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Jonathan lay on the couch in his psychiatrist's office. 

"I am sorry to bother you this time of night doc, but I am frustrated. I don't know how much longer I can keep up with this charade. I can't get over the fact that she cheated on's driving me insane...."

The psychiatrist switched the position of his legs and picked up his pen and notebook.  

"It's fine Jonathan, I am always there for my patients.  Why don't we start at the beginning again?"

"I've told you this before.  I don't want to start hurts too much."  Jonathan said and turned his head away from the psychiatrist so that he could not see the tears of frustration rolling down his face.  

"Often these things happen, and then we have to look for the solution inside ourselves. What could have triggered her to do this? Was there anything wrong in your relationship?"

"No it was perfect. We were happy, or at least I thought she was...." Jonathan said. 

"Life is often frustrating and unfair, but there are certain things that we just can't change. We just have to learn to live with it.  Once you get past this anger you might be able to focus again."

"What do YOU suggest doc? Do you suggest that I just leave it and carry on as if nothing has happened?"

"No, perhaps you need a break. Perhaps you should move out for a few weeks and get a hold of yourself again."

John looked at his psychiatrist.  "How is this going to solve any of my problems?"

The psychiatrist ignored him and answered his question with a question.

"Let us talk about your frustration. What makes it impossible for you to get past this? I have seen many relationships go hundred percent back to normal after infidelity, so I can assure you that it is totally possible." 

Jonathan sighed.  " If things were only that easy.....but she chose to be with him.  I feel as if I can just run away and go live on a deserted island where nobody would find me ever again. "

The psychiatrists smiled. " Perhaps it is time to face your fears Jonathan.  Have you thought of confronting this guy? "           

"I have..many times..." Jonathan said. 

"I realize now that there is no other way to resolve this issue. I am going out of my mind here. Thank you doctor. I really appreciate your help..." 

Jonathan sat up straight. He felt totally confident in what he was supposed to do. The psychiatrist stood up, and put down his pen and notebook on the side table.  

"This was a good session.  It will soon be over Jonathan.  You've made the right decision."

The psychiatrist turned around to open the office door for Jonathan, but instead he felt a sharp burning sensation in his back when the first bullet entered his body. 

He did not feel the second or the third one. He fell over and lay there in a pool of blood that seeped out of his body and stained the light colored carpet.  

With every shot, Jonathan started to feel better and better, and when he shot all six rounds, he wiped his fingerprints of the gun, and put it down next to the psychiatrist..... 

Jonathan was careful not to step in any of the blood, and closed the door behind him when he walked out of the office. It was dark and no one knew that he came to see Dr Munich tonight.  

He switched on the radio when he got into his car, and he sang along to his favorite song all the way home.  Now that nothing was standing in his way, he was sure that Felicity would consider taking him back.  

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As I was reading I was thinking, wouldn't it be strange if the doctor was the one that was sleeping with the wife? I wonder if he'll get away with it?


And so he

That fool psychiatrist. He is shame of the psychiatrist society :P He was sleeping with his patients wife and didn't guess the outcome?

I loved it but I like your love stories more.

Well, that explains why the doctor wanted him to move out! Good story. 😃