Writing a Book- Four drafts later...

in fiction •  5 months ago

This is what it looks like when you have finished your last draft.


Time, effort, research, self doubt, imagination, and a hundred emotions wrapped up in one picture.

They say a picture tells a thousand words but this one says around a whopping 75,000.

Was it worth it?

Without a doubt.

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That's an incredible feat. You hand wrote it too, kudos for style and novelty.
I'm an aspiring writer myself, but I always seem to bite of more than I can chew; but your achievement has inspired me.
What did you call your story, will you get it published?
:) Once again well done


Hi...thanks for your comments! I always write the first draft on paper. The book is called the Empress Returns and is already published on Amazon under the pseudonym of Aubrey Fox. I love writing, if you enjoy it keep doing it. I love writing, so much so that I am currently doing a creative writing degree.