The Night Gods III- The Triumph of Evil: Chap. XVIII Dreams Of My Father & Voice of Reason

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Artwork by @marty-art on Steemit... With many thanks

When U'Bamah arrived for his ceremony he looked around for any sign of Gwendolyn, but there were none- she had gone out for the evening, much to Baraq's disappointment. He had no illusions about her attending, but he had hoped to connect with her later on after the festivities were done. One of the servants, a dignified looking black man dressed in a black robe, escorted him to a room near the back of the residence where he found a red satin robe laid out in preparation for him.

"Lord Penrose instructed me to escort you personally to the ceremony after you put on the robe, Sir," the servant said solemnly, bowing stiffly at the waist.

U'Bamah began to don the red robe when the valet spoke again: "It's customary to wear nothing under the robe, Sir." he said, eyes averted.

"You expect me to get undressed in front of you?" U'Bamah asked with an incredulous look.

"I'll step outside for a moment Sir," the servant said smiling politely.

Feeling somewhat embarrassed, U'Bamah removed his clothes and put on the satin robe, pulling the hood up over his head. When the servant returned a few moments later they proceeded into a long hallway at the end of which was a heavy oaken door. The other man drummed five times on the door with his fist before opening it to reveal a large room lit only by candles. In the dim light, Baraq could make out an altar about three or so feet high at the far end behind which was a gilded throne. The carpet was a dark wine red and the walls were all draped in black. Inside ten or twelve people in black robes stood chatting amiably amongst themselves. When they saw U'Bamah enter they all turned to him, bowing slightly from the waist.

U'Bamah had mixed feelings about all of the pomp and circumstance, on one hand he felt kind of silly, this was much different treatmant than he was used to, but on the other hand, there was a strange sense of elation. He was still somewhat suspicious of Lord Penrose's intentions for him... determined not to take part in any perverse sexual acts, he followed the servant who led him to the throne. He stood in front of it for a minute, unsure of what to do next. It was clear that the throne was for him, but he didn't know if it was the proper time to sit or not and thought it better to do nothing for the moment. As if sensing Baraq's uncertainty, the servant placed his hand gently on his shoulder directing him to be seated.

Lord Penrose, clad in a creme colored robe entered, cowl pulled up over his head... although his face was obscured, his carriage was unmistakable. At his side was a small black boy of six or seven years... it was clear from the look in his eyes he had been drugged into docility. Although he was in a semi-stupor the boy was clearly terrified. Penrose led the boy to the altar where the servant who had escorted U'Bamah to the ceremony assisted him in placing the child atop it.

Turning to address the gathering, His Lordship intoned in a deep solemn voice: "The day we have so long awaited has finally arrived. The Chosen One... The Son of the one selected by the Night Gods to fulfill their destiny here on Earth by carrying the blood of the Chosen One- Eddie Phillips- has arrived and has now become. The Ancient Ones in the flesh- our Messiah is finally here to rule over this earth... the dreams of his Fathers is now realized in him."

Penrose and the others turned to face U'Bamah seated on his gilded throne and bowed deeply. Somewhat embarrassed and unsure exactly what to do, he raised his hand. On the altar the boy sat watching, eyes wide with bewilderment. With a nod from Lord Penrose the servant and another man approached the boy and held him down while the others dropped their robes to reveal an even mix of men and women. While the two men held the terrified struggling boy, the men took turns sodomizing him while the women watched eyes glistening with anticipation... his moans and struggles only seemed to intensify their excitement. When they finished satisfying their lust, Dr. Van Sloane stepped forward clutching a ceremonial dagger with both hands high above his head. Mumbling something inaudible he plunged it into the boy's chest, expertly removing the boy's still beating heart, holding it triumphantly above his head.

Penrose took the heart from Van Sloane and walked with it to the throne where he pressed it gently against U'Bamah's forehead leaving a bloody spot. The others gathered around the altar and began smearing their bodies with the dead boy's blood. U'Bamah sat immobile watching- his emotions mixed with disgust at what he had just witnessed, and elation that this was all for his benefit. When they had finished, the servant removed the boy's corpse. All present turned to the throne and knelt, bowing deeply before rising.

Lord Penrose and the others once again donned their robes, His Lordship addressing the guests: "It is done... The becoming is complete- the Night Gods live and are among us in the person of our Messiah- Baraq U'Bamah."

"Baraq U'Bamah," the gathering intoned reverently. The celebrants bowing once more to their Messiah then began chatting amiably among themselves as if nothing out of the ordinary had ever transpired. Lord Penrose approached U'Bamah saying: "Not quite what you're used to is it my boy... you'll get used to it. It isn't every day that one becomes a living god... and gods require sacrifices. Come with me, son, I have a surprise for you."

Baraq followed Penrose into the room where their clothes were and after showering the dead boy's blood from themselves, once again put on their clothes. Lord Penrose led him to a different part of the house where they found the Russian girl, Natalia, who had performed with Cheryl at the party only one night earlier. "I hope you're pleased with this modest offering," Penrose said smiling.

The girl, Natalia, looked up and smiled shyly at Baraq who smiled back. She accompanied him willingly to his estate, but after what he has seen at Lord Penrose's he wasn't much in the mood for anything but sleep. Natalia cuddled up next to him expectantly, but he kissed her forehead and tried to sleep... as he closed his eyes he could still visualize the terrified face of the boy, eyes wide as he was abused over and over by Penrose and his consorts... the last thing he saw before drifting off into an uneasy sleep was the death mask of the dead boy- eyes wide and staring accusingly at him. U'Bamah was no stranger to death, but this was different.

His slumber was punctured by one of his recurrent dreams, but instead of the usual "Eddie," this time it was "Baraq," as if chanted by a chorus of the dead. He tossed and turned hoping subconsciously not to disturb the sleeping Natalia. When he awoke, groggy from a night of unpeaceful sleep, he first felt dampness... when he opened his eyes he was staring into the wide-eyed lifeless gaze of Natalia- his bed soaked with her blood, as was he. He shook himself fully awake getting up from the bed to survey the carnage. Pieces of the dead girl were everywhere, her torso mutilated almost beyond recognition. He staggered to a nearby chair and sank into it, covering his face with his hands, he wept bitterly. The dreams of his fathers had cost the Russian girl her life.

The Voice of Truth
Baraq U'Bamah's final speech before the upcoming election had no sooner begun when another voice came over the air preempting him... It was Father Tony Pavaglio and his Voice of Truth broadcast coming out of the foothills of the Ozark mountains in Arkansas. After a brief introduction by Bret Shoemaker- a voice that many around the world had come to trust and look forward to with great anticipation. The former priest began by explaining the meaning of U'Bamah's name quoting scripture from Isaiah and Luke that depict Satan as a flash of lightning from on high. He went on to explain the rise of the spirit of antichrist in the latter days, how even many of the most devout would be deceived and issued a stern warning against following him.

"This is the Voice of Truth," the polished voice told his listeners, "Baraq U'Bamah is not who he claims to be, nor is he who many of you think he is... He does not represent peace and hope for the world as he says. The Bible warns of an imposter in the end times- a man who will come forward promising peace but delivering death and destruction. He is the spirit of evil... He is antichrist. He promises a new age if you follow and worship him and a new age he will deliver- an age of desolation, famine, pestilence and death. He is a liar- he is the father of all lies. Do not be led astray by empty promises... he despises you and all that is good, as do the people he represents here on earth. If you follow him, you will be enslaved or killed. Look to your Bible for answers not to this charlatan. You are the answer, not U'Bamah. The truth is not in him- he is evil. Do not be taken in by this imposter. I must go now, but will be back soon. This is the Voice of Truth- God's truth. Trust in God and He will deliver you. Let us pray together." Father Tony finished with the 23rd Psalm.

Back in Geneva U'Bamah was beside himself with fury, lashing out at anyone within shouting distance... but there was another in Geneva who listened to the broadcast with an air of hope. President Arturo Oliveira hoped against hope that the priest's broadcast would sway the outcome of the election in his favor, although by now it was little more than a mere formality. It was in this hopeful mood that he was interrupted by his telephone... it was his assistant:

"I have former President Beck on 2, Mr. President."

What would Beck be doing calling him with the election almost surely lost now. "Put him on," Oliveira said reluctantly.

"Good morning, Mr. President," Beck said pleasantly.

Oliveira could almost see him gloating. "Mr. Beck," Oliveira replied, "this is a surprise. What can I do for you?"

"I have some good news, Mr. President," Beck told the surprised man.

"Is it about the election?" Oliveira asked hopefully.

"No, not exactly," Beck replied. "Maybe better. His Lordship wants to invite you to his home this evening."

"Lord Penrose?" Oliveira was beyond surprised. His mind began to race... what would Penrose want with him? He was backing U'Bamah, that was clear enough. "Is it one of his parties?"

"His Lordship would like you to be present at a small gathering of intimate friends this evening." Beck went on, "...and he'd like you to bring your daughter along."

"Alexa?" Oliveira froze... his blood ran cold. So that was it. "Why Alexa, she's only eight?" Oliveira was confused but more than a little bit afraid. In fact he was terrified. He knew about Penrose's parties and he, like everyone in a position of power, had heard the rumors. "I don't think her mother..."

"His Lordship was most insistent," Beck told him. "Be at his estate at 8:00 and bring your daughter. Dress is casual."

"But what does Lord Penrose want of Alexa, she's only a child?" Oliveira asked. He was beginning to sweat and he was shaking almost uncontrollably.

"His Lordship doesn't confide in me, I can assure you," Beck replied flatly. "If you have any expectations whatever of staying in government service at any level at all- this is the sacrifice you'll have to make."

So that was it... The message was implicit but clear enough, even for Oliveira... Penrose wanted his daughter for one of his sick, sadistic rituals. He thought for a moment before answering. "Tell His Lordship I... we'll be there."

"Good choice," Beck told him before hanging up.

Oliveira sank into his chair and covered his face with his hands, thinking about what he'd just agreed to. What if they killed her? What would he tell his wife... what would he tell himself? He'd heard the stories that child sacrifice wasn't uncommon at these gatherings. His Alexa... she was the light of his life. She had come late, after he and his wife had given up on having children and he doted on her... Maybe they were just rumors created to scare people. No- people didn't make up stuff like that about someone like Lord Penrose if there wasn't anything to it. Maybe he only wanted her for sex... Even that was too terrible to contemplate. What had he done? He shook his head sadly. Maybe he should pack up his family and run away- but where? He felt like throwing up.



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Another gripping chapter!


I think there's only a couple more before I have to start writing again! Thanks so much, I'm glad you enjoy it!