Ghosting- Part II

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What a night!

The breeze gave me chills. Who could have thought her dad would show up in the middle of steamy sex on her truck. As I thrust myself in her under the sheet, we heard someone yelling from distance. It was the dad.

I panicked and didn’t know what else to do than gave hear a quick kiss. I jumped from the backside of the truck and ran away to the bushes. I left my pants hoping the dad would not notice it. Later, she showed up and threw me my pants. I walked back home while wondering if our tacky relationship even has a prospect. And by far, we’re not officially dating, Beth and I.

I open my computer and login in to my dating profile out of boredom. I swipe left couple of times cause most of the girls are cake up. Until I see a smirking face with deep brown eyes as if she was staring at me intensely. Who puts a messy bun picture on a dating site?I thought. I check her profile and soon I find myself scrolling through all the question she answered. I decide to swipe right and left her a message.

Matt : Hi, is that true what you answered there?

Then I passed out right after I hit the send button.


Shoot, I am late ! Why does it happen to me all-the-time? I rush to get my attire on and book an Uber ride. Today is the interview day. A process that I loathe very much while looking for some nickel and dime.

It has been year or so since I finally give in to work as a corporate cog. Yet it never lasts more than 6 months. I can not handle the social responsibilities from 9-5. Talking to people is more exhausting than reading books. It drains me having to deal with angry customers, who can’t even logout from the website. Sometimes it’s a customer who complains the website is awfully navigated. I do agree with all of them. I wish to fix it but I have no proper degree to be positioned as UX/UI designer. So, I left the job last month.

As if bad luck didn’t stop there, my rent is due next two months. Now, I have to secure a job in this famous riverside hotel as a receptionist. I never thought I’d smile all day and greet people. But anything to pay the bills so I can work on my upcoming unfinished novel. Sometimes, I miss my university days when my parents supported me even with just couple of bucks a month.

Yet here I am. I nervously scroll through the answers I write for it. I rehearse each and every word so that I don’t say more than what was asked.

Ping, you get a new match and a message.

I try to ignore it but I am curious.

I decide to open the dating app.

Matt : Hi, is that true what you answered there?

I glance at the messages and wondering what he means by that. Then, I get the clue. He refers to some personal kinky question I answered earlier.

Andrea : Yep, everything I answer there is true. I like that and I love those.

Who is this guy? To satisfy my curiosity, I click on his picture. He looks rather mysterious with his soft hazel eyes and toned brown hair and tattooed hands. He pictured holding saxophone while smiling candidly. “ a man with taste” I comment.

Then, I add

Andrea : I see that you like the same thing as well. Although you’re not a coffee person, I can still talk to you.

Wondering if that is appropriate, I backspace the entire sentence and change it.

Andrea : What about you? I see you play a saxophone. That’s impressive.

The Uber ride is over. I walk out the car with confidence walking through the hotel.

*Matt *

I look at my bedside wondering where I threw my phone last night. As I look up at my desk, I see the computer is on and I receive a notification from my dating site.

A new message.

So, I sit back and read it.

Andrea : Yep, everything I answer there is true. I like that and I love those. What about you? I see you play a saxophone. That’s impressive.

Thinking to continue the small talk, I type

Matt : I never did those. you’re pretty adventurous. I play saxophone for fun and for weddings. It’s something passionate about. What about your passion other than, as your profile said, coffee?
I do not expect her to reply quickly but a minute later, I receive a message.

Andrea : Oh, that’s awesome. My other passion is books, boring isn’t it? I also like traveling now and then but these days, I am trying to settle down a little bit in this city.

Somehow the conversation goes back and forth. I want to bring her outside the dating site, where I can talk to her on the phone before I can meet her face to face. So, I propose another app.

Matt : can we continue our conversation through Skype? I suppose it’s much better. I would like to call you there.
Andrea : Alright then. Tell me yours.
Matt : It’s swordfish570.
Andrea : hahaha okay. Mine is Elisebrown
I quickly find her skype and adds her there.
Matt: Elise?
Andrea : Exactly
Matt : Okay lol good this is easier tbh.
Andrea : it is
Matt : I may have to leave for work soon
Andrea : Have a great day!
Matt : Chill, I am still here for another hour lol
Andrea : Oh cool, I thought you’re in a rush. Where do you work?
Matt : I own a car dealership. What about you?
Andrea : Currently waiting my name to be interviewed. While trying to finish a novel and traveling here and there, like a hobo.
Matt : I doubt a hobo could be as pretty as your are anyway.
Andrea: I am just an average looking.
Matt : Send me your latest picture then, I’ll be the judge!
Andrea : ermm, maybe some other time!
Matt : Alright, see you later then.


As I thought I was late, here I am still waiting in line for my name to be called. At the same time, I am having fun chatting with Matt, The saxophone guy. There’s something riveting about his vibe. He seems adventurous and funny. We talk for about an hour now and discover our shared interests. Except he is not a coffee person. I wonder if he can understand how ardent I am about coffee. Often is, tea and coffee person is like the cat and mouse relationship. We somehow manage to dislike one another.

I hear my name being called “ Andrea, you’re next”.

I adjust my blazer and skirt while walking confidently towards the grinding room. Finger crossed, hope I get this job.


Illustrations provided by pexels

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Your writing is fun and though rooted in the present, it has a slight futuristic vibe to it, like a post-cyberpunk William Gibson narrative.

Gotta Check William Gibson! It's been a while since I write fiction. I need to improve :) Glad you find my writing amusing.



@tipu curate

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When I start reading the part one I was thinking that you were talking literally about yourself but in a short time I was really intrigued, then the story did take form when Andrea open the portal to a new world for her.

Here I am in part two enjoying a lot with you characters and narrative style!! I'm looking forward with excitement for the next parts and all the spins for this story!!

I send you lots of good vibes for every project here and there in your everyday!! A big hug, @Macchiata!!

It's not about me although it can seem about me :D I am currently working on the part III and IV. wait for the twists and all. I am just trying to articulate how it's like being ghosted and the experience of it.

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