The Great Challenge - Week 9

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Another week of success on The Great Challenge with Dean!

But this one doesn't feel as much as success as previous weeks did. While I was very satisfied with my efforts in previous weeks, when I hit "The End" on of this one, I had mixed feelings.

Man, I was just cruising on through this story. Totally in the zone. And then...I wasn't. It became a slog. Now, I pushed through to a resolution, but I feel like the second half/third didn't work the way the first half/two-thirds did.

Not sure. I'll give it a day or two and then go back and read it again. Might need a redraft of the ending. Or maybe not? I think I'll wait to see what Dean thinks about it first.

Regardless, it's a success even if I have to fix it somehow, somewhen.

Here's the tally of stories so far.

  1. Red Orchid - Romance - 3,800 words
  2. Debts And Obligations - Fantasy - 14,200 words
  3. Naughty And Nice - Modern Fantasy - 4,800 words
  4. Popper's - Mystery - 4,100 words
  5. The Case Of The Missing Rocker - SciFi/Mystery - 7,200 words
  6. Fences And Neighbors - Post-Apocalyptic - 4,800 words
  7. Give A Dog A Bone - Doggy Mystery - 3,200 words
  8. No Title Yet - Romance - 5,300 words
  9. No Title Yet - Science Fiction - 8,560 words

In case anyone is interested, that comes to a total of 56,071 words total.

Not too shabby. :)

It will be interesting getting the story done this week, because I'm rolling to Fyrecon in Salt Lake City on Wednesday. I've not been to a convention per say since the Star Trek Convention in Boston back during my Sophomore year at BU back in...Spring of 95? I've gone to writing workshops, but I'm told it's not the same.

So unsure how my schedule will be the second half of the week. Guess I'd better front-load the story writing this time, just to be safe. :)

Ok, that's it for now. Talk to you again in a few days.

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