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RE: Sarah, Returned--Chapter 44 (A Steemit Original Novel)

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Aw, I'm glad you liked it, and that I was able to surprise you. :)

That's the way I changed the original ending. In the original ending, only three of the children came to the present (Hannah, Clara, and David), while Joshua, Thomas, and Patience weren't able to go through the portal. Sarah was left at the end of the book still trying to figure out a way to reunite everyone.

I changed it to bringing all of them to her to tie up her portion of the story (for the most part....she still has a time travel-related project she's working on at the end), which is satisfying to readers, since they don't have to wait for a new book to find out what happens next. At the same time, the new ending left plenty open for new stories with other characters like Matt, Jacob, and Lizzie, as I mentioned before. I like it better this way. :)


There's potential for stories from the children too - how they adapt to a totally different way of life, still with 1800s values, what directions their lives take. And what do Sarah and Joshua do, coming from such a hands on way of life, to a world where they have no need to work to live, and can really do anything they want to. How do they find a meaningful way to be here?

That's something Joshua is working on at the end of the book. Coming from the 1600's, he has a need to feel useful, but with Sarah being rich and with modern technology, there's not much he needs to do. So, they're working on ways for him to feel useful, and trying to find things he WANTS to do, like hobbies, which he never had the luxury to have before.

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