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I've decided I like these Bookfunnel promotions.

I shrank away from using them in years past. I always had the notion that it was better to build one's email network list organically, from folks who first read your stuff and then decide they want to know more.

And that's 100% true.

But thinking about it some more, I think there's also some value in also building through the promotion/giveaway route. And let's be honest. Part of the reason I have the (rather small but still not insubstantial) list that I have is I ran some Facebook giveaways back three and four years ago.

So really I have no leg to stand on objecting to doing these giveaway promos.

Thus, I'm doing another.

I've entered my scifi/horror novella, What Lurks Between, into the Gritty SFF Reads giveaway promotion on Bookfunnel.

From a place beyond reality, it comes to consume the world.

For Barry, getting a transfer to a new position as an electrician aboard the Ketcham Space Station summed up his professional life perfectly: just one dead-end job after another. Little did he know that job put the fate of the world in his hands.

Waking up at home with no memory of how he got back from the Station, Barry soon finds that he brought something back with him. Something hungry. Now he has to stop it. Somehow.

Seventy-Four other writes have also put their work up. So even if my story doesn't look appealing to you, I'll guarantee there's something that you'll find appealing over there.

Check it out at the link above the cover. And here:


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