Outcast - Short Story (Part 3)

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The storm was one of the worst that I remember. The trees were bursting, the strong wind carried stones in front of him, and even the larger rocks moved. She lasted whole night, and the new streams were created from all that water that fell. Before the dawn, it calmed down and the clouds broke apart, then the dream came to me.

It seemed to me that I slept all day and night, because as soon as I woke up, I realized that sun just appeared. I saw that the sun began to heat the earth and it was already a frenzy. I was still in the decision to stay here for a long time, in order to be able to do all the experiments I have intended. Last night, or it was the night before, I made plans. For now, it is most necessary for me to build a shelter that will last longer. This cavity in the wall where I hid from the storm was not adequate.

I picked up my belongings, and went further along the road to search for an adequate cave. For ten minutes and I already found it, and I could not believe that I was so lucky. I began slowly to put my things in and for a few hours it already resembled a room. It was not hard for me to gather adequate fireplace stones and the river was close to me. The position of the cave was ideal, even the sun was falling under perfect angle.

Days went by, and for me each was more amazing than the previous one, because every day I learned something new. I spent seven days in the beginning trying to make a piece of paper that I could use because I was not sure I could remember everything that I will discover. Somewhat I managed it, but I will have to put all this information on some of the better material when I reach the city. One evening I sat down to prepare dinner, and by the way I wanted to check out what I had learned. I had records of more than twenty plants, with about five of them just indicating that they could be used for medication. In one, I did not even know if her poisonous juice could be used for anything else but poison. I had records of seven species of reptiles and insects. Some of them had juices that were poisonous and I managed to make distillates of many of them. That night I fell asleep very pleased. Although I have accumulated a lot of knowledge and I plan to stay here for a while, I have enough time for a that.

The next morning I was woken up by a scuffle of wheels on a carriage. I got out of the cave and had something to see. An old colorful carriage went by the river, from a distance I saw only one old man sitting on the driver's seat. The horses seemed tired, even though I assumed that the trader was going to my village and that his carriage was empty. I was waiting at the end of the road, and as he approached, he stopped horses.

Hey boy, I recognize you. You're one of the people from the hill? How come you are here, you never leave your village? He said in a rough voice, and the surprise was heard in his voice.

So here I decided to travel. I'm not sure it's still my village. You must be tired, come to eat something, take some rest I will help you I said. I was hoping that he will stay long enough, because I needed some information about outer world.

Of course, I will. I've been traveling for three days without interruption. It's strange that you decided to leave your village, I would like to hear more about it he said as he slowly he descended from the carriage.

I'll tell you, but only if you share some news from the world that is waiting for me I said, and helped him around the horses.

It will be a long story boy, I hope you have enough food for that he said.

We took care of the horses, and then I took him to the cave.

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