The dinner - Part three

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Celeste called the office early the next morning to inform them that she was not coming in. Firstly she did not want to see Cynthia, and secondly she wanted to make an appointment for a check up. She phoned the doctor's office very early and got an appointment for eleven o'clock. 

Celeste showered and decided to go for a quick breakfast at her favorite deli.  Nothing like a fresh croissant with coffee so early in the morning. It was still a while before eleven, so she took a corner seat and watched all the people come in and out of the shop.  

Most of them were in an out in seconds, but one particular lady came in with a baby and she looked so lost. She had the pram and her bag and while the baby was screaming she sat and tried to get him to be quiet, all the while her own coffee forgotten on the table.  

Celeste considered asking the lady if she could help, but the lady seemed so distressed that she decided against it. She went back to her own thoughts and tried to imagine what it would feel like to have a baby. She was an only child and had no maternal instincts, and just couldn't get past the horrible thought of a little creature invading her own private life like this.  

Celeste knew that was not something she wanted or craved in any way, and then her thoughts drifted back to  the question that Cynthia and Peter had asked the previous night.  

Both Celeste and Frank were too selfish and content in their own lives.  "Why would I even consider this?" 

She was so sure that she came to a decision when she woke up this morning but now she was not so sure anymore. She tried to imagine their friendship after she gives the baby to Cynthia. 

"Would it be so easy to just let go?"

Celeste suddenly felt nauseous and literally had to run to the bathroom to make it in time. It was a good thing then that she was on her way to the doctor. When she felt better, she wiped her mouth with a tissue and searched for some mints in her handbag.  

Celeste felt totally awkward to sit in the waiting room in between 4 other pregnant ladies. They were chatting about their pregnancies and Celeste was feeling nauseous again just listening to them. Perhaps she had a tummy bug or something, she thought to herself. She just hopes that it is not contagious as it would be a pity if she infected the whole waiting room.  

By the grace of God she was called in next and felt weird sitting in the waiting room, staring at a plastic model of a vagina. She laughed at herself and was glad when the doctor walked in.  

"Miss Vaughan, what can I do for you today?" and kissed her on the cheek. Fred and Celeste went to school together and it was natural that he would be her gynecologist.  

Celeste explained the situation to him and he nodded understandably.  

"Well, let's get you checked out then! " Fred said and asked her to lay down on the bed while he did the examination.  

He made jokes the whole time and she was always quite at ease here, but today felt a little different. 

"Everything looks good from my side" Fred said when he lifted his head, and she felt relieved when she sat up.  

"Now I just need a little blood and then we are done!"

He took the blood and told her that he would be back in a few minutes. Celeste sat there tapping the minutes away and it felt like hours before Fred came back.  

"Have you been feeling sick at all?" Fred asked when he stepped back into the office.  

"Apart from a tummy bug, I am as fit as a fiddle." Celeste said and smiled at him. 

"Did you find some kind of life threatening disease in my blood that I should know of?" 

"Nope,not life threatening but I did find something ..... you're pregnant."

"I'm what?????" She shrieked and started laughing hysterically.


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I really love your stories

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I went back to read the first two parts as I somehow missed them the past two days...
For some reason, I expected this to be the last part and I was quite surprised to see it wasn't so...I look forward to the next part(s?) as I really enjoy your stories. I'm curious as to the resolution your character comes to and its possible consequences.
Lovely writing ;)

Ha! I wondered when she was feeling sick if that was it. What a muddle! She's pregnant and doesn't want a baby. Cynthia can;t get pregnant and does want a baby. But they won't adopt. And now Celeste can't be a surrogate. What will they do? Waiting for tomorrow's chapter.


I'm so glad to see you here more often. I have been swamped at work and with steemiteducation. I hardly get time to write. Just hope all is well on your side. I miss the old days here on steemit.


I'm missing having the time to regularly post, Still, I'm reading what i can, and enjoying seeing your fiction.

I just read all three chapters and once again, your story is pulling me in. Thank-you for another wonderful story to look forward to! I am really enjoying all of them!!!

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Well, you've hooked me. Need to go set up a notification so I know when the next installment is published.....

@giantbear ... I want to talk to you in steemit chat channel and I want to explain something important to you