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RE: Challenge #01952-E128: Transformative Love

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A couple of speelig errors!

I've never done a high school AU, but I have read some of my earlier works where I was attempting to write about more "adult" things (ranging from the obvious to the more mundane) and my lack of experience really showed XD

can be used to display how the writer wishes these fictional beings were there parents.

Change the story from the cannon.

And this

Either warping and twisting everything beyond recognition, or creating walls of unpunctuated, uncapitalised, unchecked, unformatted text that stuns the reading eye into quitting.

I remember all too clearly from back when I used to read and write fanfics! XD



Speelig eras fixed, friendo :D Thanks for that.

...and I still trip over the horrid examples every now and again. Worst example ever was one person who pasted lyrics into an alleged story and added a half-paragraph of explanatory text about their ship. :P

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