The Snack Doctor (Short Fiction, Part 2 and End)

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This is Part 2 (the last installment) of a short work of fiction. If you have not yet read Part 1, please do so first. You'll find it on my blog.

On the next school day, Kelsey’s mathematics teacher came to talk to her during class.

“You can have your snack now,” suggested the teacher.

Kelsey rummaged in her backpack and found the granola bar her father had packed. Fortunately, it was the chewy kind. She hoped that she would not make much noise eating it.

But opening the wrapper made a crinkling sound. Other students looked at her, which was more interesting than multiplying fractions. Kelsey smiled and took a big bite of her sweet, cinnamon-raisin granola bar.

“Mrs. Reyes, Kelsey is eating in class!” shouted an annoying boy nearby.

“With my permission,” said the teacher. “Her doctor asked that we let her have a snack. Please go back to your work, Ian.”

A few days later, when Catherine picked up her daughter from school, another mom asked her about Kelsey’s condition. Was she doing alright after that doctor visit?

“She seems fine now. Getting stronger again. The doctor suggested she eat a snack mid-morning to keep her blood sugar a little higher. Kelsey says it gives her more energy and helps her focus better.”


said the other mother. “My daughter mentioned that she gets lightheaded in the morning sometimes, too. What doctor do you use again?”

Soon, there were two other students eating in class at the same time as Kelsey. A month later, there were so many of them needing snacks that the school added a short recess period in the mid-morning, announcing that students should use recess time for any snacks they needed, not classroom time.

A few months later,

Catherine tried to make a doctor’s appointment for Kelsey’s regular ‘well child’ visit. She learned that Dr. Banerjee was fully booked for the next two months. The young doctor was quickly making his reputation in the community and his fame was spreading to nearby school districts as well.

Just before their next doctor’s appointment, Catherine turned on the TV one evening to watch the news. Kelsey was reading a book. Suddenly, they both saw a familiar face. There, being interviewed by the TV news anchors about children’s health, was none other than their pediatrician, Dr. Banerjee.

The news anchors were asking him about whether school children are well nourished. He quoted some statistics and they went back and forth. Then they asked for his professional advice on kids having snacks. "In my opinion," said Dr. Banerjee, "well-timed and healthy snacks are very useful in helping children to focus on their studies."

The school districts must love this guy, thought Catherine. He was making their work more difficult, especially the scheduling part. But if snacks helped the kids, then she was all for it. Apparently, she wasn't the only parent who agreed.

The news segment ended. Kelsey started clapping.

"Thank you, Snack Doc," she said.

The End

This was Part 2 of this short work of fiction.

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Very simple, short and sweet.

I liked the story very much. The main meaning of the story "Good" is that the most good, good deed is to help everyone around. No need to invent any special good things, you just have to look around carefully and understand who needs what help. The story teaches you to be attentive to people and help those who need help. Thank you for the stor y @donkeypong


Thank you. Perhaps you discovered some deeper meaning there. To me, it's just a simple story, but it may have a message.

This doesn't read like fiction, is it from personal experience?

Also I noticed you flagged the tts service on your last post, just wondering why. I personally think it's a great little add on service, as you can just listen to posts like an audio book...

Anyways, hope you had a great Christmas, and Happy New Year to you!



Hey CG! Happy New Year. All fiction is based upon some personal experience, this one perhaps more than most. TTS: If you like and use it, I'll stop flagging. I hadn't heard anything positive about it until now, so I was viewing it more as unwanted spam.

Hello friend, your story really I see it as a great advice, there should be more pedistras like Dr. Banerjee. The healthy snacks in mid-morning provide us with much energy to continue our day and more to the children who are in the study stage. In Venezuela they give the children a few minutes for breakfast, the other thing is that I do not know if in my country all parents give their children a breakfast instead of breakfast, I will do it with my daughter.


Breakfast is very important. If you have a good breakfast, then you don't need a snack.

Breakfast is needed by every student to provide the nutrients the brain needs to think. Snack cakes are also needed by students to raise their blood sugar levels. school action to give a short break to eat snacks is correct and the doctor has become very famous because of the idea of ​​a snack.

@donkeypong, I thought you bring more than another episodes The Snack Doctor fiction story. But it was ended. Ok. I'm so interesting to read final episode like previous one. Every kids like to take snack every times. But controlled her habit from her doctor for keep her healthy better. But I feel this wasn't fiction because some state's children faced this situation. Finally Kelsey's being happy after heard Dr. Banerjee's story on the news. He was best doctor with increase his reputation.


Give 'em what they want and see where it leads.

Nice story is part 3 is coming or this is the end of snack docror story


That's it. The end. Sorry if you were hoping for something more interesting to finish it.


Thank you i like all your stories :)

This story was alla fiction of your imagination?

I'm astounded

The snack doctor, I like it..

Thanks to a sensitive person who showed compassion and helped, everything would work out. It would be nice if there were as many caring good doctors as possible in life. Thank you for sharing

Am sure all the students liked kelsey for she was the cause for the adjustment of the school program.

Your stories always inspired me. We always learn from your post. I hate math subject. Happy to read this story. Thanks for sharing this great story.

Being hungry sitting in office coutering a cookie (which you know that you can't have it) , is painful. :3

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It made me remember my school days, hiding food under the table and eating it secretly :D
Nice work and happy new year :D

I hope the essence of this good story, I think this story is great

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Hello brother arrived a little late but I wanted to read the second part In my student days my mother because of her economic situation could not give me money for snacks, I only had my breakfast very early, many times I got hungry in the middle of the morning and other times I felt a little weak, but I had to continue studying to be a good man

The worst thing a parent can do is to send children in school without eating or food to eat in their recess times @donkeypong But sectors in society can help make a feeding program for them.

This actually my second time reading this story
Am thinking though, what would be the bsst snack to feed the children?
I think if it's homemade granola bar with so it's less process. Like my little brothers that goes to school , they'll have biscuits and other sugary food but it's bad for their health specially for their teeth

A really good story though, I can picture what's happening while reading it. Will there be a part 3?

Btw, thanks a lot for upvoting two of my posts. I really appreciate. 😊

Have a wonderful day, Tom! ❤️

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