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I started writing a hundred word story and got a little carried away. I then decided to make it two hundred and it just wouldn't finish and I was like, wareva. It ends when it ends. Do read and don't forget to tell me your thoughts.


It began as a joke, Hannah and I, over a cup of coffee. It was actually tea for me. I always hated coffee but I didn’t tell Hannah that. I was going to drink it if it made her happy. I liked her, you know. Before that day, it was just me. The little freak always out of place. The one nobody talked to, not directly anyway. But I learned to live with it. My needles kept me company and sane. But she had walked into the coffee shop where I shifted tables and everything changed. She was the first person to smile at me. A real smile. Not the usual smirk and judgy look I was used to. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. She must have noticed because she kept glancing my way and giving me a little wave. I swear I saw colour on her cheeks. But everything changed that night. "Kiss me," she had said when I shifted the cup, silently letting her know that I wouldn’t pretend to drink it anymore. I don’t remember what happened. All I know is that I was covered in blood when I woke. The last thing I saw before they threw me behind bars was my Mama’s face. Her last words stayed with me; You’re gay and a murderer. God always punish the sinner, before she turned her back on me.

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Ooh, that's dark!


I know 😂

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