LOST IN TIME. Chapter 2. Stuck In The Past! (Original Fiction)

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Beverley May felt sick to her stomach; her mind felt also confused and worried.
“Where am I?” she whispered softly to herself, almost breaking down. She felt her warm tears, fall slowly down her cold face.
She raised her right hand to wipe the tears away. She was afraid, she knew she must have done something wrong to upset the Time Keeper... The holder of the past!

This was for sure her punishment… but for what?!

She felt angry with herself. She was warned many times to listen to the village's folk history.
To join in more with the village's Community and their legendary tales.
Their history!

Like her family did, her mother and father, with her older sister, they always attended the community meetings every Monday and Friday. In fact, they never did miss a day.

How strange they were about keeping their tradition pure.

Together with her younger brother, she would just stay at home with him… until they forced him away to go.
They could not force her to go, although they tried many times.
She was just too stubborn…

Her father warned her, that one day...she would pay the price of her ignorance.
She just was not interested in history… or the old legends of their village!
Plus, she did not believe a word they said or whispered, when​ they saw her coming.

So was it her own fault,
That she was here alone in a dark, cold forest almost shivering to death,
in her thin cotton pajamas?
Her whole bedroom traveled right through space and time to land here.
Where was here?… she thought to herself quickly, looking around her surroundings.
All she saw were trees and bushes around her… everywhere as far as her eyes could see.
No houses, no churches, no cottages​ and no people in sight… only trees blanketed the entire area.

She stood up, forgetting how cold it was, and began to walk around in the thick forest.
Then she heard something that made her body freeze... in her tracks.
“What is that?,​”She thought​, running quickly to hide behind a big tree​!

I am not alone here!

She ran as fast as she could, almost tripping over something that was lying in the grass. She
picked it up quickly only taking a quick glance at it, before she reached safely behind an old tree.
Almost out of breath, she stood still to listen with her back against the tree facing the opposite direction. The tree was so massive it covered her entire body.
Somebody or something was moving fast towards her… as if it knew, she was behind that

She looked down at what she had just picked up.
She smiled slightly at the wooden​ object in her hand, realizing what it was. This is exactly what I need to defend myself, she thought​ slowly… it’s as if it was just waiting for me… in the grass.

Beverley held it in her hands… a bow and arrow set, made of fine brown, wood and silver feathers.
She strapped the leather arrow case around her back, tying the string tightly
around her waist.
It was not difficult or hard to use… She was ready to defend herself… if her enemy got too close.

She felt like Robin Hood, lost in these mysterious woods.

She dared to take one look from behind her hiding place and was shocked to see who was coming towards her!
So shocked, that her shaky and nervous hands dropped the only thing that could protect her from her enemy.
Her newly found wooden bow!


Thank you all again and I'll see you in the next post.
All Gifs used from Giphy.com
Peace and greetings... from @Moonleesteem

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People have to show you some more support and love with commentary.
You write great poetry and stories, and this is no exception.
I look forward to seeing where this story goes. I really enjoy the gifs and the plot so far. She will have a big journey up ahead, I can't wait to see if these legends of her village come to life and give her challenges unknown to any man...
Steem on!

Thanks never mind... maybe they don't like the story.
But I glad you like it... it took a long time to write it, but it was worth it 🤓... it nice to get a little feedback 📖

One place you will never find a black man is alone in the woods, running around at night time unarmed. That girl is damn lucky she even found a bow and arrow in the first place. She is out her mind exploring like that.

Fresh story though, she needs to chill out and at least bring someone with her.


Yes all is Cool is my forest 🌳... we are going back to the past... Where we, only need a bow and arrow 🏹 .
You funny guy 🤓

I have to agree with @verbal-d, you are definitely under appreciated here in Steemit, I think that you have a unique voice and it is a voice that I honestly love to hear.

Another great and interesting story.

Finally I hope that you are fully recovered :-)


Thanks ... @scottish01 the wound is healing nicely.
Now I am at home, I have a lot of catching up to do on all my stories. I'm glad you liked this chapter . I am looking forward to reading more of your, exciting stories when you have time too.
Yes Steemians don't like to comment anymore... maybe it's the new trend. Anyway cheers for the re-steem 🤓


Glad you are healing and resting.

There is definitely a trend towards up voting only, maybe just so much new content to read it is hard to comment on them all.

Finally @moonleesteem, I was waiting for this part. On the back of her mind she can assume why she time traveled, she just don't know what else is coming towards her. She got herself together to explore her surrounding and found an useful tool, but as she sees who is following her she drops it, cause she didn't expect the time keeper to be...to be continued. Great story so far. Cheers. ☺


Yes... finally Chapter 2, it took me a long time to think and write something exciting for this part.
I glad you enjoyed it. More is coming next week.


Looking forward to read it. ☺