Aftermath- The Price Of Victory (Fiction)

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A tired King looked across the blackened, smoking field of burning embers and mangled men.
The battle was over and his domain was still in tact.
The Great Ruler winced at the truth of his cowardice in the hours just before. In the toe-to-toe war of men, he had hidden in a safety bunker built into the ground beneath him. It was shameful, but none of the men who witnessed him retreating had survived. The king’s secret was safe- his people would never know what a cowardly leader they had.

How quickly the graceful turns to bitter, damp and dark in the face of uncertainty.

How easily the brave turn into frightened, empty remnants in the face of insecurity.

What I cry for and what I force to the back of my mind is of minuscule importance when my clan cannot see me from their death beds.

What food do I consume that can feed this hungry soul? This starved heart? I am damned by my survival but had I acted differently I would have been damned to death.
I do not know if I would choose living over the glorious death of battle if faced with the decision again.
There is a sharpness in surviving, more sickening than any wound, more deeply entangled than the limbs of men fallen at the hands of godless war.

The tired king kneeled to the ground and cried, with his head hung low. Sobbing loudly his voice, a broken sound both alarming and pitiful.

His kingdom was intact and so was he, at least in his physical form. The spirit of the king, however, had been demolished.


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You are one talented soul Lori!
xx Lucy
PS - I nominated you for the #comedyopenmic (I thought I will mention it in case you don't receive notification). I would love to see you shine there too!


What do I have to do to participate Lucy? I love that you thought of me, darling.


Hey friend, did you see my response to your other comment on how to participate? You just need to create any kind of funny content (you have a brilliant sense of humour so that's not going to take you long) and use #comedyopenmic as one of the tags, and nominate 2 other people you would like to see in the contest :) oh an also, resteem the comedyopenmic starting post. It is round 10 now!

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

_*What I cry for and what I force to the back of my mind is of miniscule importance when my clan cannot see me from their death beds.
It should be minuscule instead of miniscule.


Well, thank you for the notice. I corrected that. Are you a bot or a human?



Hey bot . Why didn’t you tell me I spelled remnants wrong and frightened wrong? Fixed now, thanks. 😵

Nyc story liked it. Many movies have similar stories. But the lesson we learned that donot lose hope and prepare yourself for next option. And be courageous and be the fighter again and stand again and then win. Brilliant description of a chaos situation with deep words.

thanks @lorilikes
I love to read every post you.

If you colect so many stuff and that make you comfusing, it is better to give them to your neighbour.
I thing that can make you happy@lorilikes


Wrong post - did you mean to put this comment on my other recent post. ?


Dear @lorilikes im so sory
I misplaced comentar, should have been in before. sorry I'm a friend