Pride goes before a fall

in fiction •  20 days ago 

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In my pride as a king, I claimed to be the greatest of all. I could do and I was great at iron smelting, wood carving, farming, fishing, and even warring. I allowed my success to get into my head and began to blow my own trumpet. I bragged so loud that the gods heard me. They sent an Ifa priest to warn me that I was crossing my boundaries but like a man who has drunk on rich palmwine, I paid the priest no mind. Soon it became more than the gods could stomach.

I built a huge iron statue of my own image and had it placed in the center of the kingdom where everyone could see it. Soon people from different parts came to marvel at my handiwork. They said that not even Ogun, the god of thunder, could rival my work. I should have stopped such blasphemous talk but I didn't. I allowed ego and pride to cloud my judgment.

Of course, gods eventually got fed up and sent the Ifa priest to me with an ultimatum; I was to destroy the iron statue or face the wrath of the gods. I ignored his warnings and told him Ogun was just being petty out of jealousy of a mere human like me. With that statement, my doom was sealed. The gods demanded my head but Olorun, the most high God, came to my rescue. He asked that I be allowed to prove my worth. He reminded the other gods that they had all once been men before they became gods and rose above their mortal ties.

It seemed like a blessing and I foolishly agreed, full of myself and my pompous pride. What sane man would agree to battle with the gods? The condition if I lost the battles was banishment from my kingdom in addition to a further punishment that the Olorun refused to mention. Again I agreed.

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