The Adventures of Mister Mox - Part 19

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Although Mox was returning to the church, he took another route this time. This was the procedure he established. He didn’t want to raise any suspicions.

Father Bass, Mike the bartender, Ratface and a few other people were the members of a group that Mox helped establish. Although he didn’t like it, he was seen as the boss by the other members. They were connected by a hate against the Monero conglomerate. Many of them had past encounters with the conglomerate, not happy ones.

Father Bass and Mike were part of a pioneer village that were driven away by Monero group, because they needed that place for their operations. Ratface was a small farmer, before he became a guard for the Jacksons, forced to sell his land to the Monero goons. There were many people like them in this town.

When Mox arrived in this town, a year ago, he realized this. Little by little he befriended Mike and Bass and together they started a vendetta group, that targeted Monero operations. In the eyes of the law, they were basically bandits, but they didn’t see it that way. They did it for revenge.

Mox left Rosa near a fountain, a couple of streets from the church. Then he walked till his destination. He didn’t enter in the church from the front, but through a backdoor.

Bass and Ratface were waiting for him in a small room, used by Bass as a living room. As many priests, Bass was living in his church.

How’s Mike?” Bass asked.

He’s fine. I have to thank you Tommy for the your help yesterday.” Mox said, shaking his hand. Tommy was Ratface real name.

No problem, boss. What we would’ve done without you?” Tommy was a little bit embarrassed by Mox actions.

How are the things in the Jackson mansion? I hope you didn’t get into trouble because of me.

No, everything is fine. But, Seth and his brothers are on a warpath. I heard them talking today that they want to kill you. I think if they ever see you they might start shooting.

Does Samuel know about this? I don’t think the boys would do anything without his consent.” Mox laughed. Even though they were old enough, Seth and Samson have kids of their own, they still listen to their father like obedient children.

Samuel has bigger issues on his hands that you right now. Albert Ascarte visited today and had a long talk in Samuel office. I asked some of the servants from the house what they talked about, but he didn’t know anything. Only that Albert was yelling at Samuel.

That’s good. You can return now. Be prepared, soon we might have a job to do!” Mox said after pondering a bit.

After Tommy left, Mox spent some time looking at the ceiling. He was thinking. Too many things happened in the past 24h. He didn’t know what to do with Marta and Daniel. And the most unpredictable one, Maria. He won’t be able to escape from her this time, like he did three years ago when we left home.

What are you doing? You still haven’t left?” Bass entered the room and interrupted Mox’s train of thought.

I would leave, but I know what is waiting for me at home!” Mox smiled. He put his hat on his head and left. “Let’s see tonight at Mike’s!

He returned to Rosa and took the road back home.He was just hoping that they managed to digest his story from the morning.

We find out that Mox is basically the boss of a bandit group that hinders Monero operations in this area. And soon they will have a hit one a gold transport. But until then, we will take a small detour. In the next chapter we will have a surprise visitor at Mox's house.

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I'm trying to publish a chapter a day. Feel free to visit my blog to check how the story will develop.

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On this link you can find all the chapters that I've written so far. I'm trying to post a part of the story everyday.

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