Fireflies: Pupa (book 2, entry 21) - Success in Failing

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If you missed the first book - Fireflies - you might want to start there. It's here in its completion, written for Steemit. If you enjoy it, feel free to ask to be added to the subscriber list for the sequel, where new chapters are being released daily.

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(book 2)

Entry 21

She drained and cycled, cycled and drained - until she felt him regaining consciousness.

Feigning a natural laugh, she patted him on the shoulder. "Really, Caleb? I thought you had enough chacha for one trip!"

"Wha... What happened? Where are we?" His head seemed heavy while his eyes struggled to scan his surroundings. He was clearly confused, but no trace of fear remained in his questioning eyes. Talia relaxed, her rigid body becoming more at ease. The immediate crisis had passed, and now she could delicately plan her next steps.

"Well, you thought it would be a good idea to sneak some more chacha and head out onto the trail for an evening walk. But as you can clearly see, that didn't work out as you planned."

"I did?"

"Come on. I'll get you to bed. We better get some water into you or tomorrow will be a nightmare... again."

The word "again" hit its target, implying that this had not been the first time he had apparently put her in this situation. Guilt and shame overshadowed the confusion he was feeling. He was compliant, like a child, letting her tend to him and nurse him a bit. Once he was laying down, she pulled the blankets over him and said goodnight.

Peeking over his shoulder, from under the shield of blankets, his eyes held embarrassed sorrow. "Hey, Talia. So sorry about this. Thanks for," he shook his head and tucked deeper under the covers. "Just, thanks."

His sheepish look of guilt was hard to acknowledge, but it was infinitely better than the horror that was now long gone. She mourned, however, that she had taken more than just the last hour from him. She was sure that her power had stolen the last few days from his fragile mind, and she had no idea how to get that back. Some queen she was - more like a tyrant.

How could she think he would ever have been a match for her? No one here could understand her. She had experienced the beauty of kinship - someone who pushed when she pulled, softened her sharpness, flooded her desert areas, and absorbed her excess. While it was in her grasp, she had not appreciated the rare gift of true partnership. Would she ever get the opportunity again?

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Some queen, she was....
... more like a tyrant.


Hmmm indeed. I'm ready for SOMETHING to snap her out of it!!!

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or, someone...?

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Oh Talia, you'll get the opportunity.
Once Bryd comes back

(still still in denial)

Hehehhee denial ain't just a river in Egypt! 😝

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@dreemsteem, Everything is perspective. People who truly tasted the success they tasted failure first because failure always make us grounded and it help us to focus towards the practical and real points.

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oh i missed this yesterday! :)

I feel this way ALL the time about success and failure! hehehe and - failure always teaches SOMETHING! :)


Yes, and in my opinion without failure success is incomplete. Have a pleasant time ahead.

Two sides of the same coin! You enjoy your day too hehehe 😊

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Absolutely true and thank you so much.

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Good learning curve, now get up dust off. Muhahahaha this is my kinda chapter some weirdo kinship thing will come later. I don't think this holiday was very good but then again she would not have failed and then learnt so let us hope she pulls it together now.

Learning curve is right... But now she knows...

And knowing is half the battle
GO G.I. JOE!😂😂😂😂

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