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Havenworlders learn about same-gender-Relationships.
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Evolution is a funny old thing. It is driven - if one can call a system based around random mutations, chance, happenstance, and incidental accidents 'driven' - by the concept of preserving the next generation so that more generations will happen. On Deathworlds, this means that there has to be a portion of the population ready to nurture young that has been abandoned or has otherwise lost its parents. In brief, homosexuality is part of Nature's Plan.

At least, it is on Deathworlds. Havenworlds, with less in the way of progress, so to speak, have less need for spare bonded pairs that are otherwise unable to breed[1]. Therefore, the so-called 'gay gene' has less necessity on Havenworlds. It is far rarer to see Havenworlders who bond within their own gender. Rarer still, for there to be any issue concerning gender identity.

It's also less of a cause for alarm, rather, it's more of a 'pressure release valve' of Evolution to prevent overpopulation by the bonded pairs who can - and do -breed. So, when Thys met Human Dan's husband, there was only a moment of mild confusion at the Youth Education Centre.

Their child, Human Ros, skipped away from their Secpa with a cheerful, "By, Daddy."

Thys did a double-take. This was not Human Dan. Indeed, young Human Ros routinely referred to him as 'Dad'. This Human had an entirely different configuration. Larger and much more imposing than Human Dan. When he spotted Thys, he put his hands behind his back and bowed. An attempt to look harmless.

"My pardons, I did not mean to stare," said Thys, ushering her chicks through the gate to the Havenworlder section.

"No offense taken. You must be Thys, right? You and Dan meet up for cake and mild stimulants in the morning, right? I'm his husband Kris."

"And gossip," Thys confessed. "Need I fret about Human Dan?"

"He is in Medical at the moment," said Human Kris. "Silly goose went ahead and used that faulty stepladder to fix the tall shelves when I told him to wait for me. Busted up his arm pretty good."

That could have easily been a fatal injury for one of Thys' own kind, especially without rapid medical intervention and a lot of tranquillisers. "Oh goodness. Will he be laid up long?"

"There's a cafe right by an exit over on Left Wingwards Lane," said Human Kris. "I was going to meet him there anyway. You two might not be able to catch up, though. He's loopy on his pain meds."

Deathworlders. Right. Broken bones were something of a mild inconvenience and a slight hampering of their ability to move or do things for a relatively short portion of their total lifespan. "I would certainly be happy to see that Human Dan is doing well."

Human Kris kept a respectful distance from Thys, which she appreciated. Big, muscular deathworlders were scary even when they were trying their hardest not to be so. When they got there, Human Dan was emerging from the Medical Exit, looking paler and very tired.

"There's my Krissy bear..." he cooed. "Hey, babe." The offending arm was in a translucent sling, through which a printed web of plastic showed through.

Human Kris fielded Human Dan and guided him to a chair. "You just sit easy, babe. I can get you some tea and you take whatever you're told to take, when you take it, okay?"

Sigh, an amused roll of the eyes, "Yes, mama bear..."

"You hush, Schnookie..." They pressed lips, and Human Kris departed to make an order at the counter.

Thys' attention was riveted on the cast in its sling. The arm within limp but apparently viable.

Human Dan eventually noticed and said, "It doesn't hurt now. Not yet. They got me on some of the good shit." His movements were slow in moving that arm. Careful as he removed it from the sling. "It's a dull and annoying ache when I move." He still managed to smile. "I got glitter purple 'cause Ros loves glitter purple. Gonna be stuck with it..." His eyes closed briefly, "...for a bit of a while." Just as carefully, he put his arm back in the sling. "Love these drugs, but I jus' wanna hybernate..."

"Drug friendly pick-you up," said Human Kris, depositing something gooey and unsuitable in front of Human Dan. There was also a steaming mug. "Eat. By the time you're done with that apple turnover, your hot chocolate should be just the right temperature."

"Y'r so nice t' me," Human Dan sighed. "Marry me?"


By this time, Thys didn't want to ask any rude questions. It was pretty clear that they were a good couple, and worked well together to raise young Human Ros. Therefore, she got into the gossip session for the day in the full understanding that Human Dan was not going to be as enthusiastic as usual.

[1] Deathworlder science has invented means by which body breeding is no longer necessary. They have eliminated the need for eggs, sperm, and even a gestating body in which the fetus can grow. Some, of course, view this as a gigantic mistake and against the will of their deity. Which just goes to show that some things never change.

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In my head-universe it's converting cells that can be scraped from skin into gametes and using an external womb type apparatus to grow the baby, but you're much further aheadi in the future than I am XD

The Havenworlder is so tolerant, think us other humans would have been like "right get a room" to them at that stage XD

Current technology uses marrow stem cells and donor cell casings to encapsulate the genetic material. They have actually grown a lamb in an artificial womb, though the article has icky photos (proceed here if interested) though in the future they could probably use a drop of blood for the DNA and print everything else.

Strictly IMHO, more couples should be accustomed to G-rated PDA's. Love is a wonderful thing that should be normalised.