everything she’d experienced blew her away.

President McStrump: Now the “Alternative Right” should be condemned for their beliefs, but their group had a permit and they are protected by the first amendment of this nation just like everyone else! They had a right to be there and these extreme leftist came in and brutally attacked them! Unacceptable and I am real close to having the Rebels of Society and Antifa listed as domestic terrorist groups!

Valora slammed the bottle of Tequila she had in her hand onto the 120 year old wooden bar slab shattering the bottle into a million pieces and spilling all of her precious aged distilled agave all over it. The bar tender stared at her with a frustrated look on his face before walking over. He immediately began cleaning up the Latinas mess while muttering a few slurs best left unsaid. It was clear the owner of the run down dive knew full well who was sitting in front of him and wished not to anger the dragon. His attempts were futile however as the orange authoritarian leader had already poked the bear with his statements to the press.

Valora: What the fuck is going on in this fucked up country? It’s like I’m stuck in some fucked up parallel universe where everyone and everything sucks a bag of dicks! Good people on both sides my ass!

The news report transitioned away from the President and back to Gretchen LaQueef in the studio as she moved on to the next news breaking story of the day. The grizzled old bartender brought Valora another bottle of Tequila without her even asking after he was done cleaning up the mess she’d just made. Before Valora could even fully process the last breaking news segment her attention snapped to the next topic. The verdict in the civil lawsuit case between the Ultimate Wrestling roster and crew versus Rupert Mudcock had finally been decided.

LaQueef: Now this next story affects us here at M.O.X as Media Mogul and philanthropist Rupert Mudcock, this stations owner, was found guilty of negligence for putting the lives of his roster and employees in great harm by forcing them to work and perform in North Korea. The judge hearing the civil trial also placed the blame of every death that transpired during the horrific “Death Sport” tournament on the shoulders of Mr. Mudcock. With the verdict now in, Rupert will be forced to pay over three hundred million dollars to the surviving wrestlers and the crew. The family members of the deceased would also be compensated for their loss. When interviewed after the trial Mr. Mudcock referred to Judge Betty Bedford a leftist feminist nut job not fit to wield the hammer of justice. He stated that her decision was an attack on the wealthy in America and a clear attack on his media empire.

Valora laughed out loud hysterically all the while spilling liquor all over the place as she celebrated the trials verdict and the new found money that would soon be arriving at her mail box in the form of a fat personal check from her obese disgusting boss. Apparently there was some justice left in the world and for once the wicked were being punished for their crimes.

Valora: About fucking time that fat bastard got what he deserved! Serves him right for sending us into that fucking death trap!

Bartender: Woman I don’t give two shits! Stop spilling all the damn tequila all over the place! That’s top shelf liquor you’re wasting!

Valora: Why don’t you make me pal?

The bartender shook his head in anger and then turned away from the Latina before making his way back into the small kitchen. Valora turned her attention back to the program to see that Gretchen LaQueef had moved on to the next story. The headline at the bottom of the screen read “Displaced hungry western Americans being blocked by U.S. border patrol from crossing into Mexico” much to the Latinas disbelief. It looked as if the wall that had been erected to keep out migrant workers, was now being used to keep American citizens from leaving the country in order to find food and refuge. Probably because the McStrump administration couldn’t bare the world wide embarrassment of people in need seeking help from the Mexican government, a country McStrump had heavily criticized during his campaign and even more after attaining the office of President.

LaQueef: In other headlines today, thousands of displaced homeless Americans from the west coast have marched as far south as El Paso, Texas spanning all the way east to Brownsville, Texas, demanding they be allowed to cross over to Mexico for the food and proper shelter they claim they are unable to find now in the United States of America. Many of the FEMA pop up soup kitchens and shelters now find themselves bankrupt of funds after months of being overwhelmed by people in need following the North Korean missile attack. Pressure has been placed on the Republican majority in the House and Senate to pass a bill to fund FEMA indefinitely until the crisis is over, however budget hawk and Senate Majority leader Fitch McCuckle, also known as the “Nasty Tortoise”, refused to spend another dime on aid without cuts to Social Security and Medicare even after increasing the military budget and passing tax cuts for the wealthy earlier in the year.

Valora couldn’t help but see the Irony in the situation, but she knew that all of those poor people had suffered so much that there was really nothing funny about the situation. Suddenly the sound of the bells on the entrance door jingling as it was opened and closed jarred Valora’s attention away from the television mounted on the wall. Ares Metaxas had finally arrived at the shithole bar he’d picked out for their meeting. The Rebels leader looked disheveled as always and was carrying a small laptop under his right arm. Ares walked over to Valora, set the laptop down on the table, and opened it up in front of her.

Valora: If this is about your crazy fight last night with those racist asshole’s...

Ares cut Valora off right away much to the Latinas frustration.

Ares: What I’m about to show you is going to piss you off... I need you to promise me that you’ll stay calm and not absolutely lose your shit. Do you understand?

Valora: What?

Ares: I need you stay calm! Do you understand me?

Valora: Fine. Whatever. Show me…

Ares clicked on a file saved to the desktop and a video started to play on the laptop. Caged Hispanic migrants who’d been caught crossing the border or captured by I.C.E agents within the country filled the screen. Traumatic scenes of women be told drink water out of toilets and prisoners being fed scraps not fit for a dog were displayed in front of Valora who was clearly growing more irate with every second of footage. She was doing her best to keep cool until she observed federal I.C.E agents dragging the men away from their wives and children and then children being separated from their mothers. The Latina unable to hold back her emotions any longer threw her bottle of Tequila at the wall shattering it.

Ares: We’re not sure where they’re taking the men. They load them up on trucks and they never bring them back…

Valora: Que Mierda? This shit looks worse than the concentration camps they kept the Japanese in during World War 2! Why won’t they just send them back south? Why the fuck are they keeping them caged like fucking animals?

Ares: I don’t think things we’re this bad at first when McStrump started enforcing his zero tolerance intuitive on illegal immigrants. They couldn’t have predicted what happened on the west coast or the global financial chaos resulted from it. It was the black swan event no one saw coming. They cut the funding for taking care of these people in order to keep the FEMA camps propped up the last few months for the displaced U.S. Citizens.

Valora: This is fucking inhumane! Those poor kids! Their being fucking traumatized! Their going need psychotherapy for the rest of their lives because of this shit!

Ares: I have it on good authority from the few good people left at I.C.E that many of their racist co-workers are actually enjoying doing this to these people. One of my nerds hacked into their Facebook private group page which he’s about to leak it to the media. You wouldn’t believe the garbage these cock suckers are saying to one another about these poor people.

Valora slammed the laptop lid shut and stood up grabbing Ares by his red leather jackets lapel. Ares was caught off-guard by Valora actions. He expected the Latina to get mad, but he didn’t expect her to get up in his face like the whole situation was his fault. The stench of alcohol and fried food from her mouth caused the Rebel leader to wince as Valora screamed at him.

Valora: What do you plan to do about this huh? I want to know, because I want in!

Ares: I… I don’t know what to do about it! We want to get them out, but we…

Valora: Yeah that’s what I thought! Useless!

Valora released Ares and then continued to yell at him while pointing her index finger straight in his face. Ares could see the fire and rage in Valora’s eyes as she ripped him a new asshole in the empty run down bar. It was clear that the footage had struck a painful nerve for Valora and that the recent trauma she’d endured in North Korea had put her in a weird place mentally. This wasn’t Valora at her best, and the years of wrestling, boozing, and black contracts had taken a severe toll on her.

Valora: You “Rebels of Society” don’t know what the fuck you’re doing! Defacing McStrump buildings like a bunch of amateurs and then starting an insane public street fight with those damn Nazi’s! It’s all anarchy with no strategy! You’re like angry petulant children just trying to get under the skin of the President and his supporters.

Ares: Then help us! Join us! We need your help! You’re a hero and I know for fact that your background makes you a better leader than I ever could be! I want to get these people out! I want to free them! I just don’t know how to do it!

Valora crossed her arms and quieted down in order to allow herself to think more clearly. Ares had a seat at the discolored wooden barstool next to the one Valora had been sitting at. He pulled out a pack of cigarettes and then lit one up before taking a long drag to calm his nerves. As he exhaled some tobacco smoke into the atmosphere Valora’s facial expression changed as if she’d come up with an idea that might just work.

Ares: Oooh... I like that look. What are yah thinking?

Valora: If we can get them to Mexico, the U.S. government won’t be able to touch them. They won’t risk an international incident. The problem is breaking them out and then finding a way across the border which is not an easy task thanks to that fucking wall.

Ares: I’d say fly them over, but I’m not a billionaire with multiple private jets we can use…

Valora: No flying isn’t an option. There’s way too many people locked up for that… However Takuma, Abbigail, and I just came into a large sum of money thanks to the court ruling against our boss Rupert Mudcock. We probably won’t be able to get everyone across the border, but we can at least try to get the women and children across.

Ares: Well that gives us some funds, but how do we use them?

Valora: If we can punch a big enough hole in McStrumps wall we could drive them across the border. They won’t be expecting anyone to attack the wall from inside the United States and most of the border patrol guards are only trained to handle migrants trying to cross illegally. We’re going to need some fire power and some really large souped-up vehicles though. I’m talking big powerful turbo charged engines, heavy duty rock climbing sport suspensions and armor plating. They’re going to need to be big too, like as big as a bus and were going to need like a whole fleet of them…

Ares: I got all the fire power you need girl! “Demolition” is my forte. Unfortunately automotive is not. I don’t even know where to begin to look for someone who could pull something like that off…

Valora: Don’t worry… I know a guy.

Ares: Well it sounds like we got a plan formulating here. You sure you ready for this? We’re ether going to end up in jail, dead, or best case scenario “Enemy of the State” number 1.

Valora: …it’s worth it…

Ares went behind the bar and put two shot glass down on the wood slab in front of Valora. He then poured two shots of bourbon before holding his glass up in a salute. Valora let out a loud sigh and then raised her glass in the air.

Valora: I usually don’t drink this brown shit.

Ares: Hah! You just said brown shit hahaha.

Valora: en qué me he metido…

Ares: Here’s to setting the world right and to true freedom!

Valora and Ares touched glasses and downed their shots of Bourbon. Valora had unofficially joined the Rebels of Society and she knew full well her life would most likely never be the same again. The world was pushing her closer to the brink of chaos. She had hoped that she could leave that world behind and concentrate on the final years of her athletic career as a professional wrestler. She had hoped to retire soon and live on her private island away from society and spend the last portion of her life in peace and solitude with the occasional visit from a friend. Unfortunately for Valora, she’d been born in wrong place and time to live out that desired fate. Secluding herself on her island now and letting the world go to shit around her wasn’t something she could live with, and she knew sooner or later that shit would spread to her island as well ruining everything she’d worked so hard for.

No, she knew she had to do what was right…


The feed from inside Rupp Arena went live as “Stranglehold” by Ted Nugent began to play over the audio system speakers. The fans jumped to their feet holding up their homemade signs and let out a roar as the familiar electric guitar riff played loudly. Impressive indoor pyrotechnics fired off from the stage in cascading order all the way down the ramp causing the fans to once again roar with excitement as the blasts reverberated around the massive sold out arena. The cameras than transitioned over to Chris Rodgers and Scott Slade standing next Kronin Reinhardt in a wheel chair. All three men were dressed sharply in suits and were holding microphones in their hands ready to welcome the viewers watching at home.

Chris Rodgers: Hello Ultimate Wrestling Nation! We are here live in Louisville Kentucky for Friday Night Clash 12 in front of a sold out crowd of 25’000 absolutely jacked fans! Just listen to this crowd Scotty!

Scott Slade: This place is rocking Chris, and why wouldn’t they be excited? We are one week away from Brawl at the Wall 2!

Chris Rodgers: That’s right! We’re celebrate the second anniversary of President McStrumps beautiful border wall with what looks to be one of the most impressive wrestling cards Ultimate Wrestling has ever put together!

Scott Slade: I’m not sure if everyone is celebrating it Chris, but let’s move on because tonight we have multiple title belts on the line, a fantastic opening match between to heated rivals, and a former Ultimate Wrestling roster member and our good friend Kronin Reinhardt joining us to call all the action and lend his incredible wrestling insight!

Kronin: It’s great to be here and out of the hospital. Scott, Chris, thank you for allowing me to be part of your team.

Chris Rodgers: Hey, no need to thank us Reinhardt! If it wasn’t for you Scott and I might not be here today. You were a big part of the reason why we made it out of North Korea alive!

Kronin: I was just doing what needed to be done so we could see another day.

Chris Rodgers: Yeah, but you could have left us behind and made things a lot easier on yourselves. I know I would have!

Scott Slade: Jesus Chris! What the hell is a matter with you?

Chris Rodgers: What? I’m just being honest…

Kronin: Anyway… I’d like to thank Mr. Mudcock for giving me this job while I’m out of action with this spinal injury. I’ll be undergoing a radical experimental surgery after Brawl at the Wall which will hopefully get me back on my feet.

Chris Rodgers: Fantastic. We both hope and I know all of your fans are hoping to see you back in the ring again.

Scott Slade: Fans I’m being told that Rose Johnston is in the ring and that we are being given the green light to start the show!

The cameras cut to inside the ring where Rose Johnston was standing with her bedazzled microphone in her right hand ready to announce the first match of the evening. She was dressed in a floral print dress with a D&G belt across her waist to pull it in. The Ultimate Wrestling diva had recently had her hair curled and was sporting some new diamond earrings along with her million dollar smile.




The Babeh.jpg

Rose Johnston: The following matchup is set for one fall! Introducing first, he is the Ultimate Wrestling Franchise Champion! Hailing from the Appalachian Mountains! Known the south over as the “Gator Master”! The Souths last living hope! THE ONE AND ONLY HUCKLEBERRY!!!

Hillbilly Deluxe by Brooks and Dunn began to play over the speaker system and the Kentucky fans let out a massive roar for the Franchise Champion. Huckleberry walked out onto the stage with a big jug of moonshine all the while jig dancing barefoot all over it. The little hillbilly then stopped in the center of the stage and began guzzling the liquor before he reached his consumption limit and then poured the rest of it all over his face and hair like an absolute party animal sticking his tongue like a deranged lunatic.

Kronin: Well… you don’t see that every day. It would seem Huckleberry is in good spirits tonight.

Scott Slade: He took a beating at the hands of Sato and Ares not too long ago, but he hasn’t let that weight him down at all. I’m sure in the back of his mind somewhere though he has to be plotting revenge against them.

Chris Rodgers: The man is a drunken fool, but he’s a red blooded American! That makes him winner in my book!

Kronin: Winners have discipline Chris. Winners train hard. Winners do not guzzle moonshine two minutes before a professional wrestling match! How this little man ever beat me one on one still baffles me to this day. He’s a good person though and I wish him the best of luck. I wouldn’t be here right now if it wasn’t for him sharing that antidote with me.

Chris Rodgers: Not everyone needs to train hard to be a winner Kraut. Some people are BORN winners! America has more born winners than anyone! We taught that to your silly Opa’s back in the big one!

Kronin shook his head in frustration, but kept his cool with his new staunch conservative co-worker who he felt had clearly been brainwashed as child to believe in American exceptionalism. Meanwhile Huckleberry had made his way into the ring and was going absolutely nuts as the crowd chanted his name repeatedly.

Scott Slade: Just listen to this crowd! I don’t think we’ve been anywhere in this country where Huckleberry has had more fans, except possibly Georgia. They just love this little crazy bastard!

Huckleberry’s entrance music came to an abrupt end and after a few moments of silence the melody of Rock-A-Bye-Baby began to play over the sound system much to the confusion of Huckleberry and his fans. As the music continued to play, two strange figures suddenly emerged from behind the stage curtain. A large curvy woman in a revealing nanny outfit with enormous breasts came into view. She was caressing and comforting a very tall muscular fit humanoid looking being with a giant baby head. The crowd remained mostly quiet not knowing quite what to make of what they were watching as the two made their way toward the ring.

Rose Johnston: His opponent! Making his debut and hailing from Area 53 in Lincoln County Nevada! Being accompanied by his manager the Nanny! Standing tall at six feet, eight inches and weighing in at two hundred and forty three pounds! THE BABEH!

Chris Rodgers: What in the hell…

Scott Slade: Um… I’m at a loss for words… what are we looking at right now?

The Babeh was hunched over in an awkward way sucking his thumb with his head resting on the Nanny’s highly exposed ample cleavage. Some of the fans in the aisle way began to boo them which started to make the Babeh cry and garnered the wrath of the Nanny who instinctively began scolding the vermin shouting slurs at them in a British like accent.

Chris Rodgers: I swear to God this place has gotten weirder and weirder every day since Allen Anderson became Vice President of Operations! This guy doesn’t even look mentally fit enough to take your order at Fat Burger much less fight in a wrestling federation!

Scott Slade: I… uh… I have to agree. We’ve seen a lot of strange lately, but this takes the cake.

The Nanny and the Babeh reached the steel steps and then she forced the strange looking man baby to detach from her buxom bosoms before she commanded that he get in the ring. The Babeh did as the Nanny commanded and waddled up the steel steps in his bulgy khaki pants that he clearly had a diaper on under. Huckleberry stared at his bizarre and massive opponent as he entered the ring. As soon as the Babeh was through the ring ropes he put his hands up like a toddler and rushed in to attack the much smaller Huckleberry. Referee Bob Sigro gave the signal to the bell man and the bell sounded signifying the start of the peculiar match.

Kronin: Strange or not, this “Babeh” is a massive opponent for Huckleberry. He needs to be extremely careful!

Scott Slade: Here we go!

The Huckster trapped in the corner of the ring with nowhere to go ducked down and slid in between the Babeh’s legs. The Babeh strangely bent over and peered through his legs to see where Huckleberry went and his strange reaction to the agile move allowed the Huckster to get up and kick the Babeh straight in the butt causing the clumsy big fellow to fall over. The fans laughed uncontrollably as Huckleberry’s behavior triggered the Nanny to begin screaming profanity at him. The Babeh pulled himself up by the ring ropes and let out a terrifying high pitched scream, clearly frustrated with his hillbilly opponent.

Chris Rodgers: Looks like the Babeh is throwing a tantrum! He’s coming right for Huckleberry again!

This time Huckleberry is unable to avoid his opponent who kicked the Huckster straight in the gut. The powerful kick caused the nasty hillbilly to belch loudly straight in the face of the Babeh who instantly went into a fit waving his hands in front of his face gasping for clean air. The Huckster then returned the favor with a kick of his own to the Babeh’s muscular abdominal midsection and then leapt over his backside with a sunset flip wrapping the Babeh up in the process. Referee Bob Sigro quickly dove to the mat for the count.

Scott Slade: The Huckster with the cover! One! Two! No! The Babeh kicks out!

Chris Rodgers: I’m surprised that mutant man baby was able to recover from that disgusting belch from the pit of despair that is Huckleberry’s stomach. Who knows what that crazy bastard had for lunch today!

Kronin: I’d rather not think about it Chris.

The Huckster was quick on his feet after the kick out and straight on the attack as he began to stomp on the Babeh much to the dismay of the Nanny who had now climbed up onto the ring apron to continue her verbal onslaught directed at the little Appalachian. Huckleberry continued to ignore the voluptuous Nanny as he somehow mustered the strength to pick up the extremely tall 245 pound Babeh onto his shoulders for his patented “Hog Wild” maneuver. He began spinning his weird mutant opponent around in a circle and due to motion sickness Babeh suddenly vomited all over the ring mat. The Huckster came to a stop and nailed him with an Alabama slam in the center of the ring igniting the massive crowd.

Kronin: Wow! Impressive strength from the little Franchise Champion! He really has a deceivingly uncanny amount of strength. I can personally attest to that, he looks much weaker than he really is. I really don’t know where it comes from.

Chris Rodgers: A healthy diet of spinach?

Kronin: Perhaps chris…

Huckleberry looked as if he was going to cover his opponent when the Nanny entered the ring and shoved the Hillbilly all the way into the ropes before slapping him across the face. The fans let out an “Oooh” until Huckleberry grabbed her and forcefully locked lips with her making out with the strange curvy manager attempting to protect her wrestler. The horrified woman, pushed Huckleberry off of her and attempted to Irish whip the hillbilly into the top left turnbuckle. The attempt however failed as the Huckster reversed it and sent the curvy woman into corner hard which caused her to whack the back of her head on the ring post. The blow knocked her into a daze as she struggled to stay on her feet and not fall to the mat.

Scott Slade: What earth is this woman doing? I’m surprised Sigro hasn’t called the match!

Chris Rodgers: The Huckster still looks well in control here Scotty, I don’t think he wants to take a legit win away from him due to some crazy woman.

With the Babeh still struggling to get to his feet, Huckleberry made his way to the corner and stuck his face in-between the Nanny’s massive breast cleavage much to the shock of everyone in attendance. He then began motor-boating his face into her large rack causing the attire arena to roar into a frenzy of laughter.

Scott Slade: Oh man… that is not going to go over well with the #metoo movement…

Chris Rodgers: Hah! Ad ah boy Huckleberry!

The Babeh got up just in time to watch Huckleberry finishing up with the Nanny and went straight into a fiery rage as he charged into the corner to put a hurting on the Huckster. Huckleberry though far too ring wise and experienced took advantage of the Babeh’s momentum and sent him into the corner causing him to pancake the Nannny. Both individuals collapsed to the mat much to the amusement of the crowd as the Huckleberry began showboating and raising his hand to his ear in order to get the Kentucky fans to start chanting “Huckster” out loud.

Kronin: Huckleberry is in complete control of this match. He’s just toying with these two simpletons and making a mockery out of them.

Scott Slade: I have to agree Huckleberry is on a roll. I don’t think the Babeh has landed on offensive blow in this match yet!

Chris Rodgers: Considering how drunk he is right now, I’d say that’s pretty impressive.

The Huckster dropped a quick leg drop over the throat area of the Babeh and then jumped up onto the ring mat and pointed to the rafters while getting extremely animated in grand hillbilly fashion. The fans began to cheer as the little hillbilly moved to outside of the ring ropes and climbed up the turnbuckle. Once carefully balancing himself on the top rope he reached into his spandex wrestling tights and pulled out a flask of moonshine which he then saluted the crowd with and guzzled down before tossing it into the Huckster faithful going absolutely wild in their seats.

Scott Slade:The Huckster to the top rope! Leaping off like a predatory mountain lion! oooOoh!! Massive flying head-butt! A direct impact on the bald head of the Babeh’s!

Kronin: There is the cover! Sigro with the count! ONE! TWO! THREE! It’s over! Huckleberry has his way with the Nanny and takes down the Babeh like a true Franchise Champion!

Chris Rodgers: After rough week against the Russians, Huckleberry needed this to get back on track before his big title defense against Valora. His confidence will be riding high that is for sure!

Bob Sigro helped Huckleberry up off his opponent and raised his hand high in the air as “Hillbilly Deluxe” by Brooks and Dunn started to play over the sound system. The fans continued to chant Huckleberry’s name as the bell sounded signifying the end of the match. The Huckster slid out of the ring and grabbed his Franchise Championship belt back from the time keeper before heading back toward the backstage area. Eventually the Nanny got back on her feet and helped the Babeh up and the strange duo made their way up the ramp while being pelted with bags of popcorn and refreshments by the southern fans.

Chris Rodgers: What a match…

Kronin: One of the strangest I’ve ever seen. Not sure if this is the last will see of the Babeh and the Nanny, but I’m sure they’ll be looking for revenge after the embarrassing butt whooping they took just now at the hands of Huckleberry.

Scott Slade: Fan’s we have to take a quick commercial break! Don’t change that channel! We’ve got more high powered action here on M.O.X ahead tonight!

The live feed faded away as the electric guitar riff from Stranglehold played the announcer team out.


Inside the temporary office of Rupert Mudcock stood the three lawyers who had defended the President and owner of the M.O.X Media Empire and Ultimate Wrestling. All three lawyers seemed extremely uncomfortable as the rotund elder business man stood across from them behind his desk screaming at them at the top of his lungs. The malevolent and trim Allen Anderson stood at his new bosses side with his arms crossed and a sadistic scowl on his face as he mulled over ways of making them disappear permanently if Rupert so wished it.

Rupert: You fucking idiots! You told me that if I subjected myself to giving millions of dollars away to support the victims of the North Korea attack and kissed that repulsive lesbian Latina Valora Salinas’s ass that I’d be acquitted! That the Judge would sympathize with my case and see my innocents in the whole matter. Now I’m millions of dollars in the hole and being forced to pay an additional 300 million dollars to these ungrateful employees and wrestlers of mine!

Lawyer # 1: Sir we advised you to the best of our ability! It’s not like this was a normal black and white case! This has never happened before in the history of the world! You have to understand that we didn’t have a playbook for this sort of thing!

Allen: You see Rupert! These three stooges couldn’t argue their way out of a paper bag! You should have listened to me and used my lawyer friends that I know from my day’s working with War Hammer! You would have gotten off Scot-free!

Rupert: Quiet Allen! These three graduated top of their class from Harvard law! They came highly recommended!

Allen: That’s what you get for hiring lawyers who went to a liberal think tank school! I’m not trying to rub it in Rupert. I’m just saying you’d think an elite education like that would breed some winners.

Rupert: Do you three even fathom how much this has set me and the M.O.X network back? It’s going to take months to recoup this lost income! MONTHS!

Lawyer # 2: I’m sure a man with the kind of wealth at your disposal will be fine. It’s not like the M.O.X network is going to go bankrupt. I think you’re over reacting over all of this. People died because of a decision you made sir. Why not step up and accept your responsibility in the whole matter?

Rupert Mudcock was flabbergasted by his millennial lawyer’s flippant attitude concerning his huge loss and his comfort level to discuss his personal finances. His chubby droopy face began to turn red and his jowls shook as if he was having a stroke as the elder billionaire baby boomer attempted to restrain himself from lunging over his desk in order to strangle his second lawyer.


Lawyer # 3: Sir we still need to be paid for our services. This wasn’t a pro-bono case. You owe the agreed 5 million dollar amount in full by the end of the week.

Rupert unable to contain himself any longer lunged toward the three young Harvard men before him, but was restrained quickly by Allen Anderson. Allen almost seemed to enjoy watching his overweight old boss nearly have a stroke. He liked Rupert, he respected what he’d done in the world, but compared to Michael Vastrix he was like lost petulant child wondering in the dark woods.

Allen: Don’t worry Rupert… I know people in high places that can make this problem disappear for a price far lower than what their asking to be paid. Even dark web black market assassins are more affordable than these punks!

Lawyer # 1: Is that a threat!? You better keep that dog on a tight leash Mudcock unless you want another lawsuit and a possible jail sentence next time round! You’re lucky you’re getting the white collar treatment! Anyone else in your position would be going jail for manslaughter!


The lawyers filed out of Rupert’s office one by one and made their way into the hall way as Allen tried to calm the distressed Rupert Mudcock down. Allen couldn’t help but wonder why the old man kept using the word Blob instead God whenever under duress. The sharp baldhead mastermind decided that the time to question Rupert about it was not right, and decided discretion on the matter was the way to go. Rupert wiped the sweat from his brow with a handkerchief and sat back down in his leather chair.

Allen: I take it this changes our plans going forward?

Rupert: The plan Allen, as always, is take make the most amount of money possible…

Allen: Well Brawl at the Wall 2 has been sold out for week’s sir. The main event between Valora and Huckleberry is drawing a great deal of interest all over North America. No matter what the outcome I have a plan to maximize Ultimate Wrestling profits. However if you wanted to tilt the scales in ether fighter’s advantage, I could easily take care of the matter…

Rupert: No… allow the match to play out without interference. Personally I may have a great deal of disdain for Ms. Salinas, but without her I wouldn’t be able to draw in the crowds we attract with her on the wrestling card. Let’s see what Huckleberry is made of… a clean win against Salinas would make him the superstar in the eyes of the American public and legitimize him as our Franchise champion. If he fails to retain the title will head back north and maximize our income with Valora as our champion…

Allen: Are you sure sir? She’s been a thorn in your side since you started Ultimate Wrestling. She’s a liberal icon as well and don’t forget that time she assaulted you on live nation television…

It was clear that Allen didn’t want Valora around anymore. Perhaps her threat of end his life weeks ago had finally gotten to him. For weeks he’d been urging Rupert to fire Valora, and be rid of her once and for all. However Rupert had refused every time, his love of money far exceeding his hatred for Ms. Salinas.

Rupert: I haven’t forgotten Allen… she’ll get what she deserves eventually… for now she’s a useful asset. The day will come when I will finally have my revenge, but for now I’m willing to play the long game.

Allen: I have much to learn from you sir…







The feed returned from commercial break with the sexy Rose Johnston standing in the ring in front of the cameras ready to announce the second match of the evening. Precipitously “Evolution” by Korn started to play on the sound system as the massive seven foot tall monster known as Evolution and his spirited tag team partner Rayven walked out onto the stage with their tag team championship belts draped over their shoulders. The Kentucky fans gave them a mixed reaction as they made their way down the ramp and into the aisle way. It was clear from both individuals that they couldn’t care less about the fans as they made no effort to slap high fives with them.

Rose Johnston: The following match is set for one fall and is for the Ultimate Wrestling Tag Team Championship! Making their way down the aisle weighing in at a combined weight of four hundred at thirty eight pounds! EVOLUTION AND RAYVEN!!!

Scott Slade: Well here come the tag team champions. Kronin, I know it must be hard for you to sit here and watch the man who injured your spine compete in the ring right in front of you.

Kronin: For sure, it’s not easy Scott. This Evolution is a fierce competitor and his size alone makes him a challenge for any man or woman on the roster. What makes things worse, is that he almost has a sixth sense for finding the weak points on his opponents. I’d injured my back years ago playing professional soccer in Europe and he was able to exploit that somehow…

Chris Rodgers: He’s got that killer instinct that is for sure. Both of these two new comers to the roster have made an impact since arriving in Ultimate Wrestling. Neither of them have been defeated yet and here they stand with gold strapped around their waists.

Scott Slade: No doubt about it Chris. People are still squawking on squawker in disbelief that they were able to beat Sato and Dresden last week. They’ve been impressive, but tonight they take on their biggest challenge yet in the Russians who last week scored a decisive victory against Valora and Huckleberry.

As the odd-couple tag team made their way to ring side, Rayven slid into the ring ahead of her partner and walked in a sexy fashion over to the ropes on the other side of the ring before leaning up against them. The serpent masked warrior however avoided the ring and immediately turned his attention to Kronin at the commentator desk on the other side of the ring. He immediately began making his way toward the announcer team much to their dismay. The fans picked up on Evolutions intentions and began to stir, scream, and shout as the reptilian faced giant of a man came toward them.

Scott Slade: Oh man…

Chris Rodgers: This Evolution character is coming right toward us. I’m… I’m not sure what he wants but…

Kronin: Get out of the way! He’s coming for me!

Evolution picked up speed and then lunged forward over the commentator table for Kronin. The German tried to roll his wheelchair back, but it rammed up against the steel guard railing. The German found himself trapped and defenseless as Evolution stalked toward him. Rayven watched as Evolution snatched Kronin by the throat and pulled him up out of his wheel chair before tossing him onto the cold concrete floor ruthlessly.

Chris Rodgers: What is the meaning of this God damn it! The man is crippled for God sakes! Who does something like this?!

Scott Slade: We need a medical team stat! Like yesterday damn it!

Rayven laughed sadistically as she watched Kronin struggle on the floor to crawl away using the power of his strong arms. His effort was in vain though, as Evolution gripped the back of his head by his long black hair and pulled him violently up off the floor. The crowd booed Evolution intensely and began to chant “You’re an asshole” as the big man lifted Kronin up with both his arms and delivered a nasty backbreaker on Kronin’s injured spine.

Scott Slade: Good God! This man should be institutionalized! He’s unhinged! Attacking a defenseless man in a wheelchair!

Chris Rodges: He’s going after the spine again. This man is sick! He’s sick damn it!

Evolution stood tall over the now screaming Kronin who was agonizingly holding his back with tears in his eyes. The green monster then lost interest in the injured German and climbed up onto the ring as if what he’d done was normal. Paramedics rushed out to Reinhardt and began to treat him as the fans continued to curse at evolution and Rayven. Suddenly the crowd was silenced by the Russian national anthem blaring over sound system inside the arena. The cameras then cut from the medical team treating Kronin to the main stage as Boris and Dasha walked out onto the stage to an onslaught of boos. As they made their way down the metal ramp toward the ring the Kentucky fans began to chant “Russia Sucks” louder and louder the closer they got.

Rose Johnston: The challengers! From Moscow Russia! Weighing in at a combined five hundred and thirty pounds! Dasha Ivanova and Boris Drago! The Russian Dynamos!!!

Scott Slade: Man just listen to this crowd. I don’t think we’ve seen a match with four wrestlers hated more than these four in the entire history of Ultimate Wrestling.

Chris Rodgers: I’d have to agree Scott. Perhaps those Russians can teach this green idiot a lesson. Our new co-host Kronin Reinhardt is being loaded up onto a stretcher as I speak. Our thoughts and prayers to his sister and any family that might be watching.

Scott Slade: I’d have to imagine that Evolution will be fined for his actions here tonight by Mr. Mudcock and Mr. Anderson. Hell he could even be fired for what he’s done here tonight…

Chris Rodgers: If I was the Reinhardt family I’d be pressing charges.

Dasha and Boris climbed up the steel steps and entered the wrestling ring all business ready to go to work. However before they could even begin to strategize for their opponents, Evolution and Rayven moved in and began attacking both fighters. Referee Bob Sigro was completely caught off-guard as the fans roared watching all four athletes slug it out like maniacs, with the massive Evolution and Boris Drago absolutely crushing each other with colossal blows. The bell sounded signifying the start of the match as Sigro tried desperately to reign in control of the match.

Scott Slade: We’ve got absolute slug fest here!

Chris Rodgers: They got a jump on the Russians before the bell Scotty!

The stronger Ivanova attempted to whip Rayven into the ring ropes, but the agile young American turned the tables on the older Russian and reversed it sending her into the ring ropes instead. Rayven nonetheless wasn’t prepared for Ivanova’s deceivingly quick reflexes. Dasha came off the ropes fiercely and leapt onto her shoulders and nearly tore Rayven’s head off her body. Using her powerful legs she performed a stunning spinning hurricanrana. Rayven spilled out of the ring and onto the floor having been flung out by the maneuver. She quickly got up, shook off the cob webs, and made her way back over to her assigned corner as Dasha cursed at her wickedly trying to intimidate her. Meanwhile the two juggernauts in the ring were still duking it out with immense rights and lefts until Evolution gained the advantage as he connected with some epic right hand shots to Boris’s face. The blows blasted the gigantic Boris and forced him to stumble back into the turnbuckle.

Scott Slade: So much action I can’t even follow it all! Dasha looks sprite tonight! Did you see her surprise Rayven with that move!

Chris Rodgers: I did, but I can’t take my eyes off these two titans in the ring beating on one another!

Evolution moved into the corner of the ring and grabbed Boris before pitching him across the ring. He then sprinted after the Russian like a locomotive. Boris hit the opposite corner turnbuckle hard with his backside and then absorbed massive running clothesline splash from the reptilian one. The fans let out an “Oooh” as Evolution backed up and then delivered a massive elbow strike straight to the side Boris’s head while at the same time leaning in with all his bodyweight with a hip check like motion.

Scott Slade: Evolution in control now. One has to wonder what horrific thing he might do next…

Chris Rodgers: Something about this man, when you look at him, he ignites a primal fear inside of you.

The reptilian monster grabbed hold of the Russian and pitched him back across the ring into the corner turnbuckle they started in and attempted to once again slam into Boris with all of his body weight. The attack however backfired as the Russian got his long leg up and big booted Evolution in the face with his size twenty two black brawn army boot. The blow rocked Evolutions brain inside his skull and sent him stumbling back which opened him up for an attack. The Russian didn’t hesitate and bolted out of the turnbuckle like lightning from a bottle and nailed his seven foot tall opponent with an epic clothesline that dropped Evolution like a ton of bricks onto the mat.

Scott Slade: God damn! What power! These two seven footers are impressive to watch. The big men of Ultimate Wrestling battling it out only here on Friday Night Clash!

Chris Rodgers: Without a doubt these are the two largest athletes on our roster today. Both of them are taller than Abishag whose still M.I.A since North Korea and presumed dead.

Scott Slade: This is the first time we’ve seen Evolution on the mat! Let’s see how he responds to a man his own size who’s actually able to deal out similar punishment! I hope that gigantic Russian knocks his damn teeth out!

Boris backed up and leaned into the ring ropes with all of his enormous body weight to spring board himself into momentum before leaping high into the air and driving a massive elbow deep into the heart of Evolution. Boris quickly grabbed Evolution’s leg and wrapped him up into a pin on the mat for a potential three count.

Scott Slade: Massive elbow drop! A quick pin! ONE! KICK OUT!!!

Chris Rodgers: Man! Look at the power of Evolution!

Scott Slade: Way too early! That was optimistic on Boris’s part! Boris Back on his feet now and in control as he lifts Evolution back up onto his feet and… Oh! Rocks him with a right hand haymaker shot! What a punch!

Boris moved in and began unleashing a hailstorm of massive body shots to the gut of Evolution. Boris worked Evolution back up against the ring ropes targeting his ribcage and then clotheslined the big man up over the top rope and onto the floor. Evolution landed with a thud and whacked the back of his head on the floor as he laid there breathing heavily subsequently after the impact. The fans roared approvingly, clearly enjoying watching Evolution be on the receiving end of a beating for once. Boris smiled and shouted at Evolution that he would break him before turning around and tagging his female partner Dasha into the match.

Scott Slade: Wow! Boris Drago establishing himself as the Alpha in this fight! I think he screamed he would break Evolution in half!

Chris Rodgers: Evolution struggling for air on the ground and he looks good and dazed after that wicked fall onto the floor!

Scott Slade: Boris tagging Dasha in and she is a woman of action! She’s rolling out ring and out onto the floor! She wants to take the fight to Evolution!

Once on the floor Dasha went to work on Evolution like the cold relentless bitch that she was, ruthlessly stomping on his ugly green reptilian face. The big man rolled over on his stomach and then tried to get quickly onto his feet, but the Russian was on him like white on rice. She drop kicked him straight in the back sending Evolution stumbling into the steel guard railing. Rayven however came to his rescue and nailed a nice flying axe handle smash on Ivanova as she was getting back up onto her feet. She then helped her tired opponent get back in the ring and the two exchanged a quick tag making Rayven the legal wrestler for her team in the ring.

Scott Slade: Rayven coming to Evolutions rescue on the outside! Ivanova completely taken by surprise with that diving axe handle smash. Rayven got the Russian right between the eyes with it! Beautiful stuff!

Chris Rodgers: Dasha doesn’t look happy! She’s straight away back into the ring!

Dasha came into the ring with a head of steam, but it backfired as Rayven took her quickly down to the wrestling mat with a double leg take down. Rayven then speedily backed up and bounced off the ring ropes to attempt a move but Dasha was quick to get to her hands and knees on the mat. This caused Ravyen to adjust and tumble over her Russian opponent and land on her feet. Dasha got back to her feet and attempted to go on the attack, but rolled over on her back into a handstand in order to take Dasha down to the mat with an exquisite head scissor. The fans let out roar at the agile move as both wrestlers got quickly to their feet stared each other down.

Scott Slade: Man oh man…

Chris Rodgers: These two look incredibly evenly matched.

Scott Slade: Listen to the fans clap! They’re loving this matchup between these two fierce women!

Dasha again rushed in toward Rayven, but once again Rayven’s cat like reflexes allowed her to dodge her attack and push the Russian into the ring ropes. Dasha bounced off of them, but as Rayven attempted to bend down for a back body drop it was the Russian this time who showed off her agility as she leaped and rolled over Rayvens backside onto her feet. Rayven turned around on a dime and attempted a running clothesline, but the Russian dove to the wrestling mat, barrell rolled underneath her arm, and shot up off of her feet doing two incredible Olympic style standing back handsprings igniting the fans in arena. The Russian spit aggressively toward Rayven and then motioned for her to come get some with both of her hands.

Chris Rodgers: Good lord look at the pinash! The arrogance! The incredible athleticism of this fiery woman from the North!

Scott Slade: I think Rayven thought she’d have the advantage being younger and quicker. It looks as if she thought wrong Chris…

Rayven came at Ivanova again with a clothesline and the Russian expertly avoided it with a nice Barry Sanders like spin move that she then turned into a hip toss after grabbing hold of her arm. Rayven hit the mat hard, but was fast back to her feet. She rushed toward Ivanova and leapt onto her twisting all around and Hurricanranaed Ivanova down to the mat, but the feisty Russian expected the move. With amazing foresight she used her hands and arms to absorb most of the impact to the mat and back handspringed onto her feet turning around to face Rayven. Dasha wagged her finger disapprovingly at Rayven and shook her at the raven haired American wrestler who looked at her Russian opponent shocked. The Kentucky fans enamored with the Russian woman’s mind games began to chant her name which seemed to surprise her. She raised her right hand in the air and recognizing the adulation as Boris looked on smiling and nodding.

Scott Slade: This is good stuff! This alone so far has been worth the price of admission!

Chris Rodgers: Will you listen to these idiots! They’re cheering against their own countrymen! Rayven is doing her best out here against this communist freak of nature and getting no support!

The two circled around each other and then bolted at one another, but it was Rayven who got the advantage. She nailed Dasha in the gut with a nice kick to the midsection. Dasha was knocked back and winded from the attack, but recovered and went after Rayven with a clothesline that she avoided ducking under the Russians arm. Ivanova turned around just in time to receive a devastating martial arts style back kick again to her midsection that dropped her to her knees. Rayven didn’t hesitate for a second knowing she was in control of the match and bounced off the ropes before coming back toward Ivanova and kicked her right in the jaw dropping her flat on the mat.

Chris Rodgers: Damn! That’s going to leave a mark on that square jawline of hers!

Scott Slade: What a blow! That rocked Ivanova good! Rayven moves to her corner and tags in her monstrous tag team partner Evolution!

Chris Rodgers: Look at him stalking the ring like a predator! He knows Ivanova is hurt! She’s like a wounded animal in the center of the ring to him!

Scott Slade: Boris pounding the turn buckler trying to get his partner up off the mat! He knows what’s at stake here!

Dasha struggled back up onto her feet somewhat wobbly to see the enormous Evolution standing before her. Her massive opponent crouched down and moved in a shoot fighting stance to try to take on Dasha who quickly began to dodge and weave around Evolution looking for a way past him to her corner to tag Boris in. Evolution though did everything he could to successfully cut that part of the ring away from her and the two met in the ring. Dasha instantly began to attack Evolution’s right leg with swift direct kicks to his knee in order to back him up into the turnbuckle where she immediately began pummeling him in the face with stiff right hands.

Scott Slade: Ivanova trying to cut Evolution down to size!!!

Chris Rodgers: If there is one woman who can do it! It’s Ivanova!

Evolution shrugged off the punches and grabbed Ivanova with both of his big hands around her throat and lifted her high in the air before slamming her down on the ring mat. He then covered her for a pin as referee Bob Sigro dove to the mat to make the count. The fans booed heavily, angry with Evolutions actions earlier in the evening. They wanted to see the man take a beating and were not happy to see him giving Ivanova a difficult time.

Chris Rodgers: Evolution with the cover! ONE! TWO! NO! Ivanova refuses to give up! Nicely done by the Russian.

Scott Slade: Just look at Boris. He wants back into this match so bad right now!

Evolution picked the Russian up off the mat and locked her in for a suplexe, but the feisty Ivanova blocked his attempt by hooking her leg around the back of Evolutions calf. She then hooked her arm around his head after striking Evolution harshly in the kidney multiple times before hitting a devastating lighting spiral that ignited the crowd and at the same time incapacitated the big man.

Scott Slade: Ohhh! Downward spiral!!!

Chris Rodgers: Both fighters on the mat breathing hard. I don’t think Evolution knows what just happened! The look on his face is utter shock!

Dasha got to her hands and knees and crawled over to Boris. Once she was close enough to him she dove toward the gigantic Russian and made the tag. The Ultimate Wrestling fans let out a roar as Boris stepped into the ring and immediately began pummeling Evolution with strong right hands just as he’d gotten up back off the mat.

Chris Rodgers: Here comes the big 375 pound Phenom taking the fight to Evolution!

The strong haymaker blows sent Evolution into the ropes and Boris picked him up on the bounce lifting him up on his shoulder for his patented “Siberian Drop” slamming the 300 pound man into the wrestling mat. The fans erupted on impact as monstrous Russian jumped to his feet and signaled a cut throat to the fans in their seats. The big Russian waited for Evolution to attempt to get up and then moved in behind him locking in a Camel Clutch. As soon as the painful submission maneuver was locked in Evolution began to scream in pain as he tried desperately to break the hold.

Scott Slade: Siberian Clutch! Siberian Clutch!

Chris Rodgers: There’s no way Evolution will give up! It’s not in his DNA Scotty!

Scott Slade: Yeah, but there is no way out! If Rayven doesn’t get in there to try break this up it’s over!

Chris Rodgers: There she goes Scott!

Scott Slade: And here comes Dasha! OHH! Spear! A huge Spear! She took Rayven clean off her feet! Rayven didn’t even get anywhere near close enough to break the hold!

Chris Rodgers: That’s it! That’s it! It’s over! Referee Bob Sigro is calling for the bell! Evolution is out cold!

Scott Slade: I think Boris cut off the blood flow to the brain for way to long! Evolution never gave up but he lost consciousness!

The bell rang repeatedly as Referee Bob Sigro forced Drago to break the hold and then raised his hand high in the air. Rose Johnston came into the ring and presented Boris and Dasha with the title belts. The two Russians proudly raised them high above their heads as the fans gave them a mixed reaction while the Russian national anthem began to play on the sound system.


Chris Rodges: What a disgrace… First they beat our top two singles competitors and now this!

Scott Slade: Fans we have to take another commercial break, but when we come back we’ve got Jeremiah Vastrix taking on LuLu Biggs for the second week in a row! Stay tuned!

Click here for part 2: https://steemit.com/fiction/@ultimatewrestlin/ultimate-online-wrestling-season-2-ch-5-part-2-friday-night-clash-12

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