Everything could have been built around the familys name that had first incident from radon

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in Hocking county Housers was friendly nice and honest people that really suffer because of radon exposure Was determined the radon was from a earth formation called shale that leaked inside their basement in western Hocking county Excavation company dug around the basement and remodeled their homes basement until levels of radon was no longer found The incident happened around 1987 Radon test kits are available at lumber store still today I believed what was told about radon and did not think about excavating companies digging in shale just about everyday in that area and drilled for water in the area of Hocking county where the _________housers lived. (Madill OK to Muse & Knowles OK to Golden OK The sheriff notify the FBI first or called Sarpy county Sheriff Department about the incident because Offutt AFB is located in Sarpy county NE Who would have the FBI called to notify about this incident The incident was reported in the news also
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Who exactly determine radon was from shale and why Radon use to be considered radioactive I do not know if radon is still considered radioactive Some say radon is also called a extension cord Have not found the extension cord in Oklahoma yet


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