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RE: Sarah, Returned--Epilogue, Part 2 (A Steemit Original Novel)

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Nice wrap up. The only thing I was left wondering was, what will Joshua do? I can see him making old style furniture to sell. Or even better, becoming a tutor of old fashioned living / survival skills. Practical skills that have largely vanished. That's something he could travel the country and do as well.

I'll be hanging out for your next book now! It doesn't necessarily matter that your next book is only partly written. writes chapters of a couple of her books pretty much live and then edits then later. That would give you an incentive to write a bit each day.


That's true. A good idea. The book I'm working on now is a basic romance and is only about a quarter of the way done....and what is done needs SOOOO much editing. But, I could kind of workshop it here, and you're would give me incentive to write on it every day, even on the days I don't feel like it. I could actually do that with all my future books, as I have tons of ideas for stories I want to write. I have another time travel one I started a while ago and abandoned for the Sarah story, but I still like the concept of it and would like to finish it at some point. And, I have an idea I'm currently fleshing out into a story that may be a series. And, I have an idea for a four-part sci-fi series. And, there's the fourth book in my Angel series still to write (the other three are already published on Amazon).

Joshua is currently still chopping wood in Sarah's back yard. Lol! If I decide to write more stories in this universe, there is room for Sarah and Joshua to appear, but Sarah's story is pretty much wrapped up for now. Future stories would likely have Lizzie as the main character, traveling through time searching for her sons and rescuing other stranded time travelers along the way. Some stories could also focus on the adventures of Matt and Jacob, who will also be time traveling.


Romance a Canadian and have someone try to sneak across the lines in the sand to visit in an RV!!!

Then have Sarah time travel back and kick Bernie in the nads in about grade 3 and tell him to be nice to people LOL

Hahahaha! That made me smile. :)

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