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I can't believe no one's asked you for this before, but a Crossover please...? -- AmberFox

[AN: Betwixt whom? I'm picking my Unlikely Heroes and Shayde because she can wind up anywhen]

They had arrived two minutes past the nick of time. The demonic cultists had succeeded in performing their ritual, summoning a being from a realm beyond their understanding. The portal was open and a humanoid figure was in the middle of resolving itself in the centre of the arcane diagram.

"Oh shit," muttered Wraithvine, who usually never swore. "This is final encounter territory." They had a cache of spell pearls in a special pouch and this was one of the times they desperately reached for it.

Lady Anthe readied all her throwing knives. Melvin checked his weapons and shield for readiness. Steelfoot readied her more powerful destructive weaponry. Rumtum got out their battle-ready set list. They could try killing the summoner, but that would mean that the creature they brought into the mortal world would be wild and free to do as it whist.

It was tall. It was apparently female. Her clothes were in tatters and she only had one shoe. Her skin was darker than shadows and what could be her hair was white like smoke. The glowing eyes were not a good sign. Neither were claws and fangs.

"What muther fookair did that? I was home! I was back where I belonged and now--" Red-lit eyes raked over the heroes. "You lot were supposed to stop 'em, aye? Trust me. I'd rather they never did it either. Ge' the bugger as done it an' ye got me 'till I'm taken elsewhere."

"Uh," said Lady Anthe. "Nobody trusts demons... Right?"

"Let's just say I got motive tae fook 'em up, an' if ye help, I don't got motive tae fook you up."

Wraithvine squinted in the way that said they were sensing motive. "She's legit. Let's get the chief nerd."

Lady Anthe shrugged and worked a surprise attack on the one with the most impressive robes and thickest tome. As soon as they fell to assorted high-velocity weapons and magical energy, the demon broke free of the arcane diagram and helped laid waste to the cultists. Stopping once the last one fell.

"Heathen fish, tha' felt good," she said, cleaning her claws on a shred of robe. "Might as well call me Shayde. Jus' about everyone does in these situations..." She offered her hand with a smile. The glow in her eyes was no longer red, but mostly pale blue, now. That didn't help. Neither did the claws or the sharp teeth.

"Full offense, but we don't trust you yet," said Lady Anthe. "You're still a creature summoned by a bunch of demonic cultists."

"...aye, I'm gettin' used tae tha'," muttered Shayde. "Unfortunately."

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Rumtum got out their battle-ready set list

Priorities XD Love it!

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