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Humans love Alcohol. No Point in denying that. However, that just takes the cake.
Aliens are mortified by that. Even other Deathworlders. -- Anon Guest

They say that alcohol is a basic form of inebriant amongst any carbon-based lifeform. The ones saying it the most often are the ones who have made alcohol an inherent portion of their culture. Many Human cultures claim that alcohol brewing should be integral within the stages of civilisation advancement.

This says more about Humanity than Humanity might want you to know.

As do other events when history repeats itself in areas most desperate. Some might say that it is proof that history repeats. Others will say that it's proof that history is only repeated by those incapable of learning from it. Far more accurate sorts will say that it's an example of how certain philosophies should be made extinct.

It doesn't matter what they named the world, as it was founded on certain socio-political adherences that inevitably lead it to be something about deregulation. Sometimes, they name it after liberty. What inevitably results is slavery, fascism, and oppression in the name of their opposites.

What also proliferates, also inevitably, is some form of drug culture. Religion may be the opiate of the masses, but when oppression crushes from every angle, the masses also prefer actual opiate-opiates. Alcohol is merely the simplest to make, the hardest to stop, and the simplest to conceal.

This world had decided to make money from the masses by using their addiction. The corporations shaved the bottom line closer and closer, raising the prices to ceilings almost beyond the reach of the common citizen. Of course, there were higher quality brews for the higher-quality people, and those were heavily advertised as ultimate goals for anyone who came within glancing distance of getting ahead. Just one bottle could send a family into abject poverty for three generations.

So of course, when the vats broke because the corporations making the alcohol insisted on using the lowest-bid contractors... the filthy streets flooded with alcohol that would have cost absolute fortunes.

Those desperate poor who survived the initial waves of high-ticket grain alcohol almost immediately began drinking the adulterated and unclean beverage that was knee-deep in the unkempt streets. They were desperate for the release it held, opportunistic to taste what amounted to forbidden fruit, and possessed of a unique kind of greed born of a literal lifetime of missing out.

Large swathes of the populace drank themselves into an early grave.

One could call it a cautionary tale concerning the dangers of aggressive capitalism. Some would point the finger of blame at the alcohol itself, though it is more a symptom than a cause. Of course those responsible, directly and indirectly, for the disaster laid the blame squarely on all the deceased victims. Thoughts and prayers for any families may have always been expressed.

The dead cannot fight back. The dead have no rebuttals for the accusations of those in power. Yet, those in power forgot some important factors in their 'system'.

The dead cannot work. Factories shut down because there were none capable of working in it. Families without income were left on the streets as their houses were boarded up and patrolled to prevent squatters.

The dead cannot buy. The alleged savings on wages flew to the coffers of the powerful, and they had a brief spate of 'growth', but following that, things crashed. No wages paid resulted in no products purchased. Though there was a surplus of supplies, families starved and froze in the gutters.

Thousands died because of the initial flood. Thousands more perished in the aftermath.

The dead cannot create children. The usual inflow of young workers failed to boost the powerful back into a climb of more economic power. Because the rich let the poor starve as 'motivation' for them to 'work harder'. The surpluses of supplies started rotting in their warehouses.

They could not afford to make more products that would not, could not, sell to those rotting in their graves. Therefore, the powerful stopped buying the supplies to make the products. The farmers growing them, already on the knife-edge of instability, were soon exiles from the property that their ancestors had tamed.

The world was in a death spiral. The powerful were in denial. Even if there had been warnings from experts, those with the power to change things would have refused to listen.

There were two ways this could end. There always had been. Revolution... or demise for all. Either way, more would die. More would be ruined... the only difference is that revolution merely starts the same cycle all over again.

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